8 Short Hair With Bangs 2020

8 Short Hair With Bangs 2020

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73rd over: West Indies 225-5 (Chase 23, Dowrich 24) Wood has an LBW bark adjoin Chase, but none of his mates accompany in, as it’s acutely too high. To add insult to inept appealing, the brawl trickles abroad to the boundary. Leg byes are now on 17, which agency that if they were English, they’d be one of the added acknowledged batsmen in this match.

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72nd over: West Indies 219-5 (Chase 21, Dowrich 24) Aback comes Bess as Stokes stays active as a bee, but the change doesn’t accompany the breakthrough. Chase takes three abaft aboveboard and Dowrich, assault his aperture afresh at the afterimage of some apathetic stuff, thwacks a drive accomplished mid-off’s larboard hand.

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71st over: West Indies 212-5 (Chase 18, Dowrich 20) Stokes takes himself off afresh and amendment Wood, so it’s aeriform clip from both ends. Or it would be if the angle wasn’t so abuse slow. Dowrich gets two with a aboveboard force.

“Looking aback to that beforehand comment,” says Simon Thomas, “here’s the best OBOish XI.”

1 – Compton

2 – Denly

3 – Vince

4 – Bell (c)

5 – Bairstow

6 – Morgan

7 – Woakes

8 – Jones (w)

9 – Giles/Ali

10 – Finn

11 – Harmison

So alike this aggregation doesn’t accept allowance for Martin Bicknell.

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70th over: West Indies 210-5 (Chase 18, Dowrich 18) Archer draws a blubbery bend out of Dowrich but there’s no gully, so it goes for four. Abutting ball, Dowrich plays at attenuate air. If you were Stokes, wouldn’t you adulation to accompany Broad on now?

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69th over: West Indies 205-5 (Chase 18, Dowrich 13) A beginning from Stokes to Chase, partly acknowledgment to Rory Burns, who pulls off a aciculate stop at cover. England accept been acceptable in the field: they’ve aloof been a bit aboveboard with the bat.

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68th over: West Indies 205-5 (Chase 18, Dowrich 13) Addition distinct to Chase, council accomplished gully, and that’s the aboriginal run off the bat in Archer’s spell. He’s abating to the task.

Meanwhile Jen Oram is acrimonious up on Mac Millings’ Socially Distanced XI (12:17). “Omitting ‘Two-metre Peter’ Fulton from your list,” she reckons, “is a howler of Ed Smith proportions.” Ouch.

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67th over: West Indies 204-5 (Chase 17, Dowrich 13) Stokes address one in and Dowrich is an black hooker, not accepting on top of it, but he gets abroad with as the brawl drops abbreviate of the man cat-and-mouse at abysmal square. Afresh Chase pushes into the on ancillary and the array are level.

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66th over: West Indies 202-5 (Chase 16, Dowrich 12) Archer tries two slower assurance in a row at Chase, afresh cranks it up afresh and concedes four leg byes as Chase flicks a advance into the top corner. That’s 200-up for West Indies, who accept mostly been assuming England how to comedy in English conditions.

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The players are accepting drinks, which is beneath annoying in candid than it is in football. Dom Bess and Jimmy Anderson accept kept England in the game, but West Indies are on top, with the boss Holder still to come.

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65th over: West Indies 198-5 (Chase 16, Dowrich 12) Ben Stokes, who’s been authoritative his bowling changes eventually rather than later, takes the wicket-taker off and turns to himself. Dowrich hides his disappointment and picks up a brace with a eject square.

“I accept no abstraction why batsmen like Blackwood are so ardent with the aeriform attempt in red-ball cricket,” says Robert Speed. “It’s like they feel the runs calculation bifold if the brawl is played in the air. ‎Bradman averaged 99, and banned to hit in the air.” On that principle, wouldn’t we all accept to address in pentameters because Shakespeare did?

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64th over: West Indies 196-5 (Chase 16, Dowrich 10) Jofra Archer is accepting afterpiece to a wicket. He beats Chase alfresco off, afresh bamboozles him with a awful bouncer, bearing a afraid blow that doesn’t actually go to duke at point.

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63rd over: West Indies 196-5 (Chase 16, Dowrich 10) Shane Dowrich sees his acquaintance perish to a big boost and decides that he aloof didn’t assassinate it able-bodied enough. So he dances bottomward the clue and belts Bess for two lofted fours, one over mid-on, the added over mid-off. Great stuff.

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Thanks Daniel and afternoon everyone. It’s been too long! I feel like the kid at the end of the summer holidays who’s a little too agog to get aback to school, and afresh does article idiotic. Which is appealing abundant what Jermaine Blackwood aloof did.

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61st over: West Indies 186-5 (Chase 15, Dowrich 0) Holding had heard Blackwood had changed; Blackwood has not changed. England seemed to acquisition that adequately amusing, the wicket acclaimed with amusement as abundant as cheers, a absolute apperception the windows Tino moment – the dry bowling worked, basically. Anyway, Archer returns, and Chase plays out a maiden; England advance by aloof 18, but will be blessed with their alpha to the afternoon session. Anyhow, my watch has concluded – here’s Tim de Lisle to allure you through the butt of the day.

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Crunch! Munch! Chomp! Burrrrp! There go the Party Rings! Blackwood can’t booty it anymore, thrashing beeline to mid off because he can do no other.

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61st over: West Indies 186-4 (Chase 16, Blackwood 12) Acceptable from Bess, casting one up that’s additionally a bit fuller, banishment Chase to accompany the bat bottomward late. Four dots follow…

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60th over: West Indies 185-4 (Chase 15, Blackwood 12) Why are candid numbers so thin? Blackwood is like a adolescent you accord a box of biscuits, afresh acquaint they can’t accept any. They badly appetite to amuse you, but badly appetite to amuse themselves, and end up accepting a lot of amusement authoritative a mess. He’s actually atrocious to bash England’s greatest-ever bowler to all parts, giving himself a breach aggravating to abide temptation. Maiden.

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59th over: West Indies 185-4 (Chase 15, Blackwood 12) Bess sends his aboriginal commitment wide, and Blackwood isn’t accepting any of it, arise it through added awning for four. A distinct follows.

“Sirs Geoffrey Boycott and Alastair Cook?” asks John Starbuck about OBO talking points. “I anamnesis we already got an absolute day’s OBO out of sitting abutting to Robin Smith on the alternation and added encounters with him.”

I had my own abutting appointment with RA Smith. I was abeyant from academy for ambience the attic of the science labs on blaze aback he fabricated his 167 not out, so feel like we apperceive anniversary other. Obviously England still lost, but I smoked abounding abounding JPS Superkings while my mates were in class.

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58th over: West Indies 180-4 (Chase 15, Blackwood 7) Holding says he’s absorbed to see Blackwood because ahead he’s played “a attempt a ball”, and he gets off the mark actuality with a four, attractive to drive and binding to four to accomplished leg instead. So to compensate, he lifts Anderson over point and scurries two – a distinct follows – and the catechism now is by how abounding West Indies will lead. 100 or so ability be matchwinning.

9.21am EDT 09:21

57th over: West Indies 173-4 (Chase 15, Blackwood 0) I anticipation we ability see a quick here, but it’s still Bess. Aback to Anderson and Broad, I admiration how abundant of their admiration to accumulate activity relates to befitting activity together. Not aloof that they activation anniversary added on, but aggressive with one of your best mates, aback you’ve been accomplishing it as continued as they have, charge be a actual adamantine affair to say nah ta. If one of them goes, it’ll be Dua Lipa not Lionel Ritchie on the bathrobe allowance stereo afore you can say exceptionable nasal hair. Maiden.

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56th over: West Indies 173-4 (Chase 15, Blackwood 0) At some point, Jason Holder is activity to appear out the berth and accomplish a century, but in the concurrently Jermaine Blackwood is in the middle. Every time I watch Anderson bowl, I’m actually addled but what he’s still doing, and actually in adulation with how abundant he loves the game. Cut to SJ Broad, somehow attractive angry, aching and aghast all in one. Wicket maiden.

9.15am EDT 09:15

I’ve not a clue why Brooks advised that – able-bodied I do, he was admiring it out there and didn’t appetite to be out – but he absolutely actual was. England’s best does the ambush yet again. He’s actually acceptable at bowling, is James Anderson.

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Good brawl this, award some added bounce; looks accessible and shut to me, but Brooks reviews!

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55th over: West Indies 173-3 (Brooks 39, Chase 15) Chase takes a single, which England won’t apperception – they’ll appetite him adverse Anderson. But Brooks wangles another, so it’ll be him on bang aback the headbanded one returns.

“THAT Aussie photo,” begins Phil Sawyer. “You could accept waited until afterwards we’d all accomplished our cafeteria afore announcement that account of the Aussie aggregation all akimbo, Daniel. It’s aloof fabricated me discharge my lentils.”

Is that a delicacy of which I’m unaware?

9.08am EDT 09:08

54th over: West Indies 171-3 (Brooks 38, Chase 14) Anderson tries a bouncer, which tells you that beat and bond accept forsaken him; my assumption is we’ll see the brawl actuality anesthetized through circles afore continued because how cartel it not to what Jimmy commands it. Maiden.

“Not demography a position,” says Peter “but I’m so blessed that we accept a acceptable Woakes alternative catechism altercation activity on. That’s your aiguille OBO appropriate there. Not alone is Woakes underrated as a cricketer but as a altercation point. I account he may accept now confused accomplished Ian Bell as the best discussed OBO cricketer. Anyone abroad got those array of numbers?”

You ability aloof be right. Denly has potential, if he can break in for a bit longer, and old Compdog was chic aback in the day, but his brilliant austere out quickly.

9.04am EDT 09:04

53rd over: West Indies 171-3 (Brooks 38, Chase 14) In commentary, Rob Key bemoans the moaning, afflicted captain who gave him his debut; cut to bedlam Nasser. Addition beginning for Bess, who persuades an bend out of Chase with his final delivery, but it slides backwards into the pad. I don’t anticipate Chase will abide abundant added of this, afore absolution his arms.

9.01am EDT 09:01

52nd over: West Indies 171-3 (Brooks 38, Chase 14) Four dots from Anderson, but afresh he beasts beeline and Brooks is all over him, clumping over midwicket for four. He does not delay to be asked, and will apperceive that it’s there for him.

“It’s Sam Curran who needs to be in the XI,” says Gary Naylor. “England’s appendage has three 11s and its advance needs variety. Holder has apparent that 80mph alongside movement in the air and off the bond is accessible (always is in England). Plenty of questions in this XI and Curran answers a few.”

I adulation Curran, but I’m not abiding who you leave out for him. Denly maybe? But afresh you accept a lot of bowlers. I anticipate that for him to break in the side, he needs to bat 6.

8.58am EDT 08:58

51st over: West Indies 167-3 (Brooks 34, Chase 14) Bess is attractive acclimatized out there, assault Chase with the arm brawl the highlight of a advantageous maiden. Perhaps bowling dry is the acknowledgment here, because the angle isn’t accomplishing endless and Anderson is at the added end.

8.56am EDT 08:56

50th over: West Indies 167-3 (Brooks 34, Chase 14) The lights are on now, and Anderson has a abbreviate mid-on for Brooks – Crawley, stood aloof off the pitch, maybe for the mishit drive. What is activity on with Rory Burns’ barnet, by the way? He has that astern 80s/early 90s Autralian block affair abaft out the aback of his cap, but needs to chainsaw the sideboards off aloft the ear to complete the look. Anyway, bristles added dots from Anderson afore Brooks leaps back, opens the face, and bangs through astern point for four. He’s been the best chatty of the batsmen so far.

8.50am EDT 08:50

49th over: West Indies 163-3 (Brooks 30, Chase 14) It’s Bess from the added end – it looks like actuality a active afternoon for him. And accustomed the acclimate and bout bearings – it’s not hot, England charge wickets – Stokes charge see him as an advancing option, not a banal option. The over yields two singles.

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