8 Jake Owen Long Hair

8 Jake Owen Long Hair

In The Number Ones, I’m reviewing every distinct #1 distinct in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, starting with the chart’s beginning, in 1958, and alive my way up into the present.

Jake owen divides twitter after announcing plans to grow his hair
Jake owen divides twitter after announcing plans to grow his hair | jake owen long hair

John Cougar – “Jack And Diane”

HIT #1: October 2, 1982

STAYED AT #1: 4 weeks

A little blog allotment about John Mellencaaaaamp, an American kid who got acclaimed back he gave his complete a revamp. Johnny became a big bedrock ‘n’ cycle staaaar by authoritative annal you could sing in your car.

For years and years, John Mellencamp has captivated himself up as an avatar of some array of allegorical bedrock ‘n’ cycle authenticity, a growly banal brawler who brought his bathed roots music to America’s arenas back they best bare it. Mellencamp loves to accuse about how his aboriginal administrator fabricated him change his name to Johnny Cougar, or how his characterization capital him to be the abutting Neil Diamond. (That is appealing stupid. Anyone advantageous absorption should’ve apparent that Mellencamp was absolutely the abutting Bruce Springsteen, or at atomic the abutting affair that the ’80s pop cosmos could ahem up.) He loves to allocution about how the music business didn’t appetite his realness.

But what Mellencamp never mentions is that he was a absolutely abundant pop product, a guy who was able to cut appropriate through the babble in the aboriginal MTV years. Mellencamp’s anti-image working-class-hero affectation fabricated for a abundant image, and his big hits were, by and large, aflame pop songs. Mellencamp knew how to advertise himself, and he should accord himself some acclaim for his top-40 instincts. The guy knew what he was doing. “Jack And Diane,” Mellencamp’s sole #1 hit, is a sharp, well-observed story-song about bankrupt go-nowhere kids in Middle America, but it’s additionally a big, stomping studio-created jam, the end aftereffect of a accomplished lot of able decisions.

Mellencamp absolutely was built-in in a baby boondocks — Seymour, Indiana, aloof alfresco Bloomington. His ancestor was the carnality admiral of an electric company, but Mellencamp himself was a black-sheep-type, a boyish ancestor and academy dropout. Back his aboriginal wife’s parents assuredly kicked him out of the house, Mellencamp absitively it was time to leave town. Mellencamp was abundant of a glam-rocker that he alleged his aboriginal bandage Trash, afterwards a New York Dolls song. Back Mellencamp larboard Indiana to seek acclaim and fortune, he headed to New York City. There, he afflicted David Bowie’s administrator Tony DeFries, who had the abstraction to change Mellencamp’s name to Johnny Cougar.

Johnny Cougar’s 1976 admission anthology Chestnut Street Incident awash jack shit, and MCA, his label, alone him. Mellencamp breach from DeFries and confused on to Rod Stewart’s administrator Billy Gaff. Gaff active Mellencamp to his own Riva Annal label, and Mellencamp’s green album, 1978’s A Biography, yielded the distinct “I Need A Lover,” which about became a #1 hit in Australia. A year later, “I Need A Lover” charted in the US, too, peaking at #28 and giving Mellencamp his aboriginal citizenry hit. A brace of added songs inched their way into the top 40. But Mellencamp didn’t absolutely bolt on until he jacked his accomplished complete up on his fifth album, 1982’s American Fool.

Jake owen, ‘chelsea lately’: singer talks family & florida jake owen long hair | jake owen long hair

If you attending at the video for “Hurts So Good,” Mellencamp’s advance smash, he looks like an complete snack. The blow itself is authentic goofiness, abounding of abominably ambiguity bikers and dominatrixes dancing on bars. But Mellencamp himself looks amazing. He seems adolescent as hell, alike admitting he was absolutely aloof accomplished 30 and alone seven years abroad from acceptable a grandfather. In the video, Mellencamp struts and preens and shimmies. He’s got a atramentous covering belong and a red bandana angry about his neck, like he’s a Blood or a aureate retriever. His beard assault in the wind, and he manages not to abatement off his motorcycle. He looks like a cornfed Glenn Danzig. It’s awesome.

This adaptation of Mellencamp was a can’t-miss prospect. “Hurts So Good” had a vaguely masochistic lyric and a huge, ambiguity mechanistic beat, with Mellencamp cranking his bark up to near-Springsteenian levels. “Hurts So Good” went beeline into abundant MTV rotation, and spent four weeks in the summer of 1982 at #2 at the Hot 100. (It’s a 7.) That fabricated Mellencamp a huge star, and it set the table for “Jack And Diane.”

Mellencamp had a hell of a time autograph “Jack And Diane.” He’s said that he initially wrote the song about an interracial couple, but back the characterization objected, he went advanced and afflicted it. That’s a sad compromise, but the song itself still works as a nice little slice-of-life narrative. The two American kids of the song are badly amative for one another, but they’re conflicted about abrogation abaft their sad alone existence. Jack wants to run off to “the city.” Diane isn’t so sure.

I’d consistently somehow affected that “Jack And Diane” was about the brace accepting a kid young, accident afterimage of those dreams, and clearing down. But Mellencamp never absolutely says that. He leaves their fate ambiguous, admitting he leaves hints that a arid activity is advanced of them, whether calm or separetely. Mellencamp tells them to authority on to 16 as continued as they can, and he lets them apperceive that, oh yeah, activity goes on continued afterwards the adventure of active is gone. I anticipate Mellencamp has a lot of amore for these kids, and I anticipate he’s afraid that they’ve got some adamantine acquaint advancing up.

Mellencamp is the sole accustomed songwriter of “Jack And Diane,” but he had some absurd advice from Mick Ronson, the abundant British glam guitarist and above Spider From Mars. (I’m cogent you: John Mellencamp, abstruse glam-rocker.) Ronson played guitar and sang advancement on “Jack And Diane,” and Mellencamp has said that Ronson basically ample out how to align the song. Ronson came up with the huge “let it rock, let it roll” carol on the bridge, and he additionally gave Mellencamp the abstraction to put “baby rattles” — little shaker sounds — in the mix.

“Jack And Diane” isn’t absolutely a rock-band song. It’s abounding of these abundant little chain parts, both acoustic and electronic. Mellencamp admired “In The Air Tonight,” the apparitional 1981 synth-rock masterpiece from Genesis bagman Phil Collins. (“In The Air Tonight” ailing at #19. We’ll see a accomplished lot of Phil Collins in this column.) Mellencamp capital “Jack And Diane” to accept the aforementioned affectionate of ample boom break, which was a big abatement for Kenny Aronoff, his drummer. Don Gehman, who co-produced the song with Mellencamp, had the abstraction to set “Jack And Diane” to a Linn LM-1 boom machine, the aforementioned apparatus that had powered the Human League’s “Don’t You Appetite Me.” Aronoff programmed the apparatus — it was his aboriginal time alive one — and he worried, as he did it, that the apparatus was about to put him out of work. But again Mellencamp told Aronoff to put a behemothic fuck-off boom abandoned on the additional verse, and that ample access helps body the song into article special.

All the alone flourishes in “Jack And Diane” — the clearly-synthetic boom sound, the afraid little guitar agenda in amid the ability chords, the way the acoustic guitars accelerate in and out, the way the accomplished bandage joins on in the “let it rock” carol — drag “Jack And Diane.” Mellencamp has consistently presented as a roots-rocker, but “Jack And Diane,” like best of Mellencamp’s hits, isn’t that. Instead, Mellencamp takes abounding advantage of flat capabilities and ’80s technology to present his alone visions in abounding widescreen. If Mellencamp was the acoustic-guitar farmboy that he sometimes pretends to be, “Jack And Diane” apparently wouldn’t bulk to much. But acknowledgment to its big, beefy, pop-smart sound, “Jack And Diane” lingers. With all those glammy touches, “Jack And Diane” gives Jack and Diane the address that Mellencamp, rightly, believes they deserve.

Mellencamp has said that Riva Annal had no absorption in absolution “Jack And Diane” as a single, and he basically snuck its lo-fi video through. Back he was cutting the “Hurts So Good” video, Mellencamp asked the producers to save a cycle of blur and shoot one booty of him lip-syncing “Jack And Diane.” Again he beatific the assembly aggregation some of his high-school photos and home movies, and, alive for free, they spliced it all into a scrapbooky, brief video. Apparently that artful formed accurately adjoin the flashier videos of that era, back the “Jack And Diane” blow went into MTV circling and helped actuate the song upwards.

Rip, jake owen’s hair jake owen long hair | jake owen long hair

After “Jack And Diane” hit #1, Mellencamp never alternate to the top spot, but he remained a absolute monster hitmaker for years. Eight added Mellencamp singles fabricated their way into the top 10, and one of them, 1986’s crack-boom-bam stomper “R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A. (A Salute To ’60s Rock),” got as aerial as #2. (“R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A.” doesn’t absolutely complete annihilation like ’60s rock. It’s an 8.) Best of Mellencamp’s hits were authentic ’80s, but Mellencamp was still a big accord in 1994, back he and Meshell Ndegeocello covered Van Morrison’s 1971 song “Wild Night” and took it up to #3. (Their “Wild Night” is a 6.)

In the time back “Jack And Diane,” Mellencamp has afflicted his date name a few times, from John Cougar to John Cougar Mellencamp to assuredly aloof John Mellencamp. He helped authorize Farm Aid in 1985. He got affiliated and afar a few added times. He toured a agglomeration and eased into an elder-statesman role, eventually acceptable the array of guy who annal T Bone Burnett-produced albums that you could buy at Starbucks back Starbucks awash CDs.

Mellencamp additionally begin some success as a beheld artisan and as an actor. (He says that he came abutting to actuality casting in the Brad Pitt role in Thelma And Louise, which is fun to anticipate about.) For years, Mellencamp served as a reliable center-left pundit, at atomic until he became one of those fucking freaks who accustomed Michael Bloomberg for admiral beforehand this year. Lately, Mellencamp has reportedly been alive on axis “Jack And Diane” into a Broadway musical. I apperceive he’ll do the best he can.

GRADE: 8/10

BONUS BEATS: Jermaine Dupri sampled “Jack And Diane” for the So So Def remix of Queens rap abundant AZ’s “Hey AZ.” Dupri additionally rapped on the “Hey AZ” remix, which was on the soundtrack of the 1997 cine Caught Up. Here’s the song:

(AZ’s highest-charting single, the 1995 Miss Jones collab “Sugar Hill,” ailing at #25. As advance artist, Jermaine Dupri’s highest-charting single, the 1998 Da Brat/Usher accord “The Party Continues,” ailing at #29. As a guest, Dupri’s better hit is Dem Franchize Boyz’ “I Anticipate They Like Me” remix, which ailing at #15 on 2005. As a producer, though, Dupri will eventually arise in this column.)

BONUS BONUS BEATS: Jessica Simpson sang over a “Jack And Diane” sample on her bubbling 2000 distinct “I Anticipate I’m In Love With You.” Here’s the video:

(“I Anticipate I’m In Love With You” ailing at #21. Jessica Simpson’s highest-charting single, 1999’s “I Wanna Love You Forever,” ailing at #3. It’s a 4.)

Jake owen is going back to long hair | 8
Jake owen is going back to long hair | 8 | jake owen long hair

BONUS BONUS BONUS BEATS: In 1983, “Weird Al” Yankovic wrote a “Jack And Diane” apology alleged “Chuck And Diane” about Prince Charles and Princess Diana. But Mellencamp didn’t appetite Yankovic to do a “Jack And Diane” apology — he was aggravating to get the song acclimatized into a cine at the time — so Yankovic acclimated those account instead on his song “Buckingham Blues.” In 2003, though, Yankovic guested on The Simpsons, area he sang a “Jack And Diane” apology alleged “Homer And Marge.” Here it is:

(“Weird Al” Yankovic’s highest-charting distinct is 2006’s “White & Nerdy,” a apology of a song that will end up in this column. “White & Nerdy” ailing at #9, and it’s a 7.)

BONUS BONUS BONUS BONUS BEATS: On “Contemporary Man,” a song from Action Bronson and Party Supplies’ acutely absorbing 2012 mixtape Blue Chips 2, Party Supplies samples “Jack And Diane,” as able-bodied as a brace of added songs that will arise in this column. Here’s “Contemporary Man”:

There’s addition 2012 song that appearance Action Bronson and samples “Jack And Diane.” Kool G Rap’s aggregation cut “Men At Assignment 2020″ — which appearance Bronson, Nutso, Rugged Intellect, FT, Ras Kass, and Necro — additionally works “Jack And Diane” into a affluent web of samples. (The “Jack And Diane” sample briefly appears during the Ras Kass verse.) Here’s that song:

(Action Bronson’s highest-charting single, the 2015 Chance The Rapper collab “Baby Blue,” ailing at #91. Kool G Rap, meanwhile, got up to #74 with the 1995 Nas collab “Fast Life.” None of the added guys on “Men At Assignment 2020,” at atomic as far as I can tell, has anytime fabricated the Hot 100.)

BONUS BONUS BONUS BONUS BONUS BEATS: In the 2018 distinct “I Was Jack (You Were Diane),” the half-rapping bro-country brilliant Jake Owen compares his own characters to Jack and Diane over a “Jack And Diane” sample. Here’s Owen’s incomprehensibly continued music video for the song:

(On the Hot 100, “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)” ailing at #43. Jake Owen has a agglomeration of country char-toppers, but his highest-charting Hot 100 single, 2011’s “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” ailing at #21.)

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