8 Hairstyles For Ladies 2020

8 Hairstyles For Ladies 2020

BuzzFeed publishes account and ball in the accent of the web, and in our work, we await on a appearance adviser to administer aggregate from accent journalism to fun quizzes. We amount bendability and accurateness beyond those formats and categories. (For instance, alive how to amusement numbers is important, but so is accurately spelling memeable.) Our angle reflects that of the internet at large, which is why we achievement added sites and organizations beyond the web will acquisition these guidelines useful.

8 short hairstyles for cool ladies who want a new style in 88
8 short hairstyles for cool ladies who want a new style in 88 | hairstyles for ladies 2020

This appearance adviser is acclimatized consistently to ensure it charcoal accordant and responds appropriately to changes in accent and common, accidental usage.

Tip: Use the Acquisition command (ctrl F; ⌘ F on a Mac) to chase for specific words or topics.

BuzzFeed’s adopted concordance for US/World appearance is Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition (m-w.com). In MW, the aboriginal spelling of a chat should about be acclimated (unless it appears in the Chat Account beneath or is adopted by the Associated Columnist Stylebook). The adopted appearance chiral is the AP Stylebook. Amuse argue the Chicago Chiral of Appearance for issues not covered by AP Stylebook as able-bodied as for added abundant advice and discussion, breadth applicable. Generally, AP Appearance trumps MW, but any appearance point mentioned in this adviser overrules those publications.

This appearance adviser provides a advertence to accepted words and agreement acclimated on BuzzFeed (see: Chat List) and advice on appearance issues authentic to the site. It is not advised to be a complete chiral of grammar and style.

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?! (never !?)

@replies, @mentions (on Twitter)

@-ed, @-ing (for the verb form)

11th hour (n.), 11th-hour (adj.)

1D (abbreviation for One Direction)


3D columnist (n.); 3D-print (v.); 3D-printed (adj.)

4chan, 8chan: Lowercase “C,” and abstain application it to alpha a book aback possible.

4th of July


A-list, B-list: Use aback apropos to celebrities, e.g., A-list celeb.

ABCsAC (for air-conditioning)

ABV (for booze by volume)

AF (for as fuck)

AFAIK (for as far as I know)


agender (adj.): describes accession who does not accept a specific gender.

AIDSAirbnbairliftAirPods (not Airpods)airstrikeaka: For as accepted as; use this way unless it starts a sentence, in which case AKA is acceptable.

alcoholic alcohol names: Lowercase unless acquired from a able noun (exceptions: Bloody Mary, Old-Fashioned).

Al Jazeera (not italicized)

al-Qaeda (not al-Qaida)

all-nightera.m., p.m. (OK to capitalize in headlines)

Amex (for American Express)

amfAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research)

amiriteAM to DM (but use a appearance for hashtags and tweets: #AM2DM and @AM2DM)

anti-vax, anti-vaxxerapeshitthe Apple StoreArgentine: adopted to Argentinian as an adjective acceptation of or apropos to Argentina.

A ancillary (n.), A-side (adj.)

AstroTurfautocorrect (not auto-correct)

autofill (not auto-fill)

auto-tuneawards season, awards appearance (plural is bigger to award)

baby daddy, babyish mama: Two words, but abstain using, except in a quote

backseat (all forms)

backstorybacteria (for both the atypical and plural form)

badmouth (v.)



band names: Usually booty a plural construction, e.g., The bandage is on tour; but Arcade Blaze are arena tonight.

batshitBCE, CE: for afore accepted era and accepted era; not BC, AD

beatboxer, beatboxingbeatdown (n.)


Bernie Brosbestseller, bestselling (not best-seller, best-selling)




BIPOC (OK on aboriginal advertence for Black, Indigenous, and bodies of color)

bitchfacebitcoin (always lowercase)

Black (capitalize aback apropos to the aggregate identity, culture, and acquaintance of bodies of the African diaspora)

black babe magicblonde (n., adj.): Use for all genders.

Bloody Mary, Bloody Marysblowjobbocce ballbodycam (n., adj.), anatomy camera (n., adj.)

bodyweight exercisesbody bang (n.), body-slam (v.)

bookbagbougie (adj.), bougiest (from bourgeoisie)

box appointment (all forms)

boy band, boy-bander

bread crumbs (for the food), breadcrumbs (for the computer-y term)

breakdance (all forms), breakdancer

breastfeed, breastfeeding (one word, all forms)

Britpopbro-downbro-ingbronybrunette (adj., n.): Use for all genders.

Brussels sproutsBS, BS’d, BS’ingBTdubs

bull dyke (n.), bull-dyke (adj.): Avoid, unless acclimated in a complete quote.

bused, busing, buses (for forms of bus)

butt-dial (all forms)

buzzer beaterbyproductbytes: Measure agenda accumulator capacity; abridge and capitalize kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, etc. aback acclimated with a figure, with no amplitude amid the abridgement and the figure, e.g., My iPhone is 64GB, a 128GB accumulator capacity.

B ancillary (n.), B-side (adj.)

caj (for the abridgement of casual)

camel toeCantopopCap’n Crunchcash me ousside, howbow dahcashierlesscatfightcatfished (v.)

CBGB (not CBGB’s)

cc’dceasefire (n.)

celebricat (for a celebrity feline)

celebridog (for a celebrity canine)

cellphone (not corpuscle phone)

cesarean (i.e., C-section)

champagneChapStickchatroom (one word)

cheese: Argue MW, but here’s a account of some frequently referenced cheeses: Asiago, Brie, cheddar, Comté, feta, fontina, Gruyère, Monterey Jack, mozzarella, Parmesan, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Romano


checkmark (one chat in all forms)

childcare (all forms; not adolescent care)

chile vs. chili: Use chile crumb to accredit to arena broiled chile peppers (like arena ancho chiles or arena cayenne chile); use chili crumb for the aroma mix of cumin, paprika, and cayenne (and added stuff) that is about added to chili (the stew). (Note: British English about uses chilli.)

chocolaty (not chocolatey)

chodechokeholdcinderblockcircle jerkcis, cisgender (both adj.)

clapback (n.), applause aback (v.)

class activity (n., adj.)

click through (v.), click-through (adj., n.)

cliffhangerco. (as in TK and company)

Coca-Colacockblockcolorblock: one word, all uses; adopted to colorblocked.

color-correcting (one word, all uses)

come (v.), cum (n.) (omg yes, this is absolutely here)

comic con: for a all-encompassing banana con; attach to self-stylization for specific cities, e.g., New York Banana Con, San Diego Comic-Con.

coming-out (adj., n.), arise out (v.)

company and academy names: Accredit to a aggregation as it, not they. In lighthearted, non-News posts, it’s OK to personify brands by application they, abnormally if the addition sounds awkward and/or stilted. Omit Co., Corp., Inc., Ltd., etc. Do not capitalize the in an organization’s name, alike if it is allotment of its official title.

Con Edison, Con Ed (OK on added reference)


copyedit (v.)

coronavirus (precede with an commodity — the coronavirus — in references to the pandemic)

COVID-19Craigslistcreepshotcringeycrop topcrossfireCrossFitcross-postcrow’s-feet (n.)crowdfund (all forms)

crowdsource (all forms)


Czechia (not the Czech Republic)

dab, dabbing (dance move)

dadbod (and agnate constructions, one chat for all forms)

dancehall (music genre)

dark web, abysmal web

dashcamdaycare (not day care)

Day-Glo, dayglow (n.): Capitalize the trademark, acclimated for beaming abstracts or colors; lowercase, one chat refers to airglow credible during the day.

deadlift (n., v.)

deal breaker (two words)

decadelong, decadeslongdeepfakeDeep Southdeep stateDeir ez-Zor (for the burghal in Syria)

die-hard (adj.), diehard (n.)

Disney Princess, Disney princess: Capitalize the brand/line of characters; lowercase “P” refers to a specific appearance from a Disney film.

diss (meaning to disrespect)

Division One, Two, etc. (for sports references)

DIYDJ (n., v.), DJ’d, DJ’ing


“don’t ask, don’t tell”: lowercase, in quotes, with a breach for the US aggressive policy; in consecutive references, no quotes or abridge as DADT

dos and don’tsdouchebag, d-bagdonut (not doughnut)

down-low (also, on the DL)Down syndromedowntimedox, doxed, doxing (not doxx)

Dr.: Do not use the appellation Dr. to accredit to nonmedical doctors who authority a doctorate

DREAMer: Use aback apropos to advocates and beneficiaries of the DREAM Act.

drive-thru (n.)

drunk active (n.), drunk-driving (adj., v.): adopted to bashed driving

drunk-text (hyphenate as a admixture verb)

Duck, Duck, Gooseduckfacedudebrodumbass (n.)

dumpsterdu-rag (not do-rag)

e-book, e-cigarette, e-commerce, but email

Earth: Capitalize abandoned aback apropos absolutely to the planet, e.g., the bigger on Earth but a accepted guy)

eBayEcstasy (capitalize “E” for the drug)

E. coli

[editor’s note:]: for editor’s addendum in active text; capitalize [Editor’s note:] if it starts a book or is its own sentence.

editor-in-chiefelectropopemailemoji (singular, and as a aggregate accent unit), emojis (plural)

ever afterpiece (no hyphen)


F-you (n., not eff-you)

Facebook-stalk (v.)

facedown (adj.)


facepalm (one word, all forms)

face-swap (all forms)

face-to-face (adj., adv.)

FaceTime (the Apple app), but face time (n.) (in all added uses)

faceup (adj.); face up (v.)

fact-check (all forms), fact-checker, fact-checkingfanbasefanboy, fangirl (avoid)

fansitefanfiction, fanficfarmers marketfast aliment (n.); fast-food (adj.)

fauxhawkfave, faved, faving (e.g., I faved his tweet)

FBI (OK on aboriginal reference)

fiancé (all instances, behindhand of gender)


final girlfinsta

first-timerfirst-year (n. and adj.; not freshmen or freshman)

first-world problemfist-bump (v.); anchor bang (n.)

flashpointflat adamant (hair tool, n.); flat-iron (v.); Flatiron District

flatscreen (one word, both as n. and adj.)


flyer for the circular/paper and a actuality who flies

Frappuccino; Frap

freakout (n.), but aberration out (v.)

friend breadth (n.); friend-zone (v.)

frontline (n. and adj.)Froot Loops (not Fruit Loops)

froyofsociety (Fsociety in headlines, but abstain if possible)

fuckup (n.), fuck up (v.), fucked-up (adj.)

fur baby

Gambia (not the Gambia or The Gambia)

Gchat, Gchatted, GchattingGEDgel (v.)

genderqueergenderfluidGeneration X, Gen X’er

Gen Z, Gen Z’er

GIF/GIF’d (v.), GIFs, GIFable: It’s arresting gif with a adamantine G, NOT like the peanut adulate Jif.

GIF setGirl Scout Cookie

girlie (featuring about clad women), changeable (a analogue for girlish)

glow-up (n.), afterglow up (v.)

glowstickgod: Capitalize abandoned if absolutely apropos or alluding to a deity; lowercase otherwise, abnormally in accepted phrases, e.g., “Thank god she was OK,” “Oh god, he thought,” “And god knows we bare all the advice we could get.”

god-awfulgoddamn (per MW), goddamnit, goddamned

gonna (not gunna)

goodbyegood SamaritanGoogle (preferred over Google Plus)

google (v.), Google (n.), google-able

goosebumpsgravesitegray (not grey)

grown-up (adj., n.)

G-spotGuantánamo Bayguest brilliant (n.), guest-star (v.)

hacktivisthaha (interj.), antic (n.)

haircare (all forms)

hair dryer (but blow-dryer)

hairsprayhairstylisthalf hour (n.), half-hour (adj.)

hand jobhandover (n.)

Hanukkahhappy-cry (all uses)

hardcore (all uses)

hashtaghate-watching (n.), hate-watch (v.)

Hawaiian: Use Hawaiian or Built-in Hawaiian to accredit to bodies aboriginal to the Hawaiian Islands; use Hawaii citizen for a actuality who lives there but is not built-in to it.



“he said, she said”


head count



healthcare (one word, all forms; not bloom care)

heart-eyes emoji

heartrending, gut-wrenching, nerve-racking: Via MW, afflictive denotes sadness; gut-wrenching is meant to alarm commodity that causes abundant brainy or affecting pain; and agonizing describes commodity causing accession to feel nervous.

high bristles (n.), high-five (v.)

higher-up (n.)


hijabi (n. and adj. acclimated for accession who wears a hijab

hip-hophippie (as in Woodstock, accord and love, and all that)

hippy (as in big-hipped)

a celebrated (not an historic)

hitmakerhi-top fade

HIV-positive and -negative: Hyphenate in all uses, but the accent active with HIV or has HIV is preferred.

ho (plural: hos for the aspersing term)


homeowner, homeownership

homepage (also, homescreen, etc.)

homestretchhomeschool, homeschooled, homeschoolerhomie (not aloof for the abridge anatomy of “homeboy”)


hookup (n.), angle up (v.)

hotspot (Wi-Fi amalgamation place), hot atom (for added uses, e.g., vacation hot spots)

hourlongHouthi rebels


H/T (for hat tips, never H/t)

HuffPost (not HuffPo or Huffington Post)

humankind (preferred to mankind)


ice chrism (adj., n.): Never hyphenate.

iced coffee (not ice coffee)

ID (for identification)

Ikea (not IKEA)

IMAXIMDbI’mma (i.e., I’m activity to, as in: I’mma let you finish…)

indie pop, indie rock: Hyphenate as modifiers, e.g., indie-rock band.

Indigenous (capitalize in references to bodies and communities; lowercase in all-encompassing references — e.g., aboriginal plants)

Indigenous Peoples Day (no apostrophe in the anniversary empiric in the abode of Columbus Day)



Instagram, Instagramming (capitalized in all forms)


Internet of Things

iPad MiniiPhone 8 Plus, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr (use lowercase s, c, r, etc., with archetypal numbers)

IRL (Generally abstain bombastic delivery like IRL lives aback application the abridgement as an adjective.)

IT (OK on aboriginal advertence for advice technology)

It girl, It couple


Jell-O (trademark), jello (generic)


JPG, JPEG: Both are adequate acronyms for the accepted angel format; break constant aural a story.

JPMorganjudgy: adopted to judgey in accidental prose

Juggalo, Juggalette

Juul, Juul Labs

K-9keychainkimchikoozie (for beer/alcoholic drinks)

Kyiv (not Kiev)

LALaCroixladies’ nightLARPer, LARPing (for Live-Action Role-Playing)

laughing-crying face or tears of joy emojilaundromat (lowercase)


leaker: adopted appellation for accession who leaks information, behindhand of intent

left bash (n.), left-swipe (v.)

Lego, Legos (plural)

less vs. fewer: Use beneath aback apropos to accumulation nouns, distance, or money; use beneath aback apropos to things that are quantifiable, e.g., There was a beneath of a accident with that option, There were beneath bodies at Li’s affair than at Lucia’s.

life hacklifespanlikablelike: Use commas on either ancillary for an interjection, e.g., If you have, like, a absolutely bad day… No citation marks aback acclimated as a self-referential bogus quote, e.g., I was like, we could never do that. And again we did. Don’t set off with commas aback acclimated as a acting for about: There were like bristles bodies continuing there. As a suffix: See Accumulation Forms breadth below.

likes: As in, Facebook, lowercase and not set in quotes.

lil’ (for beneath anatomy of “little”)

lip gloss, lip liner, lipstick

lip accompany (n.), lip-synch (v.)

listicle: Avoid, use account instead.

Listserv: Abstain unless apropos to the trademarked software; use email account instead.

livestream (all forms)

live-tweetlocs (for abbreviated anatomy of dreadlocks)

log in (v.), log-in (n.)

logline (brief arbitrary of a TV affairs or film), log bandage (used on ships)

lolcatLOL’d, LOLinglongformlong-term (adj.)

longtime (adj.)

long-standing (adj.)


lookalike (one word, all forms)

loveseatlower Manhattan, aerial Manhattan (lowercase “L” and “U”)


MAC (the cosmetics brand)

mac ‘n’ cheesemaiden name; née: Abstain both, use bearing name to accredit to someone’s aftermost name afore marriage.

make do (not accomplish due)

makeout (n.): the act of authoritative out

makeup (when apropos to cosmetics)

mamaman-childmanila envelopemani-pedimansplain, mansplainingmanspreadingmashupmason jarmatch-fixing (hyphenated in all uses)

matzoh (not matzah)

MD, MDs (plural)

mecca (lowercase)

meet-cute (n.)

meetup (n.)

megabankmeme, memeing, memeable: Abstain delivery like behemothic meme or viral meme, which are bombastic and about hyperbolic; OK as a verb, e.g., Hurry, meme this cat picture!

memeufacturingmen’s rights activists (no capitalization)

#MeToo (not Me Too for the #MeToo movement)


mic’d (adj., v.): acceptation to attach a microphone

middle-aged (not -age)


Midtown, Midtown Manhattan (capitalized)

mile-high clubmilkshakemilkshake abstain (n.), but milkshake-duck (v.)

millennials: Abstain application this appellation aback possible, except aback apropos accurately to demographics; otherwise, about use twentysomethings, twenty- and thirtysomethings, or adolescence and adolescent adults, depending on context.


misgender (v.): to use a pronoun or anatomy of abode that does not accurately reflect the gender with which a actuality identifies



mohawk (lowercase as the hairstyle)

molly (when apropos to the drug)

MoMA (for Museum of Modern Art)

mommy blogger: Avoid; use ancestor blogger or affairs blogger instead.

more than vs. over: OK to use interchangeably, but typically, use added with quantities and over with spatial relationships, e.g., There were added than 20 bodies arranged into the apartment, The alike flew over the Atlantic Ocean.

Mormon: Generally, chase AP’s guidance. Use Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on aboriginal advertence in active copy, but Mormon and Mormon abbey are OK as qualifiers and in places breadth amplitude is limited.

mother-effing for readability, but motherfuckingmpregMuay Thai (not mai tai)

mugshotmustache (not moustache)

‘n’ (when application in abode of and, e.g., mac ‘n’ cheese)

Nae Nae (dance move)

nap timeNARS (the cosmetics brand)

NasdaqNational Airport or Washington Civic Airport: adopted to Reagan Civic Airport

Native American: not American Indian, unless a actuality self-identifies as such; Built-in is additionally acclimated as an adjective to alarm things specific to the population.

Necco (not NECCO)

nerdomNetflix and arctic (n., v.)never mind

News Augment (Facebook’s Account Feed), newsfeed (lowercase, one chat for added references)

news gathering

New Beachcomber (film genre), new beachcomber (music genre)

New York magazine

nip slip

nonessential (adj., n.) (not non-essential; see additionally admission for non- words)

nonprofit (adj., n.) (see additionally admission for non- words)

No. 1: for official rankings, like on music charts; spell out cardinal one in all added uses, e.g.,Tuberculosis is the cardinal one account of afterlife in bodies active with HIV; #1 additionally adequate informally.

now: Aback apropos to time, do not use a comma, e.g., I acclimated to be absolutely abashed of heights. Now I’m about OK with heights. Aback acclimated colloquially, use a comma, e.g., Now, I’d never say that all bodies are awesome, but I’ve never met one who wasn’t.

the n-word (style thusly; see added beneath Profanity)


8 trendy hairstyles for women july 8 hairstyles for ladies 2020
8 trendy hairstyles for women july 8 hairstyles for ladies 2020 | hairstyles for ladies 2020

“O Canada” (for both the civic canticle and expressions)

OB-GYN (not ob/gyn)

O-faceoffscreen (adj., adv.)

offseasonOG (for aboriginal gangster; no periods)

oh man, oh my god, oh no (all OK afterwards breach afterwards Oh)

OK boomer

OkCupidokurrr (three R’s, but add added for intensity)

ombréomega-3omeleton-again, off-again

onboard: one chat as a modifier (onboard entertainment), but There was a babyish on board

on appeal (lowercase, unless allotment of a service’s official title)

The One (as in destined adventurous interest)

onesieonscreen (adj., adv.)

other, othering, otherness: OK to lowercase to announce use of the appellation as a category.

PA (for claimed amplifier)

page 1, folio 2, etc. (for references to book pages)

pageviewPaleo dietpapercut (one word)

Parliament (capitalize in US and UK stories)

partierpawprintpeekaboopeeping Tom

pepper aerosol (n.), but pepper-spray (v.)

pet sitter, pet-sit, pet-sitting

PhD, PhDs (plural)

phone calling (v.)

photobomb, videobomb

Photoshop (n., the program), photoshop (n., generically, an angel that has been altered), photoshopped (adj.), photoshop (v.)

photo opphoto shoot

the Pill: Capitalize aback apropos to bearing control, but abandoned aback acclimated as a noun and afterwards the, e.g., She was on the Bolus to adapt her period. There’s a new bolus on the bazaar with a lower dosage of estrogen.

pineconepins, pinners: on Pinterest; both consistently lowercase


placematPlayboy Playmateplayoffpleaded (not pled, for accomplished abutting of plead, per AP)

Plexiglas (trademark), plexiglass (generic)

plus-one (preferred to 1 in active copy)

plus-sizePJsPokémonpop star, bedrock starPornhubporta-pottyPost-it Notepour-over (as in the coffee)

PrEP (for the HIV blockage regimen)

primetime (one word, all forms)

pro tip (don’t hyphenate)

PS (for column script)

pseudo words: Don’t hyphenate, e.g., He rose from Obama amateur to bogus strategist.

publicly (not publically)

Pumpkin Aroma Latte: Capitalize aback apropos to the trademarked Starbucks beverage.


Q&Aquote-unquote (in speech)

Qur’an (not Quran or Koran)


ratioed (for the accomplished abutting of ratio)

rearview (adj.)

Recode (the tech site)

Reddit (capitalize in active text), redditor: lowercase, for accession who uses Reddit

red-light districtreform: Abstain in descriptions of political policy, and instead opt for specificity, e.g., tax-cut plan rather than tax reform.

refriend, retweet, repin: see additionally admission for re- words



ride-hail (n., v.), ride-hailing: adopted over ride-sharing to alarm casework like Uber and Lyft

ride-share, ride-sharing: Use abandoned aback apropos to a shared-ride service, like UberPool.


right-click (hyphenate all forms)

right-swipe (hyphenate all forms)

RIP (no periods)

road cruise (n.), road-trip (v.)

rock ‘n’ rollRock, Paper, ScissorsRock and Cycle Hall of Fameroid ragerom-com: for adventurous comedy

room 1, allowance 202, etc. (lowercase “R” in advertence to allowance numbers)

round cruise (n.), round-trip (adj.)

roundtable (adj., n.)

royal baby, aristocratic ancestors (lowercase)

RT’d, RTs, RT: on Twitter, admitting “retweet” is adopted in active copy; see Amusing Media/Apps for more.


Satan, satanic, satanismSBD (silent but deadly)

sci-fi (but science fiction in all forms)

Screen Actors Guild (no apostrophe)

screensaverscreencapscreengrabscreenshot (n., v.): Use screenshotted for accomplished abutting and as accomplished participle.


semiautomaticservice membersetlistal-Shabaab

Sharia: Sharia is authentic as Islamic law, and accordingly Sharia law is unnecessary/redundant aback discussing the accepted framework of Islamic religious law; the appellation Sharia law should be acclimated to accredit to a cipher of government-implemented bent and civilian laws that are claimed to be acquired from Islamic commodity or a accouterment of such a code.shat (not shitted for the accomplished abutting of shit)

shelter in place, shelter-in-place adjustment (hyphenate as adj.)

Shiite, Shiites (not Shia, for the annex of Islam, but Shia is adequate in quotes)

ship names: Capitalize, with abandoned the abode name (not the barge type) italicized, e.g., USS Awesome, Millennium Falcon.

shippers (when apropos to admirers who ache for a fabulous couple’s romance); ship, aircraft (v.)

shit listshitfacedshitholeshitloadshitpostshitshowshitstorm

shit allocution (n.), shit-talk (v.)

shit tonshoebox



shootout (not shoot-out)

shortformshoutout (not shout-out)



shrink complete (n.), shrink-wrap (v.)

shyest (not shiest)

sideboobsidebuttside-eyesideview (adj.)

skincare (all forms)

slideshowslushie (n.), dank (adj.)

slut-shame (v.)



Smokey Bear (no “the”)

snowblowed (for accomplished abutting of snowblow)


S.O. (for cogent other)

social break (compound n., never hyphenate), social-distance (v.; to socially ambit is preferred)


Solo cup





soy milk



spell-check (n., v.)

spinoffspoke out: Avoid; said about works aloof as well

spray acrylic (n.), spray-paint (v.)

Srirachastand-up (comedy)

Stanky Legg (for ball move)

Starbucks alcohol sizes: tall, grande, venti, trenta (lowercase)

startupthe States (when apropos to the United States)

stay-at-home directive/order (but: were ordered to break at home)

STD, STI: STI (sexually transmitted infection) is adopted to STD (sexually transmitted disease) in anatomy copy, spelled out on aboriginal reference, but STD is adequate in account and aback lots of quoted complete in a adventure uses STD and application both agreement interchangeably could be potentially ambagious to the reader.

stepgrandfather, stepgrandmother (close up all footfall relationships unless abutting chat starts with a vowel)

stop-and-frisk (hyphenate in all uses)


straight-up: Hyphenate as an adjective afore a noun, verb, etc., e.g., He was erect lying.

Steadicamstrap-on (n.), bandage on (v.)

streetwearstruggle busstudent-athlete (also, student-performer, and the like)

subreddit: Aback allotment a specific subreddit, add r/ in advanced of it, e.g., r/thisismylifenow or r/The_Donald.

sucker bite (n.), sucker-punch (v.)


supercutsuperfansuperpredator (when apropos to the 1990s abomination myth)

supervillainsurfbortSweet 16synthpop

tae kwon do (not Taekwondo)

takeout (n.), booty out (v.), takeaway (n.)


Taser, tase, tased, tasing: OK to use as a verb, adverse to AP.

taste analysis (n.), taste-test (v.)

tear gas (n.), teargas (v.)

TED TalkteepeeteleprompterTfL (as an abridgement for Transport for London)

TFW (for that activity when)

thinkpiecethird world: Avoid; use developing world/country instead

tick-tockTikTok, TikTokerTIL (for today I learned)

Time annual (not TIME)

Time’s Up activity (but #TimesUp)

time-lapse (adj.), time blooper (n.)

timeline (one word, all forms)

timeshare (one word, all forms)

timeslottimestamp (one word, all forms)

tl;dr: all lowercase, unless it starts a sentence, in which case, TL;DR; should be followed by a colon if introducing a book (not TLDR)

the Today appearance (not The Today Show)

touchscreenTourette syndromeToys ‘R’ UsTP’d (for toilet-papered)

tracklisttractor-trailertransatlantictreehousetrendspottingT. rextristate (one word, lowercase)

true abomination (no abutment as an adj.)

try to (not try and, as in, I’m activity to try to alarm her later.)

Twitter, tweeting, tweets, tweetstorm

two-buck Chucktype A, blazon B (as in personality)

ugly-cry (all uses)




underway (all uses)

unfriend (not de-friend)

unseeup advanced (adv.), up-front (adj.), upfronts (n.): The noun anatomy refers to the affair captivated by television admiral and abounding by advertisers and media.

updog (Nothing, what’s up with you?)

upvote/downvote (n., v.)

US, USA (generally interchangeable)


Viner (i.e., accession who uses Vine [RIP?])

Vine-ing (post a Vine or use Vine is preferred; capitalize in all uses)

vinyasa yogaVitaminwaterV-cardV-Day (as an abridgement for Valentine’s Day)

V-neckV-shapedVogue Paris, Vogue Italia (not “French Vogue,” “Italian Vogue”), but British Vogue

voicemailvoiceovervs. (with a period, lowercase in list-y posts), adjoin (spelled out in account articles, longform stories); but v. for cloister cases

wack (adj.) (not cool, effed up); bash (n., v.) a adamantine or aural blow, to hit with a adamantine or aural blow; additionally bandit (as in Godfather) slang, to kill

Wall Street: not Wall St. in active text, unless talking about a specific address

Walmart (when apropos to the retail abundance and the corporation)

Washington, DC; the DC breadth — but in datelines aloof WASHINGTON

watch listweb, website, webpage

web comicweb forumwebslinger (not web-slinger)

weenus (not weenis)

weightlifting (but weight lifter)

Western: Capitalize for blur or book genre, but lowercase for music genre.

wetsuitwhitelist, whitelisted (n., v.)

whitewater (adj.): as in rafting

whiz (n.)


who’s who

wide-awake (adj.): Hyphenate afore a noun only.

widescreen (adj., n.)


windbreakerwindchill (not wind chill)


wine varietals

workflowworkwearWorld Advanced Webwriters room

www: Never use in a URL in active archetype unless you can’t admission the armpit afterwards it (or if the URL requires the odd www1. or www2.) — all complete attenuate instances!

YA (for adolescent developed lit)


Yahoo (no “!”)




YouTube, YouTuber

zeitgeist (lowercase, alike admitting MW ~often~ capitalizes)

zip cipher (not ZIP code)

Ziploc (trademark), ziplock (generic; not zip-lock)

z’s (aka sleep)

In best cases, do not use an acronym or abridgement on aboriginal reference.

• If it is bright and accustomed abundant in context, no charge to put it in parentheses afterwards a spelled-out reference; use your judgment.

• Lowercase acronyms with six belletrist or more, e.g., Nasdaq; barring is NASCAR.

• Accurate acronyms catastrophe in S — like CBS or PBS — should booty an ‘s, not aloof an apostrophe, e.g., CBS’s sitcoms, PBS’s programs, etc.

• Abbreviations should consistently be accounting in all caps, alike if the abridgement includes a preposition with beneath than four letters, e.g., DOD for Administering of Defense, DOS for Administering of State, etc. Exception: GoT for Adventurous of Thrones).

• Spell out both on aboriginal reference, but DOE is the abridgement for the Administering of Energy only, while ED is acclimated for the Administering of Education.

• Do not use a aeon aback abbreviating adverbs like complete and pretty, e.g., The acclimate is v nice today. He did a p adequate job.

• Acclaimed acronyms and abbreviations do not charge to be spelled out, alike on aboriginal reference. Actuality are some that don’t charge to be spelled out:











CT scan











































Celebrities (Including Artists, Athletes, Authors, and Characters)

Alexander Skarsgård

bell hooks


Chance the Rapper (lowercase the)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

George R.R. Martin

H.P. Lovecraft

Jada Pinkett Smith

J.J. Abrams

J.K. Rowling

J. Law (abbreviation for Jennifer Lawrence)

J.Lo (abbreviation for Jennifer Lopez)


K. Bouillon (abbreviation for Kristen Stewart)

Khloé Kardashian (with accent)

Kim K (no period)

Kim Kardashian West (no hyphen)

Kobe (as in Bryant — OK to advertence by aboriginal name)

LeBron (as in James — OK to advertence by aboriginal name)

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lupita Nyong’o


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau



Omarosa Manigault Newman

Oprah (OK to use aloof Oprah on aboriginal reference)

Pee-wee Herman

Pharrell (OK to use aloof Pharrell on aboriginal reference)


Pusha-T (with hyphen)

Quvenzhané Wallis

R. Patz (abbreviation for Robert Pattinson)

RiRi (abbreviation for Rihanna)


SpongeBob SquarePants


T. Swift (abbreviation for Taylor Swift)

Tyler, the Creator

Weird Al Yankovic


Zendaya (OK to use aloof Zendaya on aboriginal reference)

Political and Religious Figures

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Abdu Rabu Mansur Hadi

Bashar al-Assad

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, use Fernández on consecutive references

Gehad el-Haddad

George H.W. Bush

Gholam Hossein Mohsen Ejeie

Hosni Mubarak

Kim Jong Un

King Salman or the Saudi king

Muammar al-Qaddafi

Mohamed Morsi

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, use Acme Prince Mohammed or the acme prince on consecutive references

the pope, Pope Francis

the Prophet Muhammad

Seif al-Islam

Volodymyr Zelensky

Breaking Account Posts

• The attack for the post’s summary, i.e., the bullets aloft the updates, should be accounting in book case, e.g., Here’s what’s activity on:

• Headers for anniversary abandoned breaking account should be accounting in book case, with no end punctuation (unless it’s a question), e.g., Flynn insists he “crossed no lines” or Flynn’s adopted Russia aggregation is still in abode — what does that beggarly for Trump?

8 amazing medium hairstyles for ladies, beautiful haircuts for women 8 hairstyles for ladies 2020
8 amazing medium hairstyles for ladies, beautiful haircuts for women 8 hairstyles for ladies 2020 | hairstyles for ladies 2020

• Anatomy archetype can either abridge a adventure that’s already been acquaint or angle abandoned as an amend and should be accounting in the appearance of a archetypal BuzzFeed Account story. Examples actuality and here.

• Attributions should be placed at the end of the breaking item, accounting in italics, and accept no amplitude amid an em birr and writer’s name, e.g., —Reporter Name

• Stand-alone links to agnate belief should be roman, i.e., not italic, with end punctuation, e.g., Apprehend added here. These links should be placed all the way at the end of an amend (or in a post’s footer) afterwards a byline.

• Column footers, which about accommodate names of reporters who contributed to a post, should be italicized.


• Secondary bylines aural subbuzzes are acclimated abandoned in pieces breadth there are two or added authors of altered archetype blurbs throughout.

• On aboriginal reference, admit byline one amplitude afterwards anatomy archetype ends, formatted as follows (em dash, no space, abounding name, roman): —Marty Rodriguez

• On added and consecutive references, architecture byline as follows (em dash, casting anniversary followed by a period, no spaces): —M.R.

• If an editor who does not arise in a story’s byline contributed advertisement to a story, add their acclaim at the end of the column as follows: Marty Rodriguez contributed advertisement to this story.

• At the end of first-person belief told to our editors, use italics, abounding name, and aeon on a new bandage afterwards aftermost paragraph: As told to Marty Rodriguez.


• See the end of this certificate for a added abundant adviser to BuzzFeed’s alteration policy, but all corrections should go at the end of a column in the afterwards architecture aback declared for:

Beyoncé arise Lemonade in 2016. An beforehand adaptation of this column misstated the year.

• Application the “correction” subbuzz advantage will autoformat and timestamp your correction.

• Don’t add a alteration afterwards aboriginal active the proposed alteration by your editor or aggregation leader.

Headlines, Deks, and Subbuzz/Subheadings

• Initial-capitalize every chat in account (our CMS will do this automatically), with no end punctuation — unless it is a catechism mark, or, complete rarely, exclamation. (The attenuate exceptions in which use of a aeon at the end of banderole is OK is if it includes a multi-sentence adduce and/or was transcribed with one, like in this post.)

• Amusement deks as sentences with accustomed punctuation, and use roman type.

• Subheadings and lists: Use accepted faculty re: capitalization. Err on the ancillary of consistency. If best sentences are abounding sentences, capitalize the aboriginal chat only, use end punctuation, and amusement as a accustomed book for all subheds in list. If account reads added like titles of images/things, e.g., Grumpy Cat, This Guy, Your Brother, admixture names, initial-capitalize anniversary chat (except for prepositions, articles, conjunctions that are three belletrist or beneath — and, at, but, for, of, etc.) and do not use end punctuation. REMINDER: In headlines/subheadings with initial-capped words, consistently capitalize Is, Be, and Are, which, although all button words, are absolutely verbs!

• In lists, amuse absorb the The in accomplished headlines, e.g., The 30 Best Inspiring Films, The 25 Best GIFs of 2016.

• With the barring of quizzes, about abstain questions as headlines, decidedly account account airish as ones that can be answered with a yes or no.


• Use periods and no spaces aback apropos to someone’s casting in active copy, e.g., We alarm him J.B. aback home; the abandoned barring to this is in Q&As (see Ball section), aback casting announce colons.


• If you’re application an em birr for attribution, one amplitude afore the dash, no amplitude after. “Quote.” —Person Who Said Quote

• Use [sic] (italicized) afterwards a chat to announce a misspelling in accounting quoted material.

Redacted Words/Phrases

• Appearance application the chat redacted in all caps and in brackets, e.g., If you accept not done so already, [REDACTED] can acquaintance [REDACTED], who may accept a assertive akin of acquaintance with these people.


• There are several instances that accreditation abacus an amend to a post. If a adventure is not breaking account and has been accounting through as one article, for example, an amend may be added to active the clairvoyant that advice has been added (e.g., an added animadversion from a source) or removed (e.g., an image).

• About an amend should be added to the basal of a post, application the “update” advantage in the subbuzz; this will autoformat and timestamp it. The barring to this is a column that was not created in the breaking account arrangement and is acclimatized and requires several write-throughs. (Example here.) If it seems unclear, ask an editor which blazon of amend is added appropriate.

• Anytime a adventure has been updated, you should additionally analysis the “update checkmark” beneath the bylines and arise timestamp to announce the date and time at which the amend was made.

• To announce that a column has been acclimatized or is developing in the dek of a story, amuse do so in credible text. Do not italicize, bold, or abode the Amend or Developing in all caps. (Example here.) If necessary, add This column has been acclimatized in a dek aback there’s been a abounding write-through of the aboriginal column with new information.

• Do not add an amend to complete inaccurate advice in a arise post; if commodity has been corrected, affair a correction. (See “Corrections” section.)

• If a account adventure is still developing, add a agenda at the basal of the adventure and articulation to BuzzFeed Account on Twitter as follows: This is a developing story. Analysis aback for updates and chase BuzzFeed Account on Twitter.‏


• About do not use spaces on either ancillary of ampersands in constructions like Q&A, R&B, etc.

• NEVER use a consecutive breach afore an ampersand.

• Don’t use an ampersand as a amateur for and in account or active copy.

• If application ampersands in admixture names, be constant with their use throughout a post.

• Attach to self-stylization for companies, titles, etc., that use an ampersand.


• Generally, all quotes should accept attribution, alike if it is accessible who is speaking. A colon afterwards the book that anon precedes a adduce is fine; otherwise, aim for allegation aural or afterwards the aboriginal book of a quote. “Says” and “said” are adopted verbs for attribution; abstain “she notes,” “he laughs,” “they contend,” etc. “Explain” is additionally frequently misused; is the actuality quoted absolutely acknowledgment something?

• Best account posts should use past-tense allegation (“said”); service-driven posts about should use the present abutting (“says”). Use your best judgment.

• In crowdsourced posts or posts with anecdotes by several altered editors/people, citation marks about the blurb are not necessary. Aloof add a “—FirstName LastName” (or “—Anonymous”) afterwards the anecdote.


• Capitalize words that are “often” or “usually” capped per MW.

• Never activate a book with a lowercase letter, UNLESS it’s a complete acclaimed casting (like iPad or eBay), admitting breadth possible, abstain the amateurishness of starting a book with a lowercase letter.

• With directionals, lowercase north, south, east, west, etc., unless application them to accredit to specific regions (the Northeast, the South, the Western Hemisphere, Southern California, East Africa, West Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe); lowercase directionals aback apropos to nondefined regions (eastern/western Ukraine, southeast Brooklyn).

• Product and casting names should be initial-capped, unless that name is fabricated of initials, e.g., Ugg, Gap, Ikea, Asos, AT&T; exception: MAC.

• Product names in all lowercase belletrist should be capitalized, e.g., iPod Nano, not iPod nano.

• Intercaps that abut new words are OK: BlackBerry, eBay, iPod, NyQuil, etc. Intercaps that are aloof bright treatments are not: Prana, not prAna.

• Do not capitalize “the” in the names of print/web publications or companies or institutions, alike if it is allotment of the official title, e.g., the New York Times; the Weinstein Company

Combining Forms

• Closing up or hyphenating accumulation forms about depends on readability and whether closing up a chat changes its meaning. Chase the guidelines below, and argue MW in best cases to see if a chat has its own entry:

anti- (hyphenate, unless it has its own admission in MW: anti-gay, anti-labor, anti-terrorism, but antibiotic, antioxidant, antisocial)

-ass (typically hyphenated: wild-ass party; exceptions: badass, dumbass, kickass)

-bait (typically bankrupt up: clickbait, linkbait, tweetbait)

butt- (typically bankrupt up: buttcrack, buttface, butthole)

co- (hyphenate abandoned if readability is an issue, e.g., co-owner, co-creator, co-counsel, but coworker, cofounder; also, be alert of whether a co- combining-form chat is redundant, e.g., copartner

crypto- (closed up: cryptography, cryptocurrency, etc. Do not use as a stand-alone noun unless in a quote, breadth acceptation should be bright from context)

cyber- (closed up unless it affects readability: cyberwarfare, cyberbullying, cybersecurity, etc., but Cyber Monday)

-esque (closed up/hyphens depend on readability: yolo-esque, Kafkaesque)

-fest (most accumulation forms should be bankrupt up: lovefest, puppyfest, etc.)

-fuck (usually bankrupt up: clusterfuck, bumblefuck)

-gate (close up and capitalize all forms: Pizzagate, Gamergate, Nipplegate, etc.)

-goer (hyphenate abandoned if readability is an issue: beachgoer, theatergoer, fairgoer, filmgoer)

half (follow MW: bisected brother, bisected shell, half-court, half-mast)

-head (close up [metalhead, pothead] unless it interferes with readability [hip-hop-head, Phish-head])

hyper- (follow MW, about bankrupt up)

-ian (usually bankrupt up unless accomplishing so makes the chat unreadable, e.g., Trumpian

-ish (usually bankrupt up unless accomplishing so makes the chat unreadable, e.g., emoji-ish, New Yorkish)

-less (usually bankrupt up; hyphenate if not activate in MW: childless, witless, cashierless, audience-less, pants-less)

-like (usually bankrupt up unless accomplishing so makes the chat unreadable; use MW and adequate judgment, e.g., childlike, but doll-like, novel-like)

-maker (follow MW: decision-maker, deal-maker, but policymaker, lawmaker)

-mate (close up best accumulation forms: tourmates, cellmates, but active mate)

mega- (generally hyphenate new forms, chase MW; additionally megadonor)

mid- (close up most, chase MW for guidance: mid-1950s, mid-Atlantic, but midterm, midday)

mini (use in an accessible compound, unless bankrupt up in MW: mini cupcakes, but miniseries)

multi- (follow MW)

non- (close up non- words, unless readability is an affair or the abutting chat begins with an “N”, e.g., non-negotiable)

now- phrases (hyphenate: his now-husband, the now-president)

-plus (preferable to , as in He was 20-plus years old.)

post- (hyphenate, unless it has its own admission in MW: post-college, postmortem, postdoc, postwar)

pre- (follow MW and abutting up unless accomplishing so makes a chat adamantine to read)

re- (follow MW and abutting up unless accomplishing so makes a chat adamantine to apprehend or changes its meaning; accede distinctions, e.g., amid re-create vs. charm and re-cover vs. recover)

-seeker (job seeker, asylum-seeker, thrill-seeker)

self- (hyphenate: self-absorbed)

-shaming (hyphenate: slut-shaming, fat-shaming, body-shaming; additionally hyphenate admixture verbs like victim-shame)

-size/-sized: about use -sized to alarm the admeasurement of commodity (a nickel-sized spider); -size to alarm something’s activity or account (child-size furniture); also, bite-size, oversize, plus-size

smart- (Close up best acute technology compounds: smartglasses, smarthome, smartphone, smartwatch, etc.)

super- (generally hyphenate if it creates a admixture modifier, contrarily two words: a super-long line, but that bandage is air-conditioned long)

then- phrases (hyphenate: her then-boyfriend, then-senator Obama)

-time (generally abutting up, unless the above-mentioned chat ends in a “t”: naptime, playtime, lunchtime, but breakfast time)

-turned phrases (do not hyphenate, unless it comes afore a person’s name: the amateur angry lawyer; actor-turned-lawyer John Smith…)

-ward (not -wards, no “s”: afterward, backward, toward, forward)

-wear (close up unless accomplishing so makes a chat unreadable: businesswear, streetwear, workwear)

über- (generally hyphenate if it creates a admixture modifier, contrarily two words: an über-cool giraffe, that giraffe is über cool)

-worthy (one word; use abutment abandoned if readability is an issue: newsworthy, Oscarworthy, lustworthy, law-worthy)


• Complete sentences afterwards a colon are capped; abridged sentences afterwards a colon are not capped.

• In US stories, about abstain application colons to acquaint quotes that are beneath than two sentences long.


• BuzzFeed uses the consecutive (aka Oxford) comma, e.g., We best up cyan, magenta, yellow, and atramentous balloons for the party.

• With too:

– Aback too is acclimated in the faculty of “in addition,” use a comma, e.g., I ate a allotment of pie and three cookies, too, but omit the breach aback too refers to the accountable of the sentence, e.g., Oh, you like cats? I like bodies too.

– Additionally use commas with too aback you appetite to accent an brusque change of thought: He didn’t apperceive at aboriginal what hit him, but then, too, he hadn’t anytime absolved in a acreage broadcast with garden rakes. (from Chicago Chiral of Style)

• No commas afore Jr. or Sr. in names.

• To actualize a account aural a sentence, use numbers or lowercase belletrist and right-facing departure and abstracted items with a comma, e.g., Aback I abound up, I appetite to own a acreage that has a) acreage and acreage of land, b) goats of all shapes and sizes, and c) a backpack of huskies for dogsledding.

• Do not use a breach amid words again for emphasis, e.g., It’s what makes her her, not It’s what makes her, her.


• For ellipses, use three dots in a row, no spaces amid anniversary dot: …

• If ellipses are acclimated to announce a mid-sentence pause, don’t use a amplitude on either side, e.g., We could go there…or not. If ellipses are acclimated to announce a abaft off in anticipation or a continued abeyance afore a abounding sentence, admit a amplitude afore the abutting sentence, e.g., I don’t know… Certainly, I don’t anticipate it will be good.

• If ellipses are acclimated afterwards a abounding book to announce blank of a abounding book or added (as in a quote), use a aeon followed by a amplitude afore inserting ellipses, e.g., We confused to New Orleans in 2010. … By 2012, we were aback in New York.

• If ellipses are acclimated to announce blank of words rather than a abounding book or are amid mid-sentence, use a amplitude on either ancillary of the ellipses, e.g., I adopted the cat bygone and he’s the best. He’s already fabricated himself acclimatized at home would become I adopted a cat bygone … He’s already fabricated himself acclimatized at home; Let’s attach out on Saturday and do commodity fun because the acclimate is declared to be nice would become Let’s attach out on Saturday … the acclimate is declared to be nice.

• If ellipses are acclimated at the alpha of a subbuzz/subheading, do not chase with a space, and about lowercase the chat afterwards the ellipses.

• Aback inserting an adumbration in a accounting quote, use brackets to announce they were added by an editor and not allotment of the aboriginal text.

• Added on ellipses here.

Em Dash

• Actualize the em birr with keystroke advantage about-face abutment (on Macs).

• Use spaces on either ancillary of the em dash.

• Try to abstain use of the em birr aback parentheses, commas, or a semicolon would assignment aloof as well.

• If an em birr is acclimated to announce disconnected speech, set it alike with the argument and closing citation mark: “I’m throwing my dog a bar mitz—”


• Put emojis alfresco end punctuation, not inside.

En Dash

• Actualize the en birr with keystroke advantage abutment (on Macs).

• Use the en birr (not hyphen) in sports scores, e.g., 5–3, date ranges, e.g., 1999–2005, 1980–83, and admixture noun constructions such as “the New York–New Jersey border,” “the US–Mexico border,” “then–national aegis adviser Michael Flynn.”

• Use the en birr for accuracy aback application accessible admixture nouns as modifiers, e.g., “a air-conditioned tennis shoe–rain cossack hybrid,” “a New York–born man,” “a non–high academy friend”.

• Do not use spaces on either ancillary of the en dash.


• Do NOT use a abutment afterwards an adverb (not bound to but including best words catastrophe in “-ly”), e.g., “It was a ailing accounting book,” NOT “poorly-written”.

• Agenda that added adverbs besides ones catastrophe in “-ly” don’t charge hyphens (“the about abandoned glass,” “an about blurred rule,” “a complete able beer,” etc.) unless their acceptation is ambiguous, e.g., “a little-regarded athlete,” “a still-unknown number,” “a acclaimed presenter.”

• Do use hyphens for accuracy in the afterwards situations (per Chicago Chiral of Style):

When admixture modifiers such as “open-mouthed” or “full-length” announce a noun, hyphenation usually lends clarity. With the barring of able nouns (such as “United States”) and compounds formed by an adverb catastrophe in “ly” additional an adjective, it is never incorrect to hyphenate adjectival compounds afore a noun, e.g., “A First-Rate Movie,” “Five-Alarm Chili.”

• Hyphens are usually not acclimated aback a byword is fabricated up absolutely of nouns, e.g., “video adventurous console,” “crime arena cleanup,” “health affliction reform,” “toilet cardboard roll,” abnormally aback the modifying admixture noun can be activate in the dictionary.

• Aback abacus a prefix afore a admixture adjective, use hyphens amid all components, e.g., “a non-habit-forming drug” — but in acute cases it’s bigger to recapitulate the book to abstain awkward punctuation.

• In a account breadth an aspect of the modifying byword is not repeated, use a abeyant hyphen, like so: “a university-owned and -operated bookstore”; “second-, third-, and fourth-grade teachers.”

• Slashes are OK in specific contexts (like “and/or”), but use hyphens for basal compounds and bifold titles like “singer-songwriter” (not “singer/songwriter”) or “writer-director.”

• Aback a modifying byword is best than a brace of words, citation marks can sometimes be easier to apprehend than a ton of hyphens, e.g., He heaved a “back to the cartoon board” sigh.

• Aback a hyphenated admixture noun is allotment of a modifying phrase, use an en birr afterwards the hyphenated noun, e.g., “an editor-in-chief–approved plan.”

“The Internet”: Abstain in Headlines

• Abstain “The Internet Did ____” / “All Of The Internet” “Everyone On The Internet” as a frame/device in headlines.

• Additionally abstain application “…broke the internet” in both account and in active copy; instead opt for added descriptive, specific language.

Italics and Citation Marks

• Use italics for the names of movies, television shows, books, anthology titles, plays, art exhibitions/collections, web series, podcasts, radio programs, media franchises, and video amateur (including console, browser, and arcade; apps, however, should be roman and capped); use quotations for names of movie/play scenes, television episodes, articles, chapters, song titles, abandoned pieces of art, and names of studies. Account advertisement names (both book and digital), annual and account titles, account organizations, and bounded account affiliates should be in roman type.

• Italicize titles of newsletters that accommodate added than one commodity and will be burst bottomward into article-like sections, but use roman blazon (no citation marks) for added (typically shorter, beneath dense) newsletters.

• Board games, agenda games, and announced amateur should be capitalized and in roman type, e.g., Monopoly, Uno, Never Accept I Ever.

• Titles of issues (including the chat “issue”) should be capitalized and in roman type, e.g., Now Toronto’s Anatomy Issue.

• Still unsure? Here’s a accessible bluff area for aback to accent vs. use quotes.

• Normally, titles that should be italicized (movie names, TV shows, books, etc.) are set off with quotes in account (since they cannot be italicized in headlines/list subheds in our CMS). Do not, however, put abode or barge names in quotes in headlines! Use adequate judgment, though, if readability is an issue, e.g., this is an adequate barring to the publication-titles-in-roman rule: Solange Explained The Importance Of Intersectional Feminism Perfectly In This Month’s “Bust.”

• Accumulate all punctuation (including apostrophe s) that follows italicized, bolded, or atramentous (via links) words in roman.

• Aback application binomial nomenclature, i.e., authentic names, accent both casting (capitalized) and breed (lowercase) names, e.g., Homo sapiens; E. coli.

• For non-English words: If a chat or byword could be alien to an English-speaking audience, use adequate acumen aback arch whether or not to accent it. Frequently italics accept been acclimated to announce a potentially alien word, but these italics can about be ambagious and especially, added importantly, can be othering. Accede admirers and ambience — usually you can lose the italics afterwards accident any meaning.

Job Titles

• Use gender-neutral job titles, e.g., “salesperson” or “sales rep” rather than “salesman,” “lawmaker” rather than “congressman/congresswoman,” “chair” rather than “chairman/chairwoman,” “spokesperson” or “representative,” if applicable, rather than “spokesman/spokeswoman”). Abstain gendered agreement like “actress,” “editrix,” and “songstress” alfresco of complete quotes and titles. Instead of application a gendered appellation like “businessman,” be specific — e.g., “entrepreneur,“ “financier,“ “broker,“ “investor,“ “business partner.”

• For advice on job titles for political figures, see Backroom breadth below.

Letters (of the Alphabet)

• Abandoned belletrist and combinations of belletrist are not usually set in quotes. Exception: Instances apropos to spelling, e.g., “Her name is JoAnne with a basal ‘A.'”

• Belletrist that are acclimated to represent appearance are capitalized and not set in quotes: an L-shaped couch.

• Belletrist acclimated to denote grades are capitalized and roman: “If Yolo Studies were a class, I’d absolutely get an A.” / “I had beeline A’s up until I started accomplishing krokodil.”

• Accent and lowercase belletrist cogent sounds: “I like the o and a sounds in the word.”

• Add an apostrophe “s” to pluralize letters: “the four F’s (famous people, festivals, fashion, and food)”

• Add an “s” to pluralize all abbreviations: DVDs, CDs, PhDs


• In account stories, use surnames on added advertence (except for complete adolescent people); if there is a acute acumen to accredit to a accountable on first-name basis, that may be acceptable. If two or added bodies in the aforementioned adventure accept the aforementioned surname, about accredit to all by their aboriginal name on added reference.

• Per AP: Chinese names about abode surnames aboriginal and again accustomed names, e.g., Deng Xiaoping. Added advertence should be the ancestors name, Deng in this case. For more, AP has an admission committed to Chinese allotment conventions.

• With surnames alpha with “al-” or “el-” (or agnate prefixes), bead the prefix on added and consecutive references if application the surname only, e.g., Muammar al-Qaddafi on aboriginal reference, Qaddafi on second.


• Use one amplitude amid a aeon and the abutting sentence. Never two.

Photo Captions and Illustrations

• Use parentheses to announce directional: Above admiral Obama (center) meets with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

• If advertisement several names in a bigger accumulation pictured, activate explanation with From left: (rather than From larboard to right:).

• Generally, credits should read: Photographer’s Name / Agency

• Credits for centralized photographers, illustrators, and designers should read: Name / BuzzFeed News

• Credits for commissioned art/photos and freelance designers and illustrators should read: Name for BuzzFeed News

• Do not accent photo captions or set in abate argument (sometimes we’ll accomplish an barring to this, like in this post, breadth a normal-size explanation chantry would alloy in with the anatomy archetype and attending distracting).

• Photo captions that are abounding sentences or book bits should be in book case with end punctuation; captions that are aloof one movie/show appellation or one person’s name should not booty a period, e.g., Killing Eve but Sandra Oh on Killing Eve.

• For dates in photo captions (especially applicative to breaking news), abandoned add the year if the photo was taken in a year added than the present one. Use specific dates (“Feb. 26”) rather than canicule of the anniversary (“on Wednesday”).

• Aback a thumbnail angel does not arise in a story, add its photo acclaim to the basal of the column in a abstracted subbuzz, application the “small” HTML tags.


• Use ‘s for all atypical accurate nouns, e.g., Chris’s, Katniss’s. Exceptions:

• Amalgamation or casting names that are pluralized, e.g., Accepted Motors’.

• Able nouns catastrophe in “s” that accomplish a “z” sound, e.g., BuzzFeed News’, Serena Williams’.

• Aback a able noun is already plural, the accepted aphorism for possessives applies: The Smiths’, Rolling Stones’, the United States’ policies.

• Do not use an apostrophe aback a chat is primarily anecdotic rather than possessive, e.g., homeowners association, kids department, agents college, writers room.

• Adverse to AP: Words catastrophe with an “s” complete afore a chat that begins with “s” booty an apostrophe “s”: for appearance’s sake, for conscience’s account (but for goodness’ sake).

• Claimed pronouns never booty apostrophes.


• Inoffensive, “casual-use” profanity in cases breadth it’s adequate by the accent or accountable amount of a post, e.g., She shit-talked her ex, He royally fucked up, etc. should be spelled out in active archetype as able-bodied as in heds and deks. Added acute words, like the c-word or n-word, should about be styled thusly; OK to spell out n-word if it appears in a adduce or in song lyrics.


• They is adequate (and preferred!) as a atypical amateur aback gender is alien or irrelevant, e.g., “If accession is animadversion at your aperture and you don’t apperceive who they are…” It should additionally be acclimated aback it is the pronoun accession uses. (See LGBTQ section.)

• Use “‘he’/‘him’ pronouns” and “‘she’/‘her’ pronouns” instead of “male pronouns” or “female pronouns.”

Publication Titles

• Do not capitalize “the” in print/web advertisement names, alike if it is allotment of the official title, e.g., the New York Times, not The New York Times; the Guardian, not The Guardian; etc. Account advertisement names (both book and digital) and annual titles should be in roman type.


• Use abandoned amid two complete sentences or in lists with centralized commas, e.g., We visited Buffalo, New York; Tampa, Florida; and Lima, Ohio.


• Thoughts are set off with a comma, antecedent capped, and italicized. (I thought, What if I were to move to Switzerland?)


• Aback application tildes for ~whimsical~ emphasis, put punctuation on the alfresco of the catastrophe tilde.

University Names

• Architecture university names with added than one area as follows: University of California, Berkeley, on aboriginal advertence (using a breach afterwards the area if it appears mid-sentence); UC Berkeley on consecutive references.

• Abridge universities as UPenn, UConn, etc.

Verb Forms of Abbreviations and Nontraditional Words

• Use ing or an apostrophe d to actualize the verb anatomy of an all-capped abbreviation, e.g., DIY’d, LOLing.

• For a noun or added chat that frequently wouldn’t booty a verb form, use a abutment -ing to actualize the verb anatomy if the chat ends in a vowel, e.g., bro-ing, Vine-ing; use adequate acumen in agreement of readability to actuate if the accomplished abutting should be formed with an -ed or apostrophe -d, e.g., bro’d down, Vined. If the chat ends in a consonant, add -ing or -ed with no hyphen, e.g., computering, computered.


• Names of blogs and websites should be in roman type.

• Aback autograph out URLs, OK to use biscuit caps for readability, e.g., SalvationArmyUSA.org instead of salvationarmyusa.org.

Words as Words

• Use roman blazon in quotes. “He acclimated the chat ‘chillax’ way too often.”

• For profanity: the c-word the n-word, etc.

• Spell out accompaniment names in archetype aback a burghal precedes it, e.g., “This happened in Boca Raton, Florida.”

• LA is adequate for Los Angeles on aboriginal reference, but added burghal abbreviations (NYC, SF, DC) should not be acclimated on aboriginal advertence in anatomy copy.

• Descriptions of a Continued Island accomplishments should accommodate a specific town, e.g., “He’s from Manhasset, New York” (not “He’s from Continued Island, New York”). As an adjective, “Long Island” can angle abandoned afterwards “New York,” e.g., “The Continued Island accompanist recorded her aboriginal anthology at the age of 18.”

• Amuse use datelines in all aboriginal arise account stories, spelling out both the burghal and accompaniment or country name in full. Our appearance is as follows:

EL PASO, Texas — Active archetype lorem ipsum etc etc etc

• See beneath for US burghal names that are acclaimed abundant to angle abandoned afterwards a state, both in datelines and active argument (supplementing the account in AP, which has not been re-created here). (Note: Aloof use “Washington” for DC datelines.) Belief arise by BuzzFeed’s all-embracing bureaus may use accompaniment names afterwards the burghal names beneath for accuracy at their discretion.

Atlanta, Atlantic City, Austin, Baltimore, Berkeley, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami (and Miami Beach), Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, DC

• Added arresting abate US regions may not crave a accompaniment to ID them, but the ambience charge be considered. These include:

Albany, Aspen, Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, Big Sur, Buffalo, Cape Cod, Compton, Des Moines, Fort Lauderdale, the Hamptons, Harlem, Hollywood, Malibu, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, New York’s bristles boroughs (Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island), Santa Fe, Santa Monica, Silicon Valley, Soho (NYC and London), South Beach, Times Square

• Non-US cities and regions that can angle abandoned (for Canadian provinces, abacus the arena name afterwards a burghal is adequate — “Montreal, Quebec,” not “Montreal, Quebec, Canada”):

Acapulco, Amsterdam, Athens, Baghdad, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Belfast, Berlin, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Brussels, Cairo, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Havana, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Kyiv, Lisbon, Liverpool, London, Madrid, Manila, Mexico City, Milan, Monte Carlo, Montreal, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Nairobi, Oslo, Ottawa, Panama City, Paris, Prague, Quebec, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Saigon, Sarajevo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Sydney, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Toronto, Tuscany, Vancouver, Vatican City, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw, Zurich

• September 1961, bounce 1955 are adopted over September of 1961, bounce of 1955 in account stories.

• In best stories, architecture abounding dates as: Oct. 3, 1983. In appearance and essays, however, it is adequate to spell out dates in abounding (October 3, 1983). Do not use 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., in dates.

• Capitalize the names of months in all uses. Aback a ages is acclimated with a specific date, abridge abandoned Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec. Spell out the ages aback application alone, or with a year alone.

• Aback a byword lists abandoned a ages and a year, do not abstracted the year with commas. Aback a byword refers to a month, day, and year, set off the year with commas.

• Use en dashes to announce date ranges, e.g., 1999–2005, 1980–83.

• Examples (these administer to account and deks as well):

March 1983 was a adequate ages because that’s aback I came into the world.Feb. 4 was the coldest day of the month.His altogether is April 17.Feb. 14, 2009, was the affliction Valentine’s Day ever.Episode 3 affectedness Saturday, Feb. 1, at 10:30 p.m.They were the editor of the annual for the 2018–19 academy year.

As with any accent surrounding identity, reporters, writers, and editors should ask individuals how they ambition to be articular aback possible.


• Generally, use the delivery autistic actuality rather than actuality with autism unless it appears in a complete quote. There are differing opinions aural the autistic association about the accent of identity, so ask an abandoned how they would like to be articular aback possible.

The Coronavirus Pandemic

• The new coronavirus or the atypical coronavirus, acutely declared SARS-CoV-2, is a ache of the coronavirus virus ancestors that originated in backward 2019 in Wuhan, China.

• Consistently use the commodity the aback discussing the coronavirus (e.g., the advance of the coronavirus, not the advance of coronavirus) — alike in account (differing from AP here).

• The ache it causes is declared COVID-19, which stands for coronavirus ache 2019. Back the coronavirus is added frequently used, explain the acumen on the aboriginal advertence of COVID-19. For example: The US now has TK cases of COVID-19, the ache acquired by the atypical coronavirus.

• It is not authentic to abode “a new virus declared COVID-19.”

• Aback we allocution about cases of bodies who are sick, it makes faculty to say COVID-19 cases and deaths from COVID-19. Similarly, bodies can be adulterated by the coronavirus, but they get COVID-19.

• Accredit to the advance of the virus as the coronavirus outbreak.


• We attach to the AP Stylebook’s guidelines, which advise: “In general, do not alarm an abandoned as disabled unless it is acutely pertinent to a story. If a description charge be used, try to be specific. An ad featuring amateur Michael J. Fox adequate acutely from the furnishings of Parkinson’s ache drew civic attention. Abstain descriptions that betoken pity, such as afflicted with or suffers from assorted sclerosis. Rather, has assorted sclerosis. Do not use the chat bedridden to alarm people.

• Use people-first language, i.e., application a person’s name or the agreement actuality or bodies afore a condition, to abstain delivery that could be credible as defining accession by their disability, e.g., bodies with disabilities rather than disabled people.

• Do not use the appellation mentally retarded. Mentally disabled, developmentally disabled, or intellectually disabled are preferred.

• Use wheelchair user rather than bedfast to a wheelchair or wheelchair-bound. If known/when possible, say why a wheelchair is used.

• The lowercase deafened refers to accession with no hearing. The capitalized Deafened is acclimated by associates of the Deafened association in amalgamation to appearance and culture. Abstain application hearing-impaired; use delivery such as adamantine of audition or partially deaf.

• Do not use the appellation deaf-mute; the adopted delivery is that an abandoned cannot apprehend or speak. (A aphasiac actuality may or may not be deaf.)

• The appellation assurance accent is lowercase, but capitalize American Assurance Accent (ASL on added reference). Accession who communicates in assurance accent is a signer, e.g., an ASL signer.

• For added guidelines, accredit to the Civic Centermost on Affliction and Journalism’s appearance adviser and the Civic Affliction Rights Network’s Guidelines for Advertisement and Autograph About Bodies With Disabilities.

(Note: In UK and Australia style, impairments is adopted to disabilities, and the appellation disabled bodies is adopted to bodies with disabilities. See the BuzzFeed UK Appearance Adviser for more.)


• We attach to the AP Stylebook’s guidelines, which advise: “Avoid such expressions as: He is aggressive cancer. She is a achievement victim. Use neutral, complete descriptions: He has abdomen cancer. She is a achievement patient.”

Mental Health

See our abundant guidelines for autograph about brainy bloom here, but generally:

• Use words that end stigma, not bolster it. Abstain aspersing accent like nuts, lunatic, deranged, psycho, and crazy, abnormally aback apropos accurately to people. Some alternatives: wild, interesting, exciting, shocking, and ridiculous.

• Abstain application diagnosable altitude in a nonclinical sense. That is, don’t use agreement like bipolar as a analogue for “moody” or OCD as one for “obsessive.”

• We additionally attach to the AP Stylebook’s guidelines on brainy illness, which accommodate not anecdotic a actuality as mentally ill “unless it is acutely pertinent to the story.” Brainy affliction is OK to use as a accepted term, but specific altitude should be acclimated aback possible. Do not use the appellation the mentally ill.


• STI (sexually transmitted infection) is adopted to STD (sexually transmitted disease) in anatomy copy, spelled out on aboriginal reference. However, STD is adequate in account and aback lots of quoted complete in a adventure uses STD and application both agreement interchangeably could be potentially ambagious to the reader; use your best judgment.


• Awards appearance names are set in roman: Academy Awards, MTV Cine Awards.

• Initial-cap the names of awards accustomed at official awards shows in all instances, e.g., Best Documentary, Best Gut-Wrenching Performance.

• Capitalize the name of the award, behindhand of able name, e.g., Best Director, Best Live-Action Abridge Film, Best Acclimatized Screenplay, etc..


• Capitalize, set in roman, no quotes, e.g., Beliebers, the Beyhive, Deadheads, Little Monsters

Job Titles

• Accepted convenance in ball advantage is never to capitalize a job appellation except aback it starts a sentence. The aforementioned goes for every position on a cine set: “director Martin Scorsese,” “screenwriter Tina Fey,” etc. Admiral aural the studios, however, chase the accepted AP rules for appellation capitalization.


• Aback formatting, adventurous the catechism BuzzFeed asks (without identification of “BuzzFeed” or editor’s name as interviewer); answers by interviewee are not bolded, but the interviewee’s name is. Use a bandage amplitude amid every catechism and acknowledgment (and acknowledgment and answer, if added than one actuality is actuality interviewed).

• Unless it is bright from context, interviewees’ abounding names are spelled out and bolded in their aboriginal response. If two or added bodies are actuality interviewed, use their casting to analyze them in consecutive answers.

• Don’t accent the intro; add an added amplitude amid the addition and the aboriginal catechism if the Q&A breadth does not activate in a abstracted argument box.

• Set off adumbration of bedlam and such reactions as follows: [laughs]

Television Shows• Appearance seasons/episodes as follows: In Division 1, Episode 1 of Killing Eve…

• Aback citation assorted seasons, lowercase seasons as follows: Olivia Colman is demography over in seasons 3 and 4 of The Acme for Claire Foy, who played the Queen in seasons 1 and 2.

Reboots, Revivals, and Remakes

• reboot: aback a alternation or authorization resets with a apple-pie slate in agreement of assize and continuity, about with the basal characters recast, e.g., Batman Begins (2005), Lost in Space (2018). For nonfiction, admonition signs ability be new hosts or a revised concept, e.g., Anomalous Eye (2018).

• revival: aback a alternation allotment afterwards a continued time and picks up breadth it larboard off, with best amount elements intact, e.g., Roseanne (2018), The X-Files (2016), Arrested Development (2013).

• remake: aback a blur or alternation retells the adventure of the aboriginal work, e.g., The Ring (2002), Dawn of the Dead (2004), Ocean’s Eleven (2001).


• Aback apropos to the broader community, “queer” (as in “queer people” or “LGBTQ” as in “LGBTQ people”) is appropriate. “Gay” is not. “LGBTQ” is abandoned acclimatized aback apropos to the broader association or groups of people, not aback apropos to individuals.

Discrimination• Opt for “anti-gay” rather than “homophobic”; “anti-trans” rather than “transphobic.”

• In abode of “homophobia,” use “anti-trans/anti-gay/anti-LGBTQ prejudice/discrimination/bias,” etc.

Identification• Unless you already apperceive based on research, it should be accepted to ask how bodies analyze themselves: gay, bi, genderqueer, queer, trans, etc.

• A actuality can be auto WITHOUT additionally actuality gay or lesbian. Don’t assume.

• Use “cisgender” (rather than “non-trans”) to accredit to a actuality who is not transgender. “Cis” is additionally adequate shorthand.

• “Trans” and “transgender” are about interchangeable.


• Use “marriage equality” and “marriage for same-sex couples” rather than “gay marriage.” Abstain “gay marriage” and “same-sex marriage” — as GLAAD notes, these agreement “can advance alliance for same-sex couples is somehow altered than added marriages.”


• Lowercase “pride” if not allotment of a able name, e.g., “a pride event.”

• Capitalize in Pride Ages and as autograph for a able name or accident afterwards aboriginal abounding reference, e.g.: The NYC Pride Parade is Sunday; We went to Pride on Sunday.

• Use “pride flag” instead of “rainbow flag” or “rainbow pride flag.”

“Openly” vs. “Out”

• “Openly” is adopted over “out” as a modifying phrase, e.g., “openly gay” or “openly trans,” but the agreement can be acclimated interchangeably if a biographer or accountable prefers. Be mindful, however, of whether a modifier is all-important accustomed a story’s or sentence’s context; application it may be redundant.


• Consistently adjourn to the pronouns a actuality uses for themself.

(It’s not abrupt to ask. In fact, it’s encouraged to ask, “What pronouns do you use?”)

• If it is cryptic what pronoun a actuality uses and it’s not accessible to ask them, use “they”/”themself.”

• Instead of adage “preferred pronoun,” alarm the pronoun with which accession identifies in aloof terms, e.g., “Sam Smith uses ‘they’/’them’ pronouns.”

Transgender Terms: Some of these are acclimatized from the GLAAD Transgender Glossary of Terms.

• Transgender: An awning appellation (adj.) for bodies whose gender appearance and/or gender advertisement differs from what is about associated with the sex they were assigned at birth. Bodies beneath the transgender awning may alarm themselves application one or added of a advanced array of terms, so use the anecdotic appellation adopted by the person. Transgender bodies may or may not adjudge to adapt their bodies hormonally and/or surgically.

• Transsexual: An beforehand appellation (NOT an awning term), which originated in the medical and cerebral communities. Use as an adjective and abandoned if adopted by an individual.

• Cross-dressing: To occasionally abrasion clothes frequently associated with bodies of the added sex. “Cross-dresser” should NOT be acclimated to alarm accession who has transitioned to alive full-time as the added sex or who intends to do so in the future.

• Consistently use a transgender person’s alleged name. It is never acclimatized to put citation marks about either a transgender person’s alleged name or the pronoun that reflects that person’s gender identity.

• Deadnaming: The adopted appellation in the association for application a auto person’s assigned name at birth. About abstain the convenance of deadnaming in stories, unless it is adopted by the subject.

• Amuse use the complete appellation or agreement to alarm gender identity. For example, a actuality who transitions to become changeable is a transgender woman, admitting a actuality who transitions to become macho is a transgender man.

• Abstain pronoun abashing aback analytical the belief and backgrounds of transgender bodies above-mentioned to their transition. It is usually best to abode on transgender people’s belief from the present day instead of abode them from some point or assorted credibility in the past.

• Use “anti-transgender bath bill” (“anti-LGBTQ bath bill” is OK in a hed or breadth amplitude is limited) to alarm legislation geared at banning transgender/nonbinary bodies from application bathrooms that accord to their gender identity.

• Use sex reassignment anaplasty (SRS) or gender affirmation surgery.

Album Nicknames• An anthology best accepted by addition name instead of its academic appellation should be styled in roman with no quotes, e.g., the White Anthology (for the Beatles) and the Banana Anthology (for the Velvet Underground & Nico).

alt-, alterna-, avant-• Hyphenate all fabricated constructions.

Ampersands• Abstain application unless it is acutely allotment of the artist’s name, e.g., Mumford & Sons.

Band Names

• All bandage names, alike those atypical in form, booty plural construction, e.g., “Soundgarden acknowledgment to a apple afterwards chops,” “Limp Bizkit are the best bandage ever.” This additionally applies to names with the words “band,” “group,” “clan,” etc. (“Dave Matthews Bandage were on tour”).

• Lowercase “the” in bandage names that acutely alpha with “the”: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Strokes.

• K-pop artists: Don’t cap every letter in the artist’s or band’s name, alike if it about appears as such, e.g., G-Dragon, not G-DRAGON; Psy, not PSY.


• Casting names should consistently be lowercase (new wave, indie, hip-hop, etc.). Exceptions: K-pop, J-pop, R&B.


• Set lyrics in quotes, use a carve amid lines, and capitalize the aboriginal letter of anniversary new line. (“New York, authentic boscage breadth dreams are fabricated of / There’s annihilation you can’t do.”)


• Song listings should consistently apprehend as: Artist Name, “Song Title”

• Artist Name feat. Added Artist Name, “Song Title” (but spell out “featuring” in active copy; abridge abandoned in lists)

Tour Names

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• If a bout is declared afterwards an album, the bout appellation is in italics and the chat “tour” is roman and lowercase, e.g., the Bigger Bang tour.

• If the bout name doesn’t accredit to an album, it should be set in roman, and all words should be initial-capped, including “tour,” e.g., the 777 Tour, the Korn Reunion Tour.

• Residencies, e.g., Vegas shows like Britney Spears’ Allotment of Me should be set in italics.


• Do not attach to vanity capitalization, e.g., Rihanna’s Anti; if there’s an anthology declared The BeSt tHiNg EveR, amuse aloof appearance as The Best Affair Ever.

• Abstain the chat “problematic” at all costs.

• No. 14 on iTunes

• Record companies: Capitalize the chat “records” for all labels, e.g., Atlantic Records.

• Ancillary One, Ancillary Two (in anthology references)

• Generally, spell out one through nine; use numerals for 10 and aloft (exceptions below).

• Be constant aback autograph out numbers in succession, e.g. “9, 10, and 11” NOT “nine, 10, and 11”; the aforementioned applies to ranges of numbers, e.g., “We are assured eight to ten people” or “We are assured 8 to 10 people” (both OK!).

• Use a breach in numbers cogent abundance that are four digits or more.

• Never alpha a book with a appearance — UNLESS a year starts a book (“2013 was a absolutely assured year”), but try to abstain this. Otherwise, spell out a cardinal that starts a book (“Thirty-five bodies alive on that island.”)

• Use 1 in 4 voters (figures) if it’s a ample sampling. But spell six out of nine senators because these are bound numbers beneath 10.

• Added than 1 in 4 accouchement are adipose (not “is” aback the accountable is plural). Use a atypical verb in constructions like “Around 1 in 3 acceptance has the flu.”


• For New York Burghal artery and access names that use numbers, consistently use abstracts in artery names (6th Street, 23rd Street) and spell out the cardinal in access names (Second Avenue, Tenth Avenue).


• Use numerals for specific ages (“The 5-year-old had a party,” “She was axis 30”).

• Spell out decades (“in your thirties”) and variations (“The twentysomethings…”).


• ’90s / 1990s (Not: 90’s, 1990’s, 90s, nineties, eighties, or any added combination!)

Demographics, e.g., in Ball Stories• In 18 to 49, there was…

• 18- to 49-year-olds…

• In the 18-to-49 demographic…

Fractions• Aback spelling out fractions in active copy, hyphenate: “You’ll charge one-third of a cup of amoroso for that recipe,” “More than one-half of the apprentice anatomy voted for removing soda machines from campus.”

• In “and a half” constructions, e.g., “In two and a bisected weeks…” no hyphenation is necessary.

• Aback spelled out, i.e., at the alpha of a sentence, hyphenate all admixture numbers from twenty-one through ninety-nine.

Grades (as in School)• He was in the aboriginal grade; she was a first-grader; they were both first-grade teachers. Use abstracts for grades 10–12.

In Headlines• For lists, consistently use a numeral. “9 Adorable Photos Of Monkeys Riding Cats,” “8 Amazing GIFs Of Naked Presidents,” “5 Photo Belief That Will Challenge Your View Of The World”

• For account headlines, use your best judgment: “Two Muslim Men Said Their American Airlines Flight Was Canceled Afterwards They Were Racially Profiled”; “A Gunman Dead 7 Bodies In Texas In A Highway Shooting Rampage”

Millions and Billions

• Consistently use numerals (6 actor people).


• 99 cents, $8, $2 billion deficit

• Do not accommodate “.00” in a price, e.g., $17 (not $17.00).

• Appearance amount ranges application an en birr and the bill attribute afore both prices: $10–$20

• Aback a amount includes both abstracts and words, never hyphenate, alike aback above-mentioned a noun, e.g., “the $1.7 actor house” (not $1.7-million).

• Spell out added bill rather than application symbols (euros, yen, etc.), except for British pounds (£), which we use the attribute for in all posts (use advantage 3 on non-UK keyboards). For nations that additionally use dollars, analyze by application the currency’s abridgement afterwards the number, e.g., $100 AUD, $25 CAD.

• In account and videos, OK to abridge thousands, millions, and billions thusly: A $75K Salary, 4.2M People, A $16B Company, etc.


• Consistently use figures: 8 months pregnant, 6-week aborticide ban, etc.


• Use amount percent assurance — unless a allotment starts a sentence, in which case spell out the cardinal and use the chat “percent.” (“The analysis showed that 88% of bodies would rather attach out with Lil Bub than Anne Hathaway”; “Eighty-five percent of the agents voted for a pizza party.”)

• Exception: OWS agreement “the 1 percent” and “the 99 percent.”

Phone Numbers

• 917-000-0000; 800-BUZZFEED

Ratings Systems

• Use abstracts for rankings and reviews: 4 out of 5 stars, 1-star Michelin restaurant.


• For clothing, architecture as admeasurement 8, admeasurement 10, etc., in all uses. For bra sizes, architecture as 34B, 36DD, A cup, B cup, etc.


• Scores: 5–3 (with an en dash); not “5 to 3.” (Also, no breach all-important afterwards “won” in a book such as “The Knicks won 110–98.”)

• Use digits for scores, statistics, and backyard lines. Spell out aggregate abroad beneath 10, e.g., ninth inning, aboriginal quarter, third base).


• Expressed as appearance “degrees.” No charge to answer the chat “degrees” if it’s implied, e.g., “It was 5 degrees out, but it acquainted like -10.”

• Use numerals to authentic ranges of temperature (“It’s activity up to the 30s today”). No charge to accommodate “Fahrenheit” if it’s bright from the context.


• Use numerals for time of day: 4:00, 4 a.m., 8 p.m. ET, 9 p.m. ET/8 CT (when apropos to programming times), 2 in the morning, noon, midnight

Weights and Measures• Generally, use abstracts and spell out “inches,” “feet,” “yards,” “miles,” etc., to announce depth, height, length, width, weight, and distance. (Exception: noun phrases like “8x10s”.) However, in the ambience of a list, for instance, it is additionally adequate to use basal and inch marks (5’6″) to announce a person’s acme if spelling out “5 anxiety 6 inches” in ambience appears stilted/looks awkward. Use your judgment.

• Examples:

She is 5 anxiety 6 inches tall; the 5-foot-11-inch man; the 6-foot man; the basketball aggregation active a 7-footer; the orca bang is 26 anxiety long.The abode is 200 anxiety long, 100 anxiety wide, and 50 anxiety high.The allowance is 20 anxiety by 15 feet; the 20-by-15-foot room.Forecasters are admiration 8 inches of snow tonight.The 750-square-foot apartment.He autographed 8x10s.


• 8 mm film, 8-track tape, Hot 97, 55 mph


• Capitalize references to the US Architecture (with or afterwards the US modifier), but lowercase the accompaniment constitution, the nation’s constitution, etc. Lowercase built-in in all references.

• Added countries’ constitutions booty an antecedent cap with a modifier, e.g., Mexican Constitution.

• Spell out the numbers in the aboriginal nine amendments and cap “A” aback referencing specific amendments to the Constitution, e.g., Aboriginal Amendment, 19th Amendment.


• Consistently use numerals for ambit courts, alike as allotment of academic name, e.g., US Cloister of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, 7th Ambit judge, the ambit court.

• Accent cloister cases and use v. instead of vs., e.g., Roe v. Wade. OK to accent autograph for cloister cases if they’re well-known, e.g., Citizens United.

• Use an en birr to denote decisions, e.g., 2–1, 5–4.

Legislative and Controlling Branches

• Lowercase aldermanic unless it’s allotment of a able name, e.g., aldermanic salaries, the Aldermanic Quarterly, the Aldermanic Record. Use abstracts and capitalize commune aback abutting with a figure, e.g., the 1st Aldermanic District, the 1st District. Lowercase aldermanic commune and commune whenever they angle alone.

• House of Representatives, the House, the Massachusetts House, but in plural references: the Massachusetts and Connecticut houses. Statehouse (singular) is consistently initial-capped alike aback the name of the accompaniment doesn’t announce it, but statehouses plural takes a lowercase “S.”

• The capitol (lowercase) is the architecture in which assembly in anniversary accompaniment meet, e.g., The capitol architecture in Virginia is amid on Bank Street. It’s capped aback apropos to the US Capitol in Washington, DC, or those barrio in anniversary accompaniment in constructions like the New Hampshire Capitol. The Capitol is acclimated abandoned in references to DC. Basal is acclimated for a burghal or boondocks breadth the bench of government is located, e.g., Virginia’s basal is Richmond.

• Accredit to legislation as it’s best frequently known, e.g., Obamacare or the Affordable Affliction Act. In the absence of accepted shorthand, use the bill’s beeline able title, not its number, e.g., the Marijuana Justice Act, not S1689. Beneath acclaimed legislation should be followed by a abridge description.

• Accredit to complete legislation in the present abutting until attempts to abolition it are successful. Accredit to legislation in the codicillary abutting if it hasn’t been passed, e.g., The New York sex decriminalization bill would approve paid sex amid acknowledging adults.

• A majority is added than bisected the votes cast; a advantage is the bigger cardinal of votes, but beneath than a majority; a supermajority is any institutionally authentic alpha greater than a simple majority.

• Use an en birr to denote vote counts, e.g., 52–48.

• Capitalize board names, including inexact aldermanic board names if they’ve become accepted parlance, e.g., US Senate Select Board on Intelligence, Senate Intelligence Committee. Aback allotment assorted committees, lowercase “committees,” e.g., the Intelligence and Oversight committees.

• Lowercase controlling adjustment in all uses.


• Capitalize administering names, alike aback not advertence abounding name to abstain authoritative it arise to be a all-encompassing reference. E.g.: The alms has accustomed millions from the Interior (not “the interior”). Housing and Burghal Development was agilely advising lenders to abjure loans (not “Housing and burghal development was…”).

Job Titles

• Use Sen., Rep., Gov., etc., afore a name and consistently cap them, alike afterwards an adjective (see below) — but those titles afterwards names are lowercase and spelled out in full, e.g., While Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey alien the Green New Deal, added Autonomous assembly and senators had altered approaches to abode altitude change.

• Aback apropos to added than one accepted officeholder, capitalize and abridge their titles, e.g., Sens. Marco Rubio and Josh Hawley, Govs. Steve Bullock and John Hickenlooper, Reps. Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar.

• Capitalize administering names aback above-mentioned a name, but lowercase as a stand-alone title: Apprenticeship Secretary Betsy DeVos, but the apprenticeship secretary signaled a cogent change in policy.

• Informal job titles are lowercase alike afore a name, e.g., White House columnist secretary Stephanie Grisham, adviser Jared Kushner.

• Carnality admiral never takes a hyphen.

• Job titles afterwards a arena name, political affiliation, or agnate should be capitalized, e.g., Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Autonomous Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Adverse to AP, lowercase a appellation afterwards the words then, now, or former, e.g., above admiral Jimmy Carter, then-president Ronald Reagan, now-president Donald Trump.

• Lowercase and use an en birr for titles that accept two or added words in then– constructions: then–vice admiral Joe Biden, then–secretary of accompaniment Hillary Clinton.

• For acting positions, lowercase “acting” but accumulate the appellation capitalized: acting Homeland Aegis Secretary Kevin McAleenan.

• A politician’s affair amalgamation and the accompaniment they represent should frequently be included in a adventure as follows: New Jersey Autonomous Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, etc. Do not use ever academic abbreviations like R-AL or D-NY afterwards a name.

• President-elect (hyphen, lowercase “elect”), Carnality President–elect (with an en dash). Lowercase aback not above-mentioned a name: The president-elect tweeted at 5 a.m. or The casting of Hamilton anon addressed Mike Pence, again the carnality president–elect, afterwards a achievement in November 2016.

Parties and Ideologies

• Generally, cap the names of political parties, but lowercase ideologies unless they’re acquired from able nouns, per AP, e.g., Autonomous Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Chinese Communist Party, UK Conservative Party, but Democrat, Republican, libertarianism/libertarian, communism/communist, conservatism/conservative, Marxism/Marxist, autonomous socialist, etc. Similarly, registered complete is lowercase.

• Cap and use Autonomous (not Democrat) as an adjective aback above-mentioned a political official’s title, e.g., California’s Autonomous Attorney Accepted Xavier Becerra. Use Autonomous Civic Board on aboriginal reference, DNC thereafter; Autonomous Civic Assemblage on aboriginal reference, Autonomous assemblage thereafter.

• Cap and use Democrat aback apropos to a majority: Democrat-controlled House (not Democratic, adverse to AP).

• GOP is OK in account and advance notifications, but about use abandoned on added advertence in abode of Republican Affair in active copy. Republican Civic Board on aboriginal reference, RNC thereafter; Republican Civic Assemblage on aboriginal reference, Republican assemblage thereafter.

• OK to use dejected accompaniment and red accompaniment for variety, but Democratic-leaning and Republican-leaning are preferred.

• Lowercase the larboard and the acclimatized in all references. Left-wing and bourgeois are hyphenated as adjectives, but two words as nouns, e.g., the larboard addition of the Autonomous Party.

• Use alt-right for both noun and adjectival forms, but far acclimatized as a noun, and far-right as adjective. Put the “new right” in quotes on aboriginal reference. (While we’re here, Pepe the frog takes a lowercase “f”.)


• protester (not protestor), counterprotester, counterdemonstration

• Capitalize academic and abbreviated academic names of protests, e.g., the Women’s March, the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the March on Washington.

• Refugee ban and biking ban alarm altered genitalia of the Trump administration’s contested clearing policy, with the closing anecdotic the planned activity adjoin citizens of six Muslim-majority countries.

• anti-Muslim, adopted to anti-Islam or Islamophobic

• Use self-described “antifa” to alarm that annex of anti-fascist protesters.

• neo-Nazi in all uses

• In general, be as specific as accessible aback anecdotic protests and groups of protesters. Do not use agreement like alt-right, white nationalist, leftist, or advanced as complete agreement unless you are abiding they are accurate.

War, Peace, and Intrigue

• Per AP, US aggressive organizations are capitalized, while non-US orgs are not, e.g., US Fleet and US Air Force, but Chinese fleet and Chinese air force. For BuzzFeed Canada posts, Canadian Fleet and Canadian Air Force are acceptable.

• Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Syrian civilian war

• Lowercase war on terror. Aforementioned applies to agnate phrases, e.g., war on drugs.

• Use ISIS (not ISIL or Islamic State) for the active group. This applies alike to appearing redundancies like the war adjoin ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

• UN is OK on aboriginal reference.

• G20 (not G-20) and G7 are OK on aboriginal reference. Lowercase “summit.”

• Be specific aback authoritative references to citizens of non-US countries so as not to accident generalizations based on nationality, e.g., in Trump–Russia coverage, use Russian apostle or Russian broker in a banderole if the accountable of the adventure is already known, rather than a Russian or the Russian on aboriginal reference, and aim to be as specific as accessible in a banderole anecdotic a new actuality of interest, or in active archetype generally.


administration (lowercase “a,” e.g., It has been commodity the administering has abhorred or the Obama administration)

adviser (not advisor, e.g., civic aegis adviser)

articles of allegation (not capitalized)

Big Oil, Big Pharma, etc., “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli with adduce marks

BlackBerry, BlackBerrys (let’s face it, politicians are the abandoned bodies who still use them)

bloc (as in a voting bloc); atramentous affiliation (lowercase, in advertence to the agitator movement)

Cabinet (cap aback apropos to the authoritative advisers)

caucusgoercivil rights movement

commander in arch (no hyphens)

councilor, e.g., affiliate of a burghal council, advisor (senior adviser), admonition (n. or v., advice or adviser, e.g., on acknowledged matters)

Election Day, acclamation night (do not hyphenate as modifiers)

Electoral College

election-rigging, vote-rigging

first ancestors and aboriginal adult (always lowercase as it’s not a academic title, e.g., aboriginal adult Michelle Obama)

first-term for aldermanic representatives, not first-year or freshman

Fox Account (not FOX); Fox & Friends; Breitbart (not Breitbart News)

frontrunner (one word, adverse to AP)

fundraiser, fundraising (one word, adverse to AP and MW)

gun control, gun rights (never hyphenate)

hardline (adj.)

health affliction (all forms); additionally single-payer system, preexisting condition, Obamacare

inauguration aback apropos to the ceremony, Commencement Day aback apropos to the accumulation of contest on the day of the inauguration, per AP

Mar-a-Lago: OK to capitalize the “-A-” in headlines.


middle chic (n.), common (adj.); additionally lower-middle chic (n.), upper-middle-class (adj.), e.g., an upper-middle-class upbringing

neck and abutting but hyphenate as a admixture modifier, e.g., The chase was abutting and neck, a abutting race

PAC, air-conditioned PAC

politics takes a plural verb in sentences like My backroom are none of your business; as a study/science, it takes a atypical one, e.g. I anticipate backroom is boring

reelect, reelection

runoff (all uses)

sanctuary cities, nonsanctuary cities

staff is a aggregate noun that requires a atypical verb, e.g., agents is; staffers (or agents members) takes a plural, e.g., staffers are

tea party, tea partyers (cap abandoned aback apropos to a specific group, e.g., Tea Affair Express)

The Donald

the White House, places in the White House are additionally capped, e.g., Rose Garden, West Wing, East Room, etc. The White House takes a atypical verb (e.g., “the White House is…”)

whistleblower (not whistle-blower)

WikiLeaks, Panama Papers

• Use adequate acumen aback chargeless whether it is acclimatized to acknowledgment a person’s race/ethnicity in a story. Per AP, acclimatized situations include:

— In biographical and advertisement belief that absorb significant, groundbreaking, or celebrated events, such as actuality adopted US president, actuality declared to the US Supreme Court, or added notable occurrences, e.g., Barack Obama is the aboriginal Atramentous US president. Jeremy Lin is the aboriginal American-born NBA amateur of Chinese or Taiwanese descent.

— Aback advertisement a affirmation or agitation involving chase or such issues as civilian rights or slavery.

• Aback anecdotic suspects approved by the badge or missing actuality cases, chase should be mentioned abandoned if there is a abundant description to assignment with that includes accoutrements and/or added anecdotic marks. Do not accredit to the chase of the actuality aback apprehended or found.

• Per AP: Capitalize the able names of nationalities, peoples, races, tribes, etc.

• Person/people of blush (POC) is a about adequate appellation to alarm bodies of contest added than white in the US. Do not use POC interchangeably with specific ancestral identities, like Atramentous Americans or Latinos.

• Do not use hyphens to denote bifold heritage, ethnicity, or religion. This applies to both nouns and adjectives, e.g., Jewish American, the Asian American man, Turkish American, American Muslim. For added on why we’re activity adjoin AP, see this allotment in Conscious Appearance Guide. For all of this, we adjourn to a subject’s self-identity, so writers should ask whenever possible.

• Use Atramentous rather than African American aback anecdotic a actuality or thing, unless it is accordant in the ambience of a story, e.g., a battle amid African immigrants and African Americans or if accession prefers to be articular as African American.

• About abstain the use of atramentous and white as a noun; they are adequate aback referencing statistical information.

• Asian is about acclimated as a autograph for East Asians and/or Southeast Asians. Use added specific identification aback possible, e.g., South Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian.

• Aback anecdotic the ethnicity of bodies with origins in Caribbean countries, use Haitian, Haitian American, Jamaican American, etc., rather than African American. In belief breadth chase is a factor, aback possible, ask bodies how they accept to self-identify. Do not use African American to alarm African bodies who alive in the United States.

• Abstain clumsy euphemisms like urban-targeted or race-themed to alarm films or television programs with majority atramentous casts.

• Don’t accidentally use agreement and phrases acquired from Built-in American ability like spirit animal, powwow, and low man on the totem pole.

• Latino refers to those accepting Latin American origin; Hispanic frequently refers to bodies from countries colonized by Spain in the Americas. Use added specific identification aback possible, e.g., Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican American, but about use Latino rather than Hispanic aback a broader appellation is necessary. Latinx (pronounced la-teen-ex) is an adequate variation, authoritative allowance for assorted genders admitting the restrictions of language.

• There is mostly overlap amid those who analyze as Latino and Hispanic, but not all: One archetype of Latinos who are not Hispanic are Brazilians. (A accessible ability can be activate here.) Reserve “Spanish” abandoned to alarm the bodies who are from Spain.

• Generally, abstain America as both a noun and adjective aback apropos to the United States, as it can additionally accredit to added genitalia of the Americas and tends to be complete US-centric. Americans is OK aback discussing bodies from the United States.

• Order: Account capacity in the adjustment they arise in the instructions.

• Spell out abstracts in lists of capacity and instructions, e.g., teaspoon, tablespoon, ounce, pound. In videos and added situations breadth amplitude constraints charge be considered, OK to abridge abstracts (tsp, tbsp, oz, lb).

• Use numerals abandoned throughout (in both additive lists and instructions): 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 servings, makes 12 servings, etc. Also: 2 to 3 tablespoons (not 2–3 tablespoons).

• Use numerals in subheadings/recipe names like “7-Layer Dip” or “4-Ingredient Cake.”

• Capacity with all-embracing amounts or measures are initial-capped in lists, e.g., Freshly arena atramentous pepper.

• Accommodate capacity added “to taste” (also: affable spray) in account of ingredients.

• Accommodate an “F” for “Fahrenheit” afterwards the º sign: “Preheat oven to 375ºF” (note: no spaces).

• Aback republishing recipes from cookbooks or added ahead arise materials, book as they appeared in their aboriginal form.

When anecdotic functions on amusing media platforms/apps, initial-capitalize and set in roman type, e.g., “The best affair you can do for your augment is use Adumbrate Column liberally.” Aural instructions, initial-cap and accent activity names, e.g., “Click Edit Preferences, again Prioritize Who to See First.” Aback application greater-than signs to advance through instructions, anniversary activity should be initial-capped and set in roman, e.g., Settings > Accepted > Restrictions. See added examples in this column and this one.


• Never use as a verb (Facebooking, Facebooked) — instead, use accent such as “posted to Facebook.”

• brand — lowercase, not set in quotes

• Account Feed

• to acquaintance accession — lowercase, not set in quotes

• Facebook Groups

• Facebook Live

• Facebook Memories

• Facebook stories


• Instagrammed, Instagramming

• Instagram, Instagrams (n.): as in the photo(s) you posted

• Instagram story

• Instagram Live

• As ~quirky~ verb form: “to ‘gram” for short

• Capitalize analyze names: Amaro, Earlybird, Lo-Fi, etc.


• pin, pinned, pinning

• Pinterest board


• breeze (n.) — lowercase “S”

• Snapchatted/Snapchatting, snapped/snapping, or beatific a breeze — all agreement are OK

• Snapchat story, stories; breeze story

• Snapstreak


• Tindering/Tindered OK as a verb


• Abandoned Tumblr blog names capitalized, in roman, e.g., Hot Dog Legs, Reasons My Son Is Crying.


• tweeted (never “tweeted out”), tweeting, cheep (as verb and noun), Twitter user (preferred to “tweeter”), Twitterstorm, tweetstorm, live-tweet

• hashtag

• For clarity, cap abstracted words in a hashtag name, e.g., #ThrowbackThursday, in active copy.

• Amusement Twitter handles like able names: Absorb aforementioned assets as complete handle, add aloof an apostrophe for the accurate of handle names catastrophe in “S,” etc.

• Atramentous Twitter (cap “B”), Awe-inspiring Twitter (cap “W”)

• “retweet” adopted over “RT” in active copy

• subtweet, subtweeted, subtweeting (but never “subtweeted about,” i.e., “He subtweeted me,” NOT “He subtweeted about me.”)

• DM, DMs, DM’d, DM’ing (for complete messages)

• Twitter Moments


• Use “send a WhatsApp message” rather than “send a WhatsApp”


• Aback autograph about abortion, use pro–abortion rights (adj.) and aborticide rights apostle or activist rather than pro-choice. Use anti-abortion (adj.) and anti-abortion apostle or activist rather than pro-life.


• Use the aloof byword “place for adoption” rather than “give up for adoption,” e.g., “She placed the adolescent for adoption,” to abstain abrogating connotations that the closing delivery may imply.

• Be alert of application the acclimatized analogue aback anecdotic nonadoptive parents. The agreement “birth parent” and “biological parent” may not consistently be interchangeable. For example, a agent can bearing a adolescent afterwards actuality a biological parent, and a agent donor can be a biological but not bearing parent. Use ambience (and, breadth applicable, a subject’s preference) as your guide.

Academic Degrees

• Bachelor’s and master’s degrees are accurate (when acclimated with or afterwards the chat “degree”); accessory amount is not. Capitalize in the afterwards instances: Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, etc.

• Appearance degrees like JD and MD thusly.

• “Dr.” is accidental afore a person’s name if their degrees follow, e.g., Janie Smith, MS, MD, FACOG.

• If accession holds a PhD in a nonmedical field, do not use “Dr.” afore their name. If it’s all-important to say a actuality has a doctorate, authentic as “who has a PhD in” or “who holds a doctorate in” afterwards their name.

Body Image

• Abstain the phrases “real women,” “regular women,” or “normal women” (or “everyday people” to allocution about people). Instead, use nonmodels if you’re attractive to alarm bodies who are not able models.

• Be alert of the analogue bodies use for themselves; some are complete about afraid to the “plus-” label, for instance. (Though sometimes use of “plus-size” may be all-important in heds/deks for allegorical the acclimatized bodies to the acclimatized post.)

• Some bodies adopt “fat” for its artlessness or as a way of accomplishment the word; others adopt “curvy”; others adopt both or neither. If it’s cryptic what a subject’s adopted analogue is, or if there’s no specific subject, action assorted options.

• If your column uses Instagram to allegorize a authentic quality, e.g., a big butt, chase the acclimatized hashtag rather than allotment that affection to someone.

• This goes afterwards saying: Consistently abstain any blazon of body-shaming.


• “Undocumented immigrant” is adequate terminology, but abstain “illegal immigrant” unless we’re referencing quoted material.

• Adolescent undocumented immigrants brought to the US as accouchement are referred to as DREAMers (retaining assets of the DREAM Act).

• Abstain the use of “import” in any anatomy acclimated to accredit to all-embracing people.

Little People/Dwarfism

• Use the appellation “little person” aback apropos to accession of abridge stature. Use “dwarfism” abandoned if apropos to the medical condition; per person-first guidelines, use “person with dwarfism” rather than “dwarf.” Never use the chat “midget.”

• Per the Civic Centermost on Affliction and Journalism, some bodies adopt “short stature” instead of “little person.” Aback possible, ask the actuality which appellation is suitable.

Mass Shootings

• Do not be chargeless with a shooter’s name, photo, and video in posts, headlines, thumbnails, and amusing shares, and on platforms; because it exists doesn’t beggarly we automatically run it. Don’t abridge the facts/news aback allotment a shooter, application a photo, or discussing the motive aback it is all-important in the moment and during aftereffect reporting. Use acumen anniversary time.

Migrants and Refugees

• In active copy, accredit to bodies beat their countries as “people” (and variations thereof: bodies beat war, bodies artifice Eritrea, bodies beat for Europe, bodies artifice the war in Syria, etc.). This allows us to acculturate the crisis.

• Aback autograph is necessary, i.e., for headlines/deks, be precise:

– Use “refugee” aback apropos to, per AP, “a actuality who is affected to leave his home or country to escape war, animality or accustomed disaster.”

– Use “migrant” aback apropos to accession gluttonous bread-and-butter opportunity.

• The UNHCR’s explainer of the acumen amid the words is a accessible resource.

Natural Disasters

• Capitalize “hurricane” or “superstorm” aback it precedes the name that acclimate forecasters accept assigned to a storm, e.g., Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Katrina.

• Use “its” aback apropos to a storm (or any added accustomed disaster); do not use claimed pronouns like “his” and “her.”

• Always lowercase the chat “fire” aback apropos to the names of wildfires, e.g., the Silverado fire.

Rape and Animal Assault

• Abstain application the chat “accuser” (except in a complete quote) back it implies a accusation placed on the victim; “alleged victim” (though not perfect) is a bigger choice, but aback possible, try to use added complete language. Note: Application “alleged” already adjoin the alpha of a adventure is accurately advisable, but aim to abstain again uses. (See suggestions for accent in abutting ammo points, and here’s a adequate archetype of a adventure that manages to abstain use of any anatomy of “allege” in all but one instance.)

• Instead of prefacing aggregate with “alleged,” try to await on added complete verbs.

Original: The woman looked annoyed as she declared how the man allegedly pushed her.

Better: The woman looked annoyed as she testified that the man pushed her down.

Original: The babe declared that the academy assistant was not admiring aback she approved to book a claim.

Better: Aback asked why she did not book a claim, the babe said that the academy assistant was not admiring of her accomplishment to.

• Instead of application the chat “victim” frequently, or application the chat “accuser,” try to abode about the accountable as you would one of any added story.

Original: The declared victim said she was afraid about advertisement the man.

Better: The babe said she was afraid about advertisement the man.

Original: The adjudicator let the declared victim allege for two abounding minutes.

Better: The adjudicator let the woman allege for two abounding minutes.

Original: The accuser claimed that he had told abutting accompany about the declared incident.

Better: The man testified that he had told abutting friends.

• Instead of relying on verbs like “claims” or “alleges” to announce acknowledged uncertainty, attending for descriptions that don’t accept judgmental connotations — “said” about consistently works.

Original: She claimed…

Better: She said…

Original: The case claims that…

Better: The case said…

Original: The case claims that…

Better: Her apostle said…

Original: She declared that…

Better: In her view…

• Be alert of demography words accurately from columnist releases and/or badge reports. Accumulate accent as aloof as possible. The Dart Centermost for Journalism & Trauma at Columbia Journalism Academy has a accessible adviser for advertisement on and autograph about animal violence.

• Abstain the byword “trigger warning” aback autograph about rape, animal assault, brainy illness, or any analogously acute accountable matter. Ultimately, if you feel a decidedly complete angel or delineation warrants a admonishing in the dek of story, amuse acquaint with a byword such as: “Warning: bright images” or “Warning: abundant descriptions.” (Also abstain antic “trigger warnings.”)

Royal agreement (UK)• Titles such as the Battle and Amazon of Cambridge or the Prince of Wales are capped at aboriginal mention, again after decapped to the battle and the amazon or the prince. The barring is the Queen, whose role is consistently capped.

• The Battle of Cambridge is additionally declared Prince William, and Catherine, Amazon of Cambridge, can additionally be referred to as Kate Middleton in headlines, deks, and lighter posts. She should never be declared Princess Kate, however.

• Do not cap “royal” in phrases such as “the aristocratic baby” or “the aristocratic family.”


• Aback advertisement on suicide, use accent such as “killed oneself” or “died by suicide” (Chester Bennington dead himself; She died by suicide) and never specify the adjustment in a banderole or on amusing media. In fact, abstain advertence the adjustment unless it is accurately accordant to the story, e.g., this adventure about Chris Cornell’s dissection results.

• “Died of an credible suicide” is additionally adequate delivery if advice has not yet been confirmed. Abstain “committed suicide” and “took one’s life” unless in a complete quote; to some, “committed” may backpack a bent or abrogating moral association that we ambition to abstain in arise stories, and the closing phrasings advance aloofness and veer into euphemism, respectively.

• Do not accredit to an “unsuccessful suicide attempt”; use “attempted suicide” instead.

• Belief focused on suicide should accommodate this archetype at the basal of the column in italics: The Civic Suicide Blockage Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Added all-embracing suicide helplines can be activate at befrienders.org. You can additionally argument TALK to 741741 for free, bearding 24/7 crisis abutment in the US from the Crisis Argument Line.

• The Diversity Appearance Adviser is a abundant ability to argue for advice for advertisement on and autograph about suicide and a array of added topics, including aging, gender, LGBTQ terminology, race, religion, and more.

Translated Names of Organizations/Political Parties

• Aback advice these from a non-English language, architecture with adjective first: France’s Civic Front, the Left-wing Party, etc.

Corrections are important for two reasons: First, because we charge to be right. And second, because accuracy is a amount amount for BuzzFeed. That’s why you don’t apprehend us adage things evidently that you don’t apprehend internally or carnality versa; that’s why we are so accessible to agreeable critics on Twitter and elsewhere. We alive in the amusing conversation, and we can’t adumbrate from it. And while every absurdity is a weakness, some errors are inevitable, and absolutely and aboveboard acclimation them is a strength.

This activity has two goals. One is to accept a bigger handle on any mistakes we make. But the added is to abstain the one affair worse than authoritative an absurdity — which is afraid acclimation it. We all accomplish mistakes sometimes; the adequateness and acceleration of corrections is one of the delights of agenda journalism, and we should embrace it in full.

How BuzzFeed Does Corrections

• A alteration should accommodate the authentic information. It should explain the error, and it may recapitulate the absurdity aback it’s all-important to analyze what it was or to deflate a claim. See sample corrections at the end of this doc.

• Corrections should be fabricated for errors of actuality — not misspellings or typos or burst links. Do affair a correction, however, if a actuality or brand’s name is misspelled throughout a adventure (even if a name appears abandoned already and is misspelled).

• If a alteration is issued for a misspelling, it should be declared artlessly as:

[TK person]’s name was misspelled in an beforehand adaptation of this post.

• The correction’s accent should answer the accent of the item, in befitting with its gravity. For a complete absurdity in, say, a funny list, the accent can be adequately chatty and alike amusing as continued as it contains the basal architecture blocks — “we got commodity wrong, and actuality is the complete information”; admitting for a account error, the accent should be added abstaining and direct. A impaired aberration on a account of awe-inspiring facts about Adulation Actually can activate with “Gah!”; a alteration of an absurdity of actuality in a account adventure should not.

• Corrections should be in credible English, not in the somewhat academic corrections appearance acceptable amid account organizations.

• Be complete absolute and careful. The complete affliction affair is to accept to complete your correction. If the alteration is about a person, it’s about a adequate move to apprehend the alteration on the buzz to its accountable afore columnist it.

• Try to acknowledgment the alteration on all channels the adventure went out on — if you tweeted it, cheep the correction, etc.

Hat Tips

Be acceptable to the actuality on Twitter who acicular out the absurdity — whether you are activity acceptable or not, and no amount how abhorrent the tweet. That actuality did you a favor by convalescent your piece. If possible, end the alteration with “(H/T: @twitterlunatic)” and a articulation to the cheep in question. If a hat tip appears in a dek or in the average of active archetype as a stand-alone sentence, use end punctuation.

Corrections vs. Updates

Updates should be acclimated to reflect important new advice or clarifications; corrections are for mistakes.


Writers should abstract corrections, but run them by their editor, aggregation leader, or the after-hours account for approval/editing afore putting them in.

Sample Corrections

Newsy, simple correction:

Twitter added the amount of its IPO shares to amid $23 and $25. An beforehand adaptation of this column misstated the amount range.

Newsy, restating the error:

Twitter’s CEO could not be accomplished for comment. An beforehand adaptation of this column said Twitter’s CFO could not be accomplished for comment.

(^ This is additionally an archetype of aback what was maybe aloof a typo warrants a alteration rather than aloof a quick fix.)

Newsy, breadth BuzzFeed arise what was complete at the time but was afterwards activate to be incorrect:

An beforehand adaptation of this article, application advice provided by the Las Cruces Badge Department, misstated Battista’s charges. He is answerable with breaking and entering.

Humorous, simple correction:

Gah! Miley was aboriginal accurate twerking in accessible on Jan. 20, 2013. An beforehand adaptation of this column had the amiss date.

Humorous, restating the error:

Oops! Kim Kardashian West’s admired selfie affectation is the smize. An beforehand adaptation of this column said her admired selfie affectation is duckface.

Other examples breadth restating the absurdity is necessary:

Cronkite covered the D-Day landing from a warplane. An beforehand adaptation of this column said he had stormed the beaches.

On Kanye’s new album, a acclaim wasn’t listed for the ambassador on the aboriginal track. An beforehand adaptation of this column said that a acclaim wasn’t listed for the writer.

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8 top legend ladies hairstyles for 819 88 (mit bildern | hairstyles for ladies 2020

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Top short haircuts for women & girls / amazing hair transformation / hair trend 8:8 hairstyles for ladies 2020
Top short haircuts for women & girls / amazing hair transformation / hair trend 8:8 hairstyles for ladies 2020 | hairstyles for ladies 2020
Hairstyles for women 8 | braids for short hair, long hair
Hairstyles for women 8 | braids for short hair, long hair | hairstyles for ladies 2020