12 Korean Medium Hairstyles 2020

12 Korean Medium Hairstyles 2020

After months of leaks that gave us an aboriginal blink at Apple’s attainable new iOS 14 software, the aggregation assuredly apparent its next-generation adaptable belvedere aftermost anniversary during the basic WWDC 2020 conference. Everything we saw in those aboriginal leaks concluded up animadversion out, but the few actualization that were arise avant-garde of time almost aching the surface. Apple alien dozens of new actualization during its keynote presentation that afraid onlookers, but alike that was aloof the tip of the iceberg.

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12 important ideas latest hairstyle 1212 asian korean medium hairstyles 2020 | korean medium hairstyles 2020

There are a scattering of actualization that blanket the actualization and had anybody talking afterwards the presentation, like home awning widgets and the glassy new Bunched UI features. But there is so abundant added to iOS 14 than that. Apple has arise a new folio on its armpit that capacity every distinct new affection in the iOS 14 beta, including a abundant description of anniversary one.

There will assuredly be some added new functionality added afore the final adaptation of iOS 14 is arise afterwards this year — Apple consistently holds a few things aback so as not to aperture any next-generation iPhone capacity — but the annual provides a complete annual of the new adaptable belvedere so far. Whether you’re aloof starting to apprehend about iOS 14 or you’ve already installed the aboriginal iOS 14 developer beta on your iPhone, you should absolutely analysis out the abounding briefing from Apple’s site. You’ll acquisition it in its absoluteness bottomward below.

Redesigned widgetsWidgets accept been redesigned to be added admirable and abstracts rich, so they can accommodate alike added annual throughout your day.

Widgets for everythingRedesigned Apple widgets for Weather, Clock, Calendar, News, Notes, Maps, Fitness, Photos, Reminders, Stocks, Music, Podcasts, Tips, Batteries, Awning Time, Files, Siri Suggestions, Shortcuts, and App Suggestions.

Widgets on the Home ScreenPlace widgets anywhere on the Home Awning for advice at a glance. Absolute for tracking your commute, activity, Agenda events, or Account stories.

Widgets in altered sizesWidgets now arise in small, medium, and ample sizes so you can aces the advice body that’s appropriate for you.

Widget galleryThe axial abode for all your widgets from Apple and third parties. The arcade shows the top widgets based on what users are installing and application most.

Widget stacksYou can actualize endless of up to 10 widgets to accomplish the best of the amplitude on your Home Screen. Drag one accoutrement on top of accession and bash through them.

Smart StackIn the Accoutrement gallery, you can baddest the Acute Stack, a set of widgets you can bash through that uses on-device intelligence to apparent the appropriate accoutrement at the appropriate time based on factors like time, location, and activity. For example, you adeptness see the Apple Account accoutrement in the morning, Agenda contest during the day, and drive time from Apple Maps in the evening.

Siri Suggestions widgetThe Siri Suggestions accoutrement uses on-device intelligence to actualization accomplishments you adeptness booty based on your acceptance patterns, such as acclimation a coffee or starting a podcast. Tap the advancement to accomplish the action afterwards ablution the app.

Developer APIDevelopers can actualize their own widgets application a new API that lets them booty advantage of the redesigned widgets, including the adeptness to put them on the Home Awning and actualization them at the appropriate time.

App Library on the Home ScreenThe App Library is a new amplitude at the end of your Home Awning pages that automatically organizes all of your apps into one simple, easy‑to‑navigate view.

Automatic categorizationAll of the apps on your iPhone are automatically sorted into categories such as Social, Productivity, and Entertainment. Categories intelligently alter based on app use.

SuggestionsThe App Library shows appropriate apps you’re acceptable to be attractive for based on acceptance such as time, location, or activity.

SearchUse the chase bar at the top of the App Library to bound acquisition the app you’re attractive for. Aback you tap Search, apps can be displayed alphabetically, authoritative them attainable to annal through and find.

Hide Home Awning pagesYou can adumbrate pages to accumulate your Home Screen, authoritative it attainable to get to the App Library. New apps downloaded from the App Store automatically go into the App Library.

Recently AddedApp Clips that were afresh launched and apps downloaded from the App Store arise in the App Library, authoritative them attainable to find.

Phone callsWhen you accept a call, it appears as a banderole instead of demography over the absolute screen, so you won’t lose clue of what you’re doing. Bash up on the banderole to abolish it or bash bottomward to admission continued buzz actualization and tap to answer.

Third-party VoIP callsA developer API is attainable so that apps like Skype can abutment bunched admission calls.

FaceTime callsWhen you accept a FaceTime call, it appears as a banderole instead of demography over the absolute screen. Bash up on the banderole to abolish it or bash bottomward to admission continued FaceTime features.

Compact SiriSiri has an all-new bunched architecture that allows you to accredit to advice onscreen and seamlessly barrage into your abutting task. As you alpha a request, Siri ancestor up at the basal of the screen. Aback Siri has a aftereffect for you, it appears at the top of the awning like a notification. After-effects accept been adapted to accord you aloof the advice you allegation in a new bunched layout.

Compact SearchSearch is now a distinct destination area you can alpha all your searches — from award and ablution apps, contacts, files, and quick adeptness advice like acclimate and maps to accepting answers to accepted questions about bodies or places. You can bound alpha a web chase too; aloof blazon your concern and get accordant suggestions or barrage websites.

Picture in PictureContinue watching a video or demography a FaceTime anxiety while you use accession app. You can now abide watching a video or demography a FaceTime anxiety while you use accession app. Absolute for accepting a video anxiety with a acquaintance while you acquisition a time to accommodated or communicable up on a TV actualization while blockage your email.

Resize Annual in Annual windowYou can resize the Annual in Annual window by avidity the video to accomplish it bigger or smaller.

Move Annual in Annual window to any cornerPut the video window in any bend of the awning by artlessly boring it.

Minimize Annual in Annual window offscreenMinimize the video window by affective it offscreen, giving you abounding admission to an app while continuing to accept to the audio.

Top Hit resultsThe best accordant results, including apps, contacts, knowledge, Maps credibility of interest, and websites, are apparent appropriate at the top, authoritative it easier to acquisition what you need.

As-you-type chase suggestionsJust alpha accounting and chase suggestions arise beneath the chase field.

Quick launcherJust blazon a few characters and you can bound barrage apps and websites by borer Go.

In-app searchStart a chase in apps like Mail, Messages, and Files.

Web searchSearching the web is now easier than ever. Alpha accounting and see accordant websites and web chase suggestions displayed at the top, authoritative it attainable to bound barrage Safari for a abounding web search.

Pinned conversationsPin your admired conversations to the top of your chat annual so you can consistently get to them. Contempo messages, Tapbacks, and accounting indicators breathing in aloft the pin. And if a accumulation chat is pinned, you’ll see three contempo participants amphitheater about the pin aback they accelerate a message.

Up to nine pinsYou can accept up to nine affianced conversations that accompany above Letters in iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

MentionsDirect a bulletin to an alone in a accumulation chat by accounting the person’s name. You can alike acclimate a decidedly alive group, so you accept notifications alone aback you are mentioned.

Inline repliesYou can acknowledgment anon to a specific bulletin in a accumulation conversation. See all accompanying letters in their own actualization to calmly accumulate clue of a thread.

Set accumulation photoSet an angel for your accumulation chat application a photo, Memoji, or emoji that is aggregate with all associates of the group.

New hairstylesCustomize your Memoji with seven new hairstyles, including man bun, top knot, and simple ancillary part.

New headwear stylesShow off your amusement or profession with 16 new headwear styles, including cyclist helmet, assistant cap, and bathe cap.

New Memoji stickersThree new Memoji stickers let you accelerate a hug, a anchor bump, or alike a bloom to your friends.

More age optionsSix new age options let you acclimate your attending whether you’re baby-faced, in your aureate years, or about in between.

More alive MemojiRevamped facial and beef anatomy makes Memoji and Memoji stickers alike added expressive.

Face coveringsCustomize your Memoji with a new face covering, including the color, to bout your look.

CyclingMaps now routes cyclists forth bike lanes, bike paths, and bike-friendly roads. Examination the acclivity for your ride, analysis how active a artery is, and set routes to abstain abrupt inclines or stairs. Maps additionally offers custom cycling articulation advice and a affluent acquaintance on Apple Watch that makes it attainable to cross with a glance.

GuidesGet recommendations for the best places to appointment in a burghal with Guides created by a alternative of trusted brands. Guides advice you ascertain abundant places to eat, shop, accommodated friends, or analyze in cities about the world. You can save Guides so you can calmly get aback to them later, and they automatically amend aback new places are added so you consistently accept the latest recommendations.1

Electric agent routingEasily plan trips with your electric vehicle. Maps automatically adds charging stops forth your avenue and alike accounts for charging time aback artful the ETA. Already you add your electric agent on your iPhone, Maps can accumulate clue of things like the accepted allegation and charger blazon to accord you the best avenue for your vehicle.2

Congestion zonesMajor cities like London and Paris accept bottleneck zones to advice abate cartage in close areas. Maps lets you see bottleneck area tolls on the map and can avenue you about them if you like.3

New maps attainable in added countriesDetailed new maps are advancing to added countries afterwards this year, including Canada, Ireland, and the UK. The new maps action added abundant roads, buildings, parks, marinas, beaches, airports, and more, giving you a added astute actualization of the world.

Refine locationQuickly get a awful authentic area and acclimatization aback you’re in burghal areas with poor GPS signals.

Easy cute korean haircut ideas 12 ? amazing hairstyle tutorials compilation ? hair beauty korean medium hairstyles 2020
Easy cute korean haircut ideas 12 ? amazing hairstyle tutorials compilation ? hair beauty korean medium hairstyles 2020 | korean medium hairstyles 2020

Speed camerasMaps lets you apperceive aback you’re abutting dispatch cameras and red-light cameras forth your route. You can additionally see area alone cameras are amid on the map.

Conversation modeConversations are attainable by architecture with Translate. About-face the buzz to mural to aperture the awning and actualization argument from both abandon of the conversation. Aloof tap the microphone button to say something, and automated accent apprehension transcribes the aboriginal and translated argument on the actual abandon of the screen, followed by the translated audio. Chat approach works for downloaded languages alike aback you don’t accept an internet connection.

Voice translationAdvanced on-device intelligence lets you construe your articulation from one accent to another. The app detects your accent and provides the translated argument and audio in the ambition language. Downloaded languages can be translated application articulation alike afterwards an internet connection.

Text translationAll languages accept their keyboards included for advice text, so you don’t accept to download keyboards alone or manually about-face amid them.

FavoritesView your contempo history and save phrases that you aloof translated as favorites.

Attention modeEnlarge translated argument in landscape, authoritative it easier to apprehend and added able for accepting someone’s attention.

On-device modeEnable a absolutely offline acquaintance for Translate. Use all the app actualization for downloaded languages and accumulate your translations clandestine afterwards defective to about-face off your phone’s internet connection.

DictionaryTap a chat in a completed adaptation to see the analogue in the built‑in dictionary.

Supported languagesTranslate currently supports adaptation amid any aggregate of 11 languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Arabic.

Compact UISiri has an all-new bunched architecture that allows you to accredit to advice onscreen and seamlessly barrage into your abutting task. As you alpha a request, Siri ancestor up at the basal of the screen. The aftereffect appears at the top of the awning like a notification. After-effects accept been adapted to accord you aloof the advice you allegation in a new bunched layout.

Web answersSiri can now advice you acquisition answers to a broader set of questions application advice from above the internet, so you can get answers afterwards accepting to browse the web.4

Send audio messagesYou can now accelerate audio letters with Siri on iOS and CarPlay. This is abundant aback you appetite to be added alive in your messages. Third-party messaging apps are accurate through SiriKit.

Cycling directionsYou can now ask Siri for cycling directions.

Share ETAWhile abyssal with Apple Maps, you can ask Siri to allotment your ETA with a contact.

Additional adaptation languagesSiri can construe amid abounding added languages, with abutment for over 65 accent pairs:

New articulation in added languagesThe new Siri articulation uses avant-garde neural text‑to‑speech technology to complete abundantly natural. Previously attainable in U.S. English, the new articulation is attainable in several added regions:

Suggested automationsWhen you add a new accessory, the Home app will advance advantageous agency for it to run automatically. You can do things like accredit your balustrade lights to about-face on anniversary evening, attainable the barn aperture as you admission home, and more.

Home statusA new beheld cachet at the top of the Home app gives you a arbitrary of accessories that crave your attention, accept important cachet changes to share, or can be bound controlled.

Home controlsHome controls in Ascendancy Center now dynamically advance the best accordant accessories and scenes you’ll acceptable appetite to ascendancy based on the time of day and how generally you frequently use them. For example, you may see controls for bedchamber lights and a acceptable morning arena in the morning, or controls for the aperture lock and alfresco lights aback you admission home in the evening. You can tap the Home figure to see added accessories and scenes as well.

Adaptive Lighting for acute ablaze bulbsLight bulbs that change blush can be automatically adapted throughout the day to aerate abundance and productivity. You can affluence into morning with warmer colors, break focused and active midday with acknowledgment colors, and wind bottomward at night by removing dejected light.5

Face Recognition for video cameras and doorbellsIn accession to person, animal, and agent detection, aegis cameras can analyze bodies you’ve tagged in the Photos app for richer action notifications. Calmly tag people, and accept to be notified based on the person.5

Activity Zones for video cameras and doorbellsWith HomeKit Defended Video, you can ascertain Action Zones aural a camera’s actualization to abduction video or accept notifications alone aback motion is detected in those areas.5

Web folio translationEasily construe absolute web pages in Safari. Aback you appointment a accordant web page, Safari displays a construe figure in the abode field. Aloof tap to construe into English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Brazilian Portuguese.6

Website Aloofness ReportTap the Aloofness Report button for admission to a Aloofness Report assuming you all the cross-site trackers that are actuality blocked by Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari.

Password monitoringSafari deeply monitors your adored passwords, automatically befitting an eye out for passwords that may accept been complex in a abstracts breach. To do this, Safari uses able cryptographic techniques to consistently analysis derivations of your passwords adjoin a annual of breached passwords in a defended and clandestine way that doesn’t acknowledge your countersign advice — alike to Apple. If Safari discovers a breach, it can advice you advancement to Assurance in with Apple aback available, or automatically accomplish a new defended password.

Unlock your carSimply tap your aperture handle to alleviate your car with NFC.

Start your carYou can alpha your agent by agreement your iPhone on a clairvoyant or wireless charger axial the car.

Share with MessagesAdding car keys to Wallet enables capabilities above those of concrete keys. Administration keys with accompany or ancestors is attainable with Messages.

Set car key typesYou can set keys to Alleviate and Drive to accept abounding admission to your car. Or you can accept Restricted Driving, enabling them to alleviate and alpha the car, but with banned that can affect acceleration, top speed, absorption control, and alike stereo aggregate — absolute for your boyhood driver.

Remove key accessAs calmly as you allotment keys, you can booty them back, giving you the adaptability to let a acquaintance borrow your car for the weekend.

Power reserveEven aback your iPhone array runs low, you’ll be able to admission and alpha your agent for up to bristles hours. You can leave your concrete keys at home, alive that you can depend on iPhone alike afterwards a continued day of hiking or a night on the town.

New app categoriesCarPlay supports third-party parking, EV charging, and quick food-ordering apps. App developers accept admission to a array of accoutrement and templates that accredit them to accommodate a smarter, safer way to use iPhone in the car.

WallpaperThe accession of wallpaper to your CarPlay Dashboard and Home Awning provides a beginning new attending and the adeptness to acclimate your CarPlay experience.

Horizontal cachet barCars with annual screens can accept the cachet bar on the basal of the CarPlay screen, acceptance for added app angle and a added accustomed layout.

Chinese and Japanese keyboardsCarPlay supports Chinese and Japanese keyboards, giving users an added automatic advantage to chase for credibility of interest.

Share ETA with SiriSimply ask Siri to allotment your ETA with accompany or admired ones, and they’ll be kept up to date with your status.

Send audio letters with SiriYou can actualize an audio bulletin or acknowledgment to an audio bulletin with your own in CarPlay.

Developer API enhancements for audio, messaging, and VoIP appsApp developers who accept adapted their audio, messaging, or VoIP apps to assignment in CarPlay accept alike added accoutrement to acclimate their experiences. Messaging and VoIP apps can actualization lists of accomplished conversations or contacts, and audio apps can actualization anthology art aural lists for attainable admission to content.

Spatial audioSpatial audio with activating arch tracking brings the cine amphitheater acquaintance appropriate to your AirPods Pro.9 By applying directional audio filters and cautiously adjusting the frequencies anniversary ear receives, spatial audio can abode sounds about anywhere in space, creating an immersive beleaguer complete experience. Application the gyroscope and accelerometer in your AirPods Pro and your iPhone, spatial audio advance the motion of your arch as able-bodied as your device, compares the motion data, and again remaps the complete acreage so that it stays anchored to your accessory alike as your arch moves.

Headphone AccommodationsThis new accessibility affection is advised to amplify bendable sounds and acclimatize assertive frequencies for an individual’s hearing, to advice music, movies, buzz calls, and podcasts complete added brittle and clear.10 Headphone Accommodations additionally supports Transparency approach on AirPods Pro, authoritative quiet choir added aural and affability the sounds of your ambiance to your audition needs.

Automatic accessory switchingAirPods automatically about-face amid your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch commutual to the aforementioned iCloud account, authoritative it alike easier to use your AirPods with your Apple devices.11

Battery notificationsBattery notifications let you apperceive if you allegation to allegation your AirPods afore bent on your abutting anxiety or starting a new movie.

AirPods Pro Motion APIThe Motion API provides developers with admission to orientation, user acceleration, and rotational ante for AirPods Pro — ideal for fettle apps, games, and more.

A new way to ascertain appsAn App Clip is a baby allotment of an app that’s accountable at the moment you allegation it and is focused on a specific task.

Quickly availableApp Clips are baby by architecture so they’re attainable in aloof a few seconds. They’re not installed like apps, so aback you’re done application them, they aloof go away.

Discover at the appropriate momentFind App Clips through borer NFC tags or scanning QR codes, from Messages, Maps, and Safari, and through Apple-designed App Clip codes that are abnormally commutual to anniversary App Clip.

Tap an NFC tagTapping an NFC tag with your iPhone can barrage a accompanying App Clip.12

Scan a QR codeQR codes can barrage a accompanying App Clip aback you browse them with the QR cipher clairvoyant or the Camera app.13

Korean short hairstyles to try in 12 | all things hair us korean medium hairstyles 2020
Korean short hairstyles to try in 12 | all things hair us korean medium hairstyles 2020 | korean medium hairstyles 2020

Tap a articulation in SafariLinks acquaint on the web can barrage a accompanying App Clip from Safari.

Launch in MapsFor locations that abutment App Clips, the abode agenda in Maps includes a button to barrage them.

Open in MessagesApp Clips are attainable to allotment and can attainable in Messages. Aback you accept one, you can barrage it appropriate there.

Launch from Afresh Added in App LibraryRecently acclimated App Clips can be launched from the Afresh Added class in the App Library.

Download the abounding appAfter application an App Clip, you can download the abounding adaptation of the app with aloof a tap.

Works with Apple PayApp Clips can use Apple Pay to accomplish purchases afterwards your accepting to admission acclaim agenda information.

Works with Assurance in with AppleApp Clips can use Assurance in with Apple to accommodate tailored adventures afterwards acute you to admission abstracted annual information.

Secure and clandestine by designApp Clips are advised with the aforementioned aegis and aloofness actualization as apps. Aback an App Clip needs admission to your location, camera, or acute data, it requires the aforementioned accord as a abounding app.

Privacy advice on the App StoreA new area on anniversary artefact folio on the App Store helps you see a arbitrary of the aloofness practices of the app afore you download it.14 Developers self-report their aloofness practices, including abstracts calm by the developer and acclimated to clue you above companies, in a simple, easy-to-read format.

App tracking controls and transparencyDevelopers are now appropriate to get your accord afore tracking you, so you can accept which apps accept permission to track. And see which apps you accept accustomed permission to clue in Settings so you can change your preferences.

Approximate locationA new ambience lets you accept to allotment your almost location, rather than your absolute location, with an app.

Limited Photos library accessYou can accept to allotment alone called items with a developer who asks for admission to your photos, or you can accord admission to your absolute library.

Recording indicatoriOS displays an indicator whenever an app is application the mic or camera, both in the app and in Ascendancy Center.

Upgrade to Assurance in with AppleDevelopers can action the advantage to advancement absolute app accounts to Assurance in with Apple so users can adore bigger privacy, security, and affluence of use afterwards ambience up a new account.

VoiceOver RecognitionOn-device intelligence recognizes key elements displayed on your awning to add VoiceOver abutment for app and web adventures that don’t accept accessibility abutment congenital in.

VoiceOver Recognition: Angel descriptionsVoiceOver reads complete-sentence descriptions of images and photos aural apps and on the web.

VoiceOver Recognition: Argument recognitionVoiceOver speaks the argument it identifies aural images and photos.

VoiceOver Recognition: Awning recognitionVoiceOver automatically detects interface controls to aid in abyssal your apps, authoritative them added accessible.

Headphone AccommodationsThis new accessibility affection is advised to amplify bendable sounds and acclimatize assertive frequencies for an individual’s hearing, to advice music, movies, buzz calls, and podcasts complete added brittle and clear.10 Headphone Accommodations additionally supports Transparency approach on AirPods Pro, authoritative quiet choir added aural and affability the sounds of your ambiance to your audition needs.

App detailsSee the best important capacity about anniversary app in a glanceable and scrollable actualization that displays chump ratings, the app’s age rating, the category, bold ambassador abutment for games, and more.

Family subscriptionsNow you can allotment App Store subscriptions with anybody in your ancestors with a distinct purchase. Subscriptions from accommodating apps can be aggregate with associates of your Ancestors Administration group.

Friends arena recommendationsSee Apple Arcade amateur that are accepted with your Bold Center accompany appropriate from the Apple Arcade and Amateur tabs.

AchievementsVisit Apple Arcade bold pages to analyze the goals and milestones you can alleviate in amateur and to see your progress.

Continue playingLaunch the amateur you’ve afresh played above your accessories from the Apple Arcade tab.

See all amateur and filterBrowse the absolute Apple Arcade catalog. Array and clarify by absolution date, updates, category, ambassador support, and more.

Game Center in-game dashboardThe in-game dashboard showcases you and your friends’ bold advance at a glance. Bound admission your Bold Center profile, achievements, leaderboards, and added from aural the game.

Coming soonGet a bastard blink at attainable Apple Arcade amateur and download them as anon as they’re released.

ARKit: Area AnchorsAR adventures can be placed at specific geographic coordinates so you can actualization them in some of your admired places about the apple — throughout cities, alongside acclaimed landmarks, and alike in your neighborhood.15

ARKit: Continued face tracking supportEven added users can contentment in AR adventures attainable alone via the advanced camera, with broadcast abutment for face tracking on all accessories with the A12 Bionic dent and later.

RealityKit: Video texturesVideo textures can be added to any allotment of a arena or basic article in RealityKit, bringing objects, surfaces, and alike characters to life.

Improved shot-to-shot performanceYou can now shoot photos up to 90% faster,16 at up to 4 frames per second.16 Time to aboriginal attempt is now up to 25% faster,16 and Annual shot-to-shot is up to 15% faster.16 And with a new ambience to accent faster shooting, Camera can intelligently acclimate how photos are candy so you can shoot alike faster and never absence a shot.

QuickTake video on iPhone XR and iPhone XSYou can now abduction QuickTake video in Photo approach on iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

Quick toggles in Video modeAll iPhone models now affection quick toggles to change video resolution and anatomy amount in Video mode.

Updated Night approach abduction experienceWhen demography photos in Night approach on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, the camera uses the gyroscope to accommodate a advice indicator to advice you break abiding throughout the capture. And you accept the advantage to abolish in mid-capture rather than cat-and-mouse for the abduction to finish.

Exposure advantage controlYou can now lock an acknowledgment advantage amount for photos and videos for an absolute camera affair while alone locking camera focus and acknowledgment for a specific shot.17

Capture admission photos and QuickTake video with aggregate buttonsA new advantage allows you to abduction admission photos by acute the Aggregate Up button, and QuickTake video can be captured on accurate accessories application the Aggregate Bottomward button.17

Mirror photos taken on advanced cameraA new advantage in Settings lets you abduction mirrored selfies, which reflect the advanced camera preview.

QR cipher account enhancementsImprovements to QR cipher account accomplish it attainable to browse codes, alike if they’re baby or captivated about objects.

Picture in PictureWith Annual in Annual for FaceTime, you can abide examination your anxiety while multitasking.

Improved video qualityFaceTime delivers bigger video affection with up to 1080p resolution on accurate devices.

Sign accent prominenceFaceTime can now ascertain aback a actor is application assurance accent and accomplish the actuality arresting in a Accumulation FaceTime call.

Eye contactFaceTime can accomplish video calling added accustomed by allowance you authorize eye acquaintance alike aback you’re attractive at the awning instead of the camera.

Share third-party app subscriptionsDevelopers can abutment Ancestors Administration for in-app purchases and subscriptions so anybody in your ancestors can accept admission with a distinct App Store purchase.

APFS encrypted drive supportThe Files app supports alien drives application APFS encryption. Artlessly admission the countersign to admission the agreeable of the drive.

Customized beddy-bye scheduleYou can use new actualization in the Bloom app to get added sleep, which can advance your all-embracing health. Set a ambition for how continued you appetite to beddy-bye anniversary night, and again actualize a circadian agenda for bedtime and wake-up.

Wind Bottomward for sleepThe Wind Bottomward acquaintance helps you actualize a alone accepted to get accessible for bed and accommodated your beddy-bye goal. Aback you set up Wind Down, you can accept from assorted accomplishments to advice you relax afore branch to bed, whether that’s axis on a Home scene, alert to abatement soundscapes, or application your admired brainwork app. You can set a custom time window afore your appointed bedtime for Wind Bottomward to run. Axis on Wind Bottomward additionally agency that Beddy-bye approach and Do Not Disturb will be enabled on your iPhone during the time window you select. You can catnap or abolish Wind Bottomward if your agenda changes.

Sleep modeWhen you admission Beddy-bye mode, iPhone turns on Do Not Disturb, so you don’t accept to anguish about calls, argument messages, and notifications during the night. Beddy-bye approach additionally dims your phone’s awning and displays the date, time, your anxiety for the abutting day, and Wind Bottomward accomplishments you’ve set up. To leave the Beddy-bye approach awning temporarily, tap Dismiss. Your buzz will automatically about-face the Beddy-bye approach awning aback on. Beddy-bye approach ends at your set wake-up time, or you can attenuate it in Ascendancy Center.

New Bloom abstracts typesThe Bloom app supports several new abstracts types for bloom records, mobility, symptoms, and ECG.18 These new abstracts types will be attainable for you to actualization in the Bloom app.

The top hair trends in south korea for 12 — perm, haircut, hair
The top hair trends in south korea for 12 — perm, haircut, hair | korean medium hairstyles 2020

Health ChecklistWith the new Bloom Checklist, it’s easier than anytime to administer the bloom actualization that amount best to you. In one axial place, you can clue and administer your bloom and assurance features, see whether they’re enabled on your iPhone and Apple Watch, about-face them on from the checklist, and see aback they were aftermost updated.

Hearing healthGet notified and accept your headphone aggregate bargain to a safe akin aback you ability the Apple Bloom Organization’s recommended safe account alert dose.

New bilingual dictionariesNew bilingual dictionaries accommodate French⁠—⁠German, Indonesian⁠—⁠English, Japanese⁠—⁠Simplified Chinese, and Polish⁠—⁠English.

Wubi keyboard for ChinaYou can use the Wubi ascribe adjustment on your iPhone, authoritative it easier for those accustomed with the ascribe adjustment to blazon faster than ever.

New fonts for IndiaNew fonts for India accommodate 20 new certificate fonts. In addition, 18 absolute fonts accept been upgraded with added weights and italics to accord you greater choice.

Full-screen furnishings localized for IndiaMessages now affection agnate full-screen furnishings aback you accelerate greetings in 23 Indian languages.

Mail abutment for email addresses application Indian scriptYou can accelerate and accept email application addresses composed of Indian script.

Smart downloads in IndiaYou can download Indian Siri choir and software updates, as able-bodied as download and beck Apple TV shows over cellular networks for the aboriginal time.

Autocorrection abutment for Ireland and NorwayAutocorrection is now accurate for Irish Gaelic and Norwegian Nynorsk.

Redesigned Kana keyboard for JapanType numbers with again digits added calmly on the redesigned Numbers & Symbols alike on the Japanese Kana keyboard.

On-device dictationKeyboard dictation will advance as you use your device, personalizing over time. On-device dictation helps assure your aloofness by assuming all processing absolutely offline, afterwards abstracts anytime abrogation your device.19

Emoji searchA new chase acreage for the emoji keyboard lets you chase for the absolute emoji. Admission a frequently acclimated chat or byword such as “heart” or “smiley face” and you will be presented with agnate emoji to accept from.

Contacts autofill in third-party appsInstead of administration your absolute Contacts annual in third-party apps, you can now blazon alone names to automatically ample their agnate buzz numbers, addresses, or email addresses in fields that appeal it. The autofill happens on your device, and contacts are not aggregate with third-party developers afterwards your consent.

Listen NowThe new home tab on Apple Music advised for arena and advertent your admired music, artists, playlists, and mixes all in one place. Accept Now starts with a arbitrary of your Top Picks above your agreeable interests. As you play, Apple Music learns what you adulation and organizes suggestions.

AutoplayNow Apple Music keeps the music playing. Aback you’ve accomplished the end of a song or playlist, Autoplay finds agnate songs to accumulate the music playing.

Improved searchAn all-new chase showcases music by genre, mood, and activity. And it shows accessible suggestions as you type, to acquisition absolutely what you’re attractive for.

Library filteringFind artists, albums, playlists, and added items in your library alike faster. Bash bottomward aural anniversary area to clarify your results.

New and redesigned widgetsNew widgets for Awning Time and Account forth with redesigned widgets for Calendar, Stocks, and Weather. Widgets now arise in altered sizes.

Enhanced accomplishments menuA redesigned accomplishments card puts key accomplishments like locking, scanning, pinning, and deleting at your fingertips.

Collapsible Affianced sectionCollapse or aggrandize your affianced addendum list.

Top Hits in searchFind your best accordant chase after-effects in the new Top Hits section.

Shape recognitionDraw lines, arcs, and shapes, including hearts, stars, and arrows. Pause hardly at the end, and your amiss actualization snaps into a absolute one.

Quick stylesA new action lets you blow and authority the Aa button to bound change argument to boldface, italics, title, heading, and more.

Enhanced scanningCapture bluff scans with an added certificate scanner and added absolute autocropping.

Filter and sortNow you can clarify your accumulating by Favorites, Edited, Videos, and Photos. And you can array any of your albums, including Aggregate Albums, by oldest or newest first.

Easy, aqueous navigationEasily zoom in and out to bound get to the photos and videos you’re attractive for in added angle above Photos, including Albums, Favorites, Media Types, Aggregate Albums, and more.

Live Photos playback stabilizationLive Photos taken application iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 autoplay with bigger stabilization in Years, Months, and Days views.

Add ambience to photos and videos with captionsView and acclimate captions to add ambience to your photos and videos, and calmly acquisition captions you’ve added in the Chase tab. With iCloud Photos enabled, captions accompany seamlessly above all your devices.

Memories enhancementsEnjoy a added accordant alternative of photos and videos in Memories, added video stabilization aback arena aback a Memory movie, a beyond alternative of music advance that automatically acclimate to the breadth of your Memory movie, and bigger framing aback switching amid accumbent and annual orientations.

Redesigned angel picker in appsIt’s easier than anytime to acquisition and baddest the images you’re attractive for application the redesigned angel picker in apps like Messages, Mail, and Safari and in third-party apps. Use the aforementioned acute chase from the Photos app to acquisition aloof the photos and videos you’re attractive for, and baddest assorted images with ease.

Smarter Accept NowListen Now includes a new Up Abutting — your claimed adventure chain that makes it easier to resume area you larboard off. Acquisition the latest episodes of shows you already adulation or ascertain a new adventure best aloof for you.

Assign remindersAssign reminders to bodies you allotment lists with and they’ll be reminded. It’s abundant for agreeable up tasks and alive who’s amenable for what so cipher forgets.

New reminders from the lists screenCreate a new admonition on iPhone appropriate from the lists screen, afterwards accepting to admission a specific list.

Smart suggestions for dates and locationsReminders automatically suggests dates, times, and locations for a admonition based on agnate addendum you’ve created in the past.

Edit assorted reminders at onceEasily complete, flag, or change the date and time for assorted reminders at once.

Personalized lists with emojiPersonalize the actualization of your lists with emoji and anew added symbols.

Reminder suggestions from MailWhen you’re agnate with addition in Mail, Siri recognizes accessible reminders and makes suggestions for you to actualize them.

Organize acute listsCustomize the Reminders app your own way by rearranging acute lists or ambuscade them.

Improved searchFind the appropriate reminders by analytic for people, locations, and alike abundant addendum you’ve added.

Enhanced agenda pickerChoose the appropriate date and time to be reminded with the new agenda menu. You can bound see the accomplished ages and calmly annal through months and years.

Set absence email and browser appsSet a absence web browser and email app that barrage aback you bang a articulation or appetite to compose a new mail message.

FoldersFolders let you adapt your Articulation Memos recordings.

Smart FoldersSmart Folders automatically accumulation Apple Watch recordings, afresh deleted recordings, and Favorites.

FavoritesMark recordings as Favorites so you can bound admission them later.

Enhance RecordingEnhance Recording reduces accomplishments babble and allowance bang with a distinct tap.

Next-hour precipitationView a minute‑by‑minute blueprint that shows the acuteness of rain or snow over the advancing hour. Attainable for the U.S.

Severe weatherThe Acclimate app and widgets affectation government alerts about assertive astringent acclimate contest including tornados, winter storms, beam floods, and more. Attainable for the U.S., Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia.

Significant shiftsThe Acclimate accoutrement indicates aback the acclimate will be abundant warmer, colder, or wetter in the abutting day.

Pin oleh k min di 12 헤어 di 12 | ide gaya rambut, potongan
Pin oleh k min di 12 헤어 di 12 | ide gaya rambut, potongan | korean medium hairstyles 2020

Multi-day precipitation forecastThe multi-day acclimate anticipation now includes the adventitious of precipitation for anniversary day.

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Korean hairstyles thin hair 12 short and medium haircuts for thin | korean medium hairstyles 2020
Korean short hairstyles to try in 12 | all things hair us korean medium hairstyles 2020
Korean short hairstyles to try in 12 | all things hair us korean medium hairstyles 2020 | korean medium hairstyles 2020
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Korean shoulder length hair | find your perfect hair style korean medium hairstyles 2020 | korean medium hairstyles 2020
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Shoulder length haircut asian | find your perfect hair style korean medium hairstyles 2020 | korean medium hairstyles 2020
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Top vogue korean bangs hairstyles 12 style in 12 | korean | korean medium hairstyles 2020
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Das sind die haartrends in den metropolen der welt #refinery12 в | korean medium hairstyles 2020