11 Shaved Side Bob Hairstyles

11 Shaved Side Bob Hairstyles

This commodity originally appeared on VICE US.

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Queers Built This is a activity about anomalous adroitness and DIY ability then, now, and tomorrow.

If a lesbian shaves her own arch during apprehension and there’s no Pride array to actualization it off, did it absolutely happen? Hairstyles are a basic allotment of the way LGBTQ bodies accurate ourselves, and alike if we aren’t activity to amusing gatherings because of the pandemic, abounding of us don’t feel like ourselves afterwards our coiffures. Nonetheless, it doesn’t arise that abounding anomalous or auto bodies are out agitation calm orders with “I Appetite a Haircut!” signs. We’re abundant added acceptable to handle things ourselves, with some admonition from our friends, partners, or alike our kids. As the communicable continues and Pride apprehension down, VICE batten with 10 LGBTQ bodies about advancement their adopted hairstyles afterwards able help.

These interviews acquire been edited for breadth and clarity. Some individuals’ aftermost names acquire been bare at their appeal to assure their privacy.

Flan, 28, Philadelphia, PA

All photos address of interviewees.

I am an AMAB genderqueer non-binary person, about against the bendable butch end of the gender presentation spectrum. My bristles has consistently played a big role in my genderbending experimentation. I acquire been growing out my bristles continuously for over four years to its abreast length, but that hasn’t chock-full my appetite to experiment. Appropriate now I am agitation an Erin McKeown–inspired undercut, pompadour, ponytail hybrid. I feel confident, absolute and beatific with huge, long, jailbait hair.

Haircuts acquire gone from an accident I almost acceptable to a consistent, accepted ritual in my self-care toolkit. In its own way, a crew is as cogent and angelic to me as approved allocution therapy. Aback lockdown began, I bound friendsourced a set of clippers to advance my own undercut, alive it would go a continued way against activity bigger aloof to acquire food accessible in my home. I didn’t apperceive if I’d be adventurous abundant to use them, but accepting the clippers abandoned was an all-overs balm.

My bigger abhorrence about acid my own bristles was that I would blow up my band and acquire to fizz my able arch to feel presentable. Mandatory haircutting is a alternating accent angel for me during aiguille anxiety, and aboriginal canicule of COVID had annihilation if not acute uncertainty.

After auspiciously accent my own undercut, I acquainted abatement at attractive the way I capital to on my own terms. My able gender accord is awful codicillary aloft actuality able to affliction for and present myself consistently and competently, so alive I wouldn’t go months with bristling grown-out abandon fabricated me feel powerful! It was absurd to admission a new accomplishment that enabled me to assure my own self-worth while additionally aspersing accident to others. Clipping my own shave-up anon abutting actualization and accoutrement my bristles area out of doors as one of the newfound and abysmal gender euphorias of 2020.

Circe Moskowitz, 21 (and Sarah, her mom), Louisville, KY

When bodies attending at me, they’re usually alone activity to assort me as a Black woman; my bisexuality generally goes asleep or unseen. And growing up in a association that is so anti-Black, I hated my acclimatized bristles as a kid and acclimated to align it all the time. I didn’t absolutely acquire the aplomb to agreement or embrace my curls absolutely until I was older. I bankrupt chargeless aback I chock-full taming my curls aloof so the blow of the apple was added comfortable. It was a above affirmation to actuality both Black and bisexual, because for me, there is no one afterwards the other. Sometimes I’m aggravating to bedrock some crazy frizz, and sometimes I’m aggravating to do some air-conditioned amplitude buns. Either way, actuality the babe with agrarian bristles is absolutely the attending I go for. I own it. Afterwards acid my own hair, I acquainted cool accomplished. Also, I hadn’t had bangs aback I was a teenager, so I was aflame to bedrock them again. They’re so cute!

I additionally cut my mom [Sarah, who is additionally queer]’s bristles during quarantine. I wasn’t so afraid about acid my own bristles because if I messed up, it would aloof be on me. Plus, a advantage of actuality ashore at the abode was that there was aught adventitious of anyone alfresco of my actual ancestors seeing it. But the anticipation of acid my mom’s bristles fabricated me cool nervous. Especially because she told me she capital bangs. At that point, it became added than giving her a trim. Instead, I was faced with giving her a able altered hairstyle. I kept thinking, “What happens if I blend up?” because there’s no activity to a salon to fix things in the average of a pandemic. She’d aloof be ashore with it.

Under acclimatized circumstances, I don’t anticipate I would acquire begin the adventuresomeness to do it. But one day, afterwards watching some tutorials on YouTube, I was like “You accessible to do this?” and she was anon down. A alternate “screw it” moment in the average of a communicable is absolutely a bonding experience. Once I started cutting, I forgot all about abhorrence because I was too focused on accepting it right. It became fun and angry out alike greater than I expected. She was absolutely blessed with it and I was animated to be able to do that for her.

I’m animated to acquire abstruse some new abilities and I’ll absolutely be putting them to use. Aloof charge some new active to convenance on aback I’m not acid my own!

Karen Tongson, 46, Los Angeles, CA

I’ve consistently said I anticipate my butch presentation is as artful as it is annihilation else. I aloof attending bigger with abbreviate hair. I like to say I’m butch by default. I’ve developed acclimatized to the artful allowances of my own masculinity. Actuality butch is how I’m about received, but additionally commodity I embrace.

I had some apropos about my bristles growing out during quarantine, but I consistently ample it wouldn’t be too difficult to cut it all off with clippers if necessary. I was analytical to see what would happen. About a ages or so into the calm orders, I noticed my bristles accepting longer, and I started talking to some of my butch friends, saying, “what are we gonna do with our hair?” My accompany were announcement on Instagram about awe-inspiring things their bristles was starting to do, flaps or sideburns or accoutrement the aerial or things that aren’t usually allotment of our sensibility. So I started the Butch Bristles Apprehension Instagram to allotment what was activity on with our hair, but additionally pictures of developed celebrities, afflatus for bodies who are developed but abrasion their bristles longer.

I had no abstraction it would be so acutely resonant. It hadn’t absolutely occurred to me yet how continued our bristles ability get or what traumas ability be afflicted up afterwards admission to bristles care. My own alertness hadn’t bent up to the acuteness of people’s announcement about their hair.

The aiguille of the communicable bristles bearings was apparently about six weeks in… I was accepting so abounding images every day it was adamantine to accumulate up with them. In the beginning, it was fewer, but about a ages in seems to be the aiguille moment area bodies started to acquaintance assorted forms of anguish or booty affairs into their own hands.

I’m advantageous abundant to be able to allow to abide advantageous my stylist [Madin Lopez], and I capital to not alone abutment them and their alignment Activity Q but animate bodies to abutment their own hairdressers. We did a alive Instagram haircutting tutorial with Madin area we asked for donations for Activity Q, and they talked my wife through acid my hair. It was like accepting telehealth advice. My wife was a little affronted at me that I active her up to cut my bristles in advanced of hundreds of people, but Madin took their time and absolutely accomplished her how to actualization my hair.

We cut it at home a additional time aback afresh because I was accepting astringent gender discomfort. It was starting to boner out in the back, and my name is Karen, but it was absolutely authoritative me attending like a Karen. Not alone that, but it fabricated me feel old. I didn’t attending developed and I looked old, so those things calm were like, Let’s get the clippers.

Maya, 20, Chicago, IL/New York, NY

Ever aback I absitively to ask my accompany and ancestors to use gender-neutral pronouns to accredit to me, I’ve acquainted added and added burning about alteration my concrete actualization to added accurately reflect my gender identity. That was way aback in October of aftermost year, and alone two weeks ago did I absolutely feel like I looked like myself.

A few months afterwards advancing out, I asked my acquaintance Bex to accord me an undercut, aloof a little gender-affirming admonition that I could ability for on the aback of my arch whenever I wanted. But in the stages of growing it out during quarantine, it became unwieldy, and, afterwards a anniversary or two of activity aback and alternating about what to do, I asked Bex to aloof cut it all off. She’s active an breezy anomalous barbershop out of her off-campus academy apartment, with bristles undercuts beneath her belt and consistently active the bristles of the actuality she’s dating. “I alone cut queer, is what I’m saying,” is the, let’s say, breezy byword of her breezy barbershop.

Bob or should i say "lob" with shaved side | shaved side

I’ve beat my bristles adequately continued in contempo anamnesis and—I think—got misgendered a lot as a result; I advancing that accepting abundant beneath bristles would get bodies to abeyance and alike anticipate to ask what my pronouns are instead of bold appropriate off the bat. I’ve struggled a lot with my gender presentation in the accomplished year and a bisected and capital an befalling to change what I saw in the mirror.

If I had to abound my bristles out again, I’d feel acquisitive and afraid and like I’d absent allotment of my identity. I admired my continued bristles enough, but I acquainted like I’d outgrown it. The day afterwards I got my haircut, I beatific a photo to my best acquaintance and she told me that I absolutely attending like me, like it fabricated faculty for me to acquire the bristles that I do now. That fabricated me so blessed and feel absolutely affirmed; I additionally acquainted like I’d been caked into a cast shaped like myself.

I acquainted amazing. I was animated I’d trusted Bex with such a big task, and that she’d had absolutely the appropriate vision. I acquainted like I could attending in the mirror and see what I capital to see rather than accepting to altercation my continued bristles into some adjustment that provided me alone a sliver of abatement from gender dysphoria.

Theo Motzenbacker, 33, Los Angeles, CA

I analyze as transmasculine. I alone came out about aural the aftermost year, and I’m still addition some actuality out. Ask me afresh abutting year and you ability get a altered answer.

Getting my bristles cut abbreviate and developed was a big accord for me with absorption to giving myself permission to accurate my added developed side. I’d had the aforementioned absurd bob for like a decade, partly because I admired it and mostly because I was affected about my bad skin, so I approved to adumbrate it abaft my hair. I both absolutely capital a short, masc cut and was additionally abashed that I’d attending in the mirror every day and abhorrence my face. Afresh aback I assuredly did the thing, I admired how it fabricated me attending so abundant that I mostly chock-full cerebration about my bark at all. And not alone that, but I got vain! I took amaranthine selfies. I gave the camera afire looks, which—I’m a awe-inspiring nerd, so I didn’t anticipate I was physically able of accomplishing that.

When I was maybe 14, I had a big drove on this babe who had a declared alternative for guys with my concrete features: skinny, amber hair, big nose, bristling eyebrows. I acted all the time about actuality a boy adaptation of myself, evidently aloof so that she’d appetite to date me. I remembered that aback I got my masc crew aftermost year. I acquainted triumphant, like, Oh hey, I can absolutely be that handsome guy. I’m already that handsome guy.

After a brace added weeks of advance during quarantine, I started acid hats a lot and adage ominously to my partner, “There’s a accomplished band amid a boy crew and a lesbian haircut.” I’m abiding 89 percent of bodies apprehend me as a anomalous woman anyway, but it acquainted actual important that I accomplish every accomplishment to attending like one and not the other.

I’ve been mostly acid my bristles myself, with my accomplice allowance me with the back. He alike let me use his bolt scissors, the alone aciculate scissors in the house, which is appealing abundant the analogue of love. I was abiding I’d blend it up. My alone acquaintance acid bristles had been drunkenly ruining my best friend’s bristles in aerial school, which, if I’m honest, I still feel accusable for. I additionally had to accomplish accord with the actuality that I’d be active off my admirable achromatize (shout-out to Pony at Folklore Salon & Beautician in L.A.!), aback I did NOT assurance myself to charm it.

Overall, I’m pleased! And relieved! It’s consistently a little uneven, but I still smile aback I attending in the mirror.

Michelle and Leisha, 41 and 35, Minneapolis, MN


#undercut short bob side shaved hairstyle shaved side bob hairstyles

I analyze as anomalous and use she/her pronouns. This is the longest my bristles has been aback I was 14 and baldheaded my head. I don’t like accepting my bristles this long, but because all of my jobs are shut down, there’s no abode to go. (I do amusing media for a baby aggregation and tend bar for three concert venues.) Mostly, I abhorrence accepting the bristles adhere in my eyes. I abrasion glasses, and my bristles smudges my glasses.

If I were alike bristles or 10 years younger, the breadth of my bristles would acquire acquired me a lot added anxiety. Not abiding what it was about axis 40 that fabricated me aloof acquire myself more. (TBH, I’ve additionally had to act as a caregiver to my crumbling parents, so I aloof acquire beneath time to anguish about myself.) I affected if my apron absolutely messed up my hair, I would aloof beautician my able arch and move on. They didn’t appetite to blow the best parts, except from accent the bangs, and I was accomplished with that. It angry out… OK.


I analyze as a anomalous nonbinary Black human, application they/them pronouns. My bristles has been absolutely a adventure through life! As a kid, I spent continued hours accepting my mom wash, dry, and hot adjust my hair. Afresh one day, aback I was about the age of 12, my mom assuredly let me chemically align my hair! I did this for best of my adolescent developed activity until I was done with apprentice and was absolutely annoyed of alleviative my hair. So I got an acrylic braid for a few months to abound my roots and had a admirable association auntie alpha locs for me. I’ve had my locs for 12 years! About three years ago I baldheaded one ancillary of my arch aloof to acquire a change… afresh a few months afterwards that I baldheaded the added side! So I acquire locs bottomward the centermost and usually abbreviate bottomward to baldheaded sides.

I fabricated the best to cut and beautician my locs in allotment because I aloof capital a altered attending and additionally because I acquainted it gave me a added gender aloof look. The anomalous association absolutely has its actualization signifiers and I capital to try it out! It can be adamantine to comedy with bristles styles sometimes with locs, so I aloof went for it.

I’ve been alive as a therapist to LGBTQ adolescence through the communicable and protests in Minneapolis, and I adulation actuality present for my youth. But I additionally acquire to attending at my continued abandon and frequently feel bedraggled and self-conscious. Generally accouchement of blush get the “talk” about presentability from their parents. “Don’t attending shabby,” “always actualization your best side”—those kinds of things. Despite alive with these issues with my clients, I additionally attempt with the aforementioned things sometimes! I was actual afraid about how I would affliction for and accumulate my bristles accurate during quarantine. I knew I would attending acceptable for best than some of my short-haired accompany and coworkers, but now I’m attractive shaggy!

My accomplice cut my bristles and I was actual afraid that she ability cut my locs by mistake! She did a abundant job, though, and was actual alert of area the basis of my locs began and the abbreviate ancillary ended. At the end of the day, I adulation and assurance her so abundant and knew she would do her best. And aggregate was intact! Accepting your bristles cut or done/styled can be a actual affectionate thing. We absorb added time than we apprehend with our bristles stylists and they blow and affliction for a accessible allotment of our body, our head! It was absolutely such a caring act to acquire my Black bristles cared for so carefully by my white wife. With aggregate that has happened aback the antecedent cut, it’s been alike added meaningful.

I’m a auto man. My gender announcement is a bit nontraditional but I absolutely feel bigger about myself aback my bristles is cut the way I like it. Aback it gets overgrown, I aloof feel affectionate of awkward and like it looks like I don’t care. I additionally can be a little dysmorphic due to some agony aboriginal in my activity and I attempt mentally aback I don’t like the way I look. I was absolutely afraid about not actuality able to go to the beautician because alike admitting I rarely get misgendered, I feel affected about my actualization aback I don’t accumulate up with my haircuts (and my bristles grows absolutely fast!).

My wife cut my hair, which didn’t anguish me at all. She’s been acid her own aback continued afore quarantine, and has additionally cut a few friends’. I additionally knew that if I didn’t like it at aboriginal I would be able to accord with it until it grew out, because we’re spending best of our time inside. As it angry out, she gave me one of the best cuts I’ve had! She’s done it alert now and it was alike bigger the additional time. I ability never go aback to accepting it cut by a barber. I additionally acquainted like there was commodity affectionate of affectionate about her acid it for me, because she told me how she followed the arrangement of my bristles and paid absorption to how it affected my face and this all acquainted like it meant added actuality done by addition who knows me absolutely well. If anything, I feel afterpiece to her now.

Lindsay King-Miller, 32, Denver, CO

I baldheaded my own arch and absolutely a few of my friends’ active in college, but added afresh I’ve gotten into actuality the affectionate of Complete Developed who frequents my bounded queer-owned beautician shop. For the accomplished year or so I’ve been alive with my stylist to alluringly abound out my fauxhawk into a continued undercut. Apprehension didn’t baffle with the growing out, of course, but it played hell with the “gracefully.” The aback grows faster than the front, so by April I was bit-by-bit into mullet territory. (Some anomalous bodies can cull off mullets! Not me, though.)

It wasn’t until I started interviewing bodies for this commodity that I remembered there was addition way to live. My husband, a auto man, has been acid his own bristles consistently throughout the pandemic, and has managed to advance a actual admirable fade. I didn’t do that. I aloof got fed up abundant one night to fizz one ancillary of my arch bottomward to the skin, afresh drudge off the furry bristles in the aback as neatly as I could while application my phone’s front-facing camera to angle in for a duke mirror. So abundant for actuality a complete adult.

11 hot graduated bob haircuts for women of all ages (11 update) shaved side bob hairstyles

I can’t delay to do it again. There’s annihilation in the apple as aesthetic as the activity of a beginning fizz cut. As for the continued ancillary of my hair, I can’t see myself from behind, so as far as I’m concerned, it angry out amazing.

Lindsay King-Miller is the columnist of Ask a Anomalous Chick: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Activity for Girls Who Dig Girls. Follow her on Twitter.

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