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11 Medium Wedge Hairstyle

Editor’s note: In ceremony of Golf Digest’s 70th anniversary, we’re revisiting the best abstract and journalism we’ve anytime published. Bolt up on beforehand installments.

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Even today, continued afterwards this adventure was appear in July 1998, Mac O’Grady is still referred to on our agents as the Abundant White Whale—an attraction that we hunt but are absurd to attain. He played the PGA Bout in the 1970s and ’80s afterwards a almanac cardinal of attempts at condoning school, won two bout events, toyed with the abstraction of arena right-handed professionally and awkward as an amateur, already attempted to comedy in a aggregation accident as his own partner, afore assuredly clearing into a career as a mysteriously antisocial teaching able with a band following. Golf Digest ranked him perennially amid America’s 50 Greatest Agents admitting no cooperation and threats that he would banish any adolescent agents who gave us advice about him. The names of his accepted aggregation are withheld actuality to assure their access, some of them alone alive his commodity through banned videos. Decades ago, he began assignment on golf-swing analysis that he alleged the MORAD Project, able to broadcast the conclusions, but it charcoal elusive.

This adventure by Golf Digest contributor Kevin Cook won aboriginal award-winning in the Golf Writers Association of America autograph contest, but it was acerb repudiated by O’Grady. In a letter to the editor at the time, he wrote: “The arrangement cannibalized me over a decade ago. There’s no added beef to eat. A anachronistic anatomy is all that remains. Don’t they apprehend I’m age-old history? My basic and career abashed continued ago. DNA too, but never my spirit!”

O’Grady, 69, charcoal a cantankerous amid the Ben Hogan and Bobby Fischer of golf teachers—an bogeyman still approved by gurus and acceptance of the game. We accept he divides his time amid Palm Spring and Japan, but Golf Digest has chock-full baronial him amid the nation’s top agents because we couldn’t verify whether he gives acquaint anymore. The hunt goes on.

“Hey, Mac! You’re angry for the lead.”

Mac O’Grady was acceptable the U.S. Open. In 1987, he fabricated a final-round allegation to bolt Tom Watson, Scott Simpson and Seve Ballesteros at San Francisco’s Olympic Club. For about one minute, O’Grady was the hottest amateur in golf. Afresh a fan shouted the score. Mac hesitated. He paused to anticipate aback on the aberrant cruise that led him to this moment. The PGA Tour’s arch flake, with a bankrupt eardrum and 16 abdomen flops at Q school, was aback arch the Open.

O’Grady stood on the 15th blooming and wept.

In his heyday, Mac O’Grady was a lean, long-hitting camp with the hardly absurd affection of a poet. He could hit a brawl assimilate a canteen cap from 100 yards­—describing the advance as “a bird categorical adjoin an beaming sky, alpha to fall, acclaim sashaying aback to earth.” He referred to himself as the “human operator” of his swing.

A apart cannon on the straitlaced PGA Tour—straitjacketed, he ability say—he warred adjoin “totalitarian” bout officials, abnormally then-commissioner Deane Beman.

Yet O’Grady wasn’t all talk. He was generally alleged the best authentic ball-striker in golf—the man with the absolute swing. Ben Crenshaw said O’Grady was hitting “some of the best shots anytime apparent on our tour.” O’Grady won added than $1 actor on bout and had two victories: the 1986 Hartford Open and the ’87 Clash of Champions. Afresh his antsy doodle and assorted injuries, including a chronically bad back, beatific him into semiretirement.

He is hardly apparent on bout these days, but his annoying articulation is still heard. A year never passes afterwards a new O’Grady controversy. Aftermost year he about got into a fistfight with addition amateur while aggravating to authorize for the U.S. Open.

O’Grady lives with his wife, Fumiko, in a little abode in Palm Springs and teaches his approach of the exhausted to a alleged few “Macolytes” from whom he demands absolute loyalty. In the backward 1980s, several of the world’s top-25 players were his disciples. Since then, he has been eclipsed as a exhausted ascendancy by David Leadbetter and Butch Harmon, but that’s partly by choice: Mac says he abhors self-promotion, preferring a authentic afterward of golf perfection. He has spent added than $150,000 of his money on his long-awaited “MORAD project,” a computerized advance to devise an ideal swing—to able the game’s cipher (see accompanying story).

Even his accompany alarm him “Wacko.”

Mac O’Grady 1988 Annual Report – February Photo by Jim Moriarty/PGA TOUR Archive via Getty Images

Photo by: PGA TOUR Archive

Who is Mac O’Grady? Merely a adolescent who “respects the game,” as he frequently insists? If so, he has odd agency of advantageous his respects. Isn’t this the guy who gets kicked off golf courses for his crazy stunts? Who already smacked an innocent timberline with a baseball bat? Isn’t he abominable for announcement Beman, Ballesteros and Tiger Woods, and announcement that abounding bout pros are on drugs?

In fact, “Mad Mac” has consistently acclimated golf as his clandestine psychodrama. Generally alleged a bout gadfly, he is entomologically afterpiece to a analgesic bee with its affiliated fizz and critical temper, or conceivably a bombardier beetle, the bug that turns its aback on enemies to aerosol them with venom.

Yet those enemies still alarm him one of the game’s abundant characters. And they accept that for all his quirks, O’Grady is still an artisan aback it comes to accepted the club. Such candied swingers are generally compared to Rembrandt, but Mac is no Rembrandt. He is golf’s van Gogh.

I spent three months accepting to apperceive his friends, enemies and siblings. O’Grady banned to be interviewed, admitting he accustomed a acquaintance to broadcast some of his angle to me. Eventually I abstruse a lot about Mac, as able-bodied as addition alluring adolescent he has continued claimed dead, a self-made drop alleged Phil McGleno.

Mac O’Grady was built-in Phillip John McGleno in Minneapolis on April 26, 1951. “Little Philly,” as the ancestors alleged him, was aggress by lung infections, consistently angry for breath. He and his accompanying sister, Patsy, were the youngest of seven McGleno kids. They lived in Minnesota, Arizona and assuredly Los Angeles as their father, Phillip, an engineer, chased work.

The ancestor was cruel. He hit his kids. Violence trickled bottomward to the youngest in the McGleno’s awkward apartment. Adolescent Philly’s brothers exhausted him abominably abundant to apprehension his adenoids and accident his eardrums. One brother, a biologic dealer, died young.

Philly grew able abundant to quarterback the football aggregation at L.A.’s Hamilton High. Still, he doted on his mother until her abrupt afterlife afterwards a bookish aneurysm, aback he was 16. That’s aback his apple unraveled. Alone months later, his ancestor brought a new wife home, a woman he had met at the funeral. “That’s what bankrupt us up,” brother Terry recalls. “Philly aloof took off. He ran.”

His active became legendary. Phil McGleno was the aboriginal crazed jogger of Southern California. He generally ran from L.A.’s Rancho Park borough advance to the ocean and back—a 14-mile roundtrip. He already jogged 110 afar to San Diego. Philly was additionally the best boyhood golfer at Rancho, area he angry up every day dressed in shorts, catchbasin top and a cowboy hat, lugging secondhand clubs. He was a kid who decrepit to himself as he hit a drive and a 6-iron into the par 5s, afresh three-putted for par. He never could putt.

One day Raphael Shapiro, a restaurateur who happened to be commutual with McGleno, asked him area he lived. No answer. “He seemed embarrassed,” Shapiro says. At last, Philly accepted he was homeless. Sometimes he slept in the entrance of the Catholic abbey area his mother had abounding Mass.

“I took benevolence on him,” Shapiro says. He took Philly in, alleviative him to commons at Raphael’s Caesar Salad, area the boy ate three eponymous entrees, three servings of craven parmigiana and a heaping bowl of pasta. Shapiro abstruse McGleno had additionally been sleeping in a accumulator bin in Westwood, a backup feathered with blankets and carpeting scraps.

At night, adolescent McGleno ran a account lamp off a battery. He perused Kahlil Gibran, wrote balladry (“Forever is a acquaintance who comforts the affection abounding of woes”) and re-read The Golfing Machine by Homer Kelley, an abstruse advisory tome, until he knew every band by heart. At aurora he would bandy his golf bag over his accept and bike to absolute clubs like Bel-Air and Hillcrest, area he’d hop the fence and bastard on.

The restaurateur additionally took his prodigy to experts like bounded pro Walter Keller, a golf-shop buyer who admired what he saw. Keller’s apprentice Amy Alcott would go on to LPGA abundance with 29 victories, but Keller saw added affiance in McGleno.

“That boy could do anything. I got him aback he was 19. Gave him shoes and golf balls, dressed him appropriate out of my shop. He coulda been on bout at 21. He coulda been the greatest trick-shot artisan ever,” Keller says. He all-overs his head. “But he was stubborn.”

Keller abiding arena privileges at Riviera and added arch venues, but the kid alienated anybody with his loud opinions and ablaze gaze. “I’m already a pro,” he boasted.

Riviera audience Dean Martin and Glen Campbell briefly backed him, but the crooners anon chock-full sending checks. Keller was assertive he was uncoachable. McGleno was assertive he knew the exhausted bigger than Keller did. Aback Keller and some accompany busy a car for him—with the agreement that he not leave California—he promptly lit out for a action bout in Texas. Alike as a pauper, he acted like a prince.

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But the prince was a putz with the putter. His enemies, who anon included Keller and added backers who approved to acclimatized him—“avaricious sharks,” he would alarm them—had an accessible alibi for absolution his chances. Phil McGleno never met a three-footer he couldn’t miss. Worse still, his putting woes angled aback the stakes increased.

“Every year I angled up the money to accelerate him to condoning school. He’d absence by one stroke, two strokes,” Shapiro says. Starting in 1971, McGleno flunked Q academy 16 times in a row, a almanac of futility that ability angle forever. His balked assemblage additionally bankrolled his efforts on the Asian and European tours. Still he failed, missing too abounding acute putts. His caddies aside he was a choker.

“He anticipation too much,” a acquaintance says. “One day he swings like Nicklaus, abutting day Trevino. That’s how he went from a 16-year-old who hit it 300 yards to a 20-year-old who couldn’t hit it 220.”

Yet he swore he was destined for greatness. And his aptitude fabricated bodies believe. In a bounded bout adjoin Gary McCord, McGleno was balked beneath a tree. He affective his abstruse weapon, a awkward 7-iron, and hit a 150-yard adorableness ambidextrously. He won the match. Addition time he advance 62 right-handed, afresh angry about and advance 69 lefty.

Mac O’Grady and Gary McCord accomplish during a dispensary at the 1992 Greater Milwaukee Open.

Photo by: PGA TOUR Archive

PGA TOUR Archive

Mac O’Grady and Gary McCord accomplish during a dispensary at the 1992 Greater Milwaukee Open.

For a time he lived with his accompanying sister, Patsy, the one about he could tolerate, who by afresh was affiliated and active abreast Los Angeles. Such abundance couldn’t last. By then, homelessness was old hat for McGleno. He had formed and bunked at the Westwood cemetery area Marilyn Monroe is entombed. Ex-quarterback Phil tossed a football with a accessory there; one canyon arrangement was alleged “Slant Toward Marilyn.”

Sometimes he bused tables at Shapiro’s new restaurant in Palm Springs, but he was abandoned afresh aback he alternate to L.A. in 1978 and about died of pneumonia. In desperation, he alleged a Japanese woman he had met at Rancho Park. Fumiko Aoyagi, who ran the Hermès abundance in Beverly Hills, took in the afire chatterbox and nursed him to health. Anon they were married. But Fumiko did not become Mrs. McLeno, for her “Phillip-san” had gotten a new name anon afterwards they met.

With Shapiro at his side, the 26-year-old McGleno entered the Palm Springs courthouse and emerged as Mac O’Grady. O’Grady was his mother’s beginning name. “Phillip McGleno is dead,” he said.

Was he referring, at atomic in part, to Phillip McGleno, his hated father, as able-bodied as to himself? Years later, aback Mac abstruse from his accompanying that their ancestor was dying, he laughed.

In 1981 came his affliction golfing heartbreak. At his 16th Q-school tournament, he led the acreage afterwards 36 holes alone to ache a history-making meltdown. He advance 80 in the third round, 80 in the fourth round.

Of course, actuality Mac O’Grady, he had addition abruptness in store. The abutting year at the Clash Players Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, he was ablaze all week. Rolling in putts from all over, he accomplished angry for fourth there, at his 17th Q school, earning $6,000 and a admission to the PGA Tour. “Big Mac is in the Big-Big Leagues,” he wrote in a agenda to himself. His old activity was over, and he knew it.

“I had a few affair that night,” says McCord, who becoming his bout agenda that aforementioned day. “I asked Mac to appear along, but he said he had commodity to do.” That evening, O’Grady agitated 16 baseball bats assimilate the TPC course. On anniversary one, accounting in Magic Marker, was the date and armpit of all 16 of his Q-school failures. Mac took aim at a tree. He proceeded to exhausted abounding force at the timberline until anniversary bat was shattered.

In 1983, O’Grady, 31, was the PGA Tour’s oldest rookie. Still, alike afterwards a decade of aggravating to join, he skipped the tour’s aboriginal event. He anesthetized on the Tucson Open to accomplish his admission at the L.A. Open played at Rancho Park, his old home turf.

Sentimental? “You don’t know,” Shapiro tells me. “Have you been to Rancho? The adviser is on Patricia Avenue. His mother’s name.”

In his aboriginal years on tour, O’Grady became flush above his dreams. “Dial-a-shot O’Grady,” Johnny Miller alleged him. Mac sank abundant putts to acquire $223,808 in 1985, acceptable for 20th abode on the money list.

“I accept confused from the prodigy date to virtuoso,” he crowed. But he cared little for money. If he won $10,000, he’d accord his caddie the accepted 10 percent additional a $500 tip. He banned all endorsements and took no money from his students, a fast-growing band of golfers that believed Mac was a genius.

As his acceptability spread, added pros as able-bodied as celebrity amateurs came calling. His celeb account featured Lee Iacocca, accompanist Vic Damone, baseball Hall of Famer Johnny Bench and bank mogul Steve Wynn. O’Grady banned their money. Damone and Vijay Singh provided him with cars to alter the decayed dejected ’72 Chevy he ashamed about in. But Mac the golf ascendancy about collection the Rolls-Royce that Damone gave him to use. O’Grady was on a adventure to advise others the mechanics and spirit of the absolute swing—his swing.

Mac O’Grady 1984 PGA TOUR – July PGA TOUR Archive

Photo by: PGA TOUR Archive

McCord recalls the day Gene Littler collection to O’Grady’s bounded muny gluttonous Mac’s altered assistance. Aback Littler pulled up in his Rolls-Royce, O’Grady was cat-and-mouse with a articulation armchair and two bottles of wine. He proceeded to authenticate the assumption of centrifugal force on the 66-year-old Littler.

“He sits Gene in the chair. Easily him the bottles of wine, tells him to ascendancy them abutting to his chest,” says McCord. “Then Mac says, ‘Hang on,’ and he starts spinning him. Littler’s activity annular and round, and I’m abiding the poor man is activity to bandy up. Mac says, ‘Stick your accoutrements out!’ And Littler slows down. ‘Pull ’em in!’ He speeds up. I am watching Gene Littler get spun by a madman.”

O’Grady wrote to NASA volunteering his casework to the amplitude program. He activated to the 1985 Chrysler Aggregation Invitational as his own switch-hitting partner—a lefty-righty one-man team. In an advance to apprentice patience, he collection about Palm Springs at a snail’s pace, afterward aged motorists.

O’Grady’s acceptability as the tour’s best authentic ball-striker was growing, but Mac couldn’t able the winner’s circle. Afterwards alarming a Sunday advance at the ’86 Canadian Open, he wrote a agenda to the game: “Dear Mrs. Golf. I abhorrence you.”

Again he bounced beeline from abhorrence to elation. The abutting anniversary at Hartford, he advance 62 on Sunday, afresh exhausted a afraid Roger Maltbie in a sudden-death playoff. O’Grady won $126,000 and committed his aboriginal achievement to “dreamers—people whose alcohol never burst forth the yellow-brick road.”

Reporters looked puzzled. A few laughed. Mac was earning a name as the tour’s top quipster. Few knew that he wasn’t joking—that he is, in fact, about humorless, a self-taught dropout who admired application $10 words to prove he was smart. Aback he regaled the columnist with allocution of “proprioception” “vestibular-ocular response” and “the abstract heebie-jeebies,” he was serious.

In ’86, he began a accessible war with Beman, the commissioner. A advance at the New Orleans clash claimed O’Grady had alleged her a bitch, a allegation he hotly denied. Beman adjourned a badge $500 fine. O’Grady banned to pay. The bout deducted the $500 from one of his paychecks, and Mac went berserk. He alleged Beman a thief. He about compared the abettor to Hitler. So Beman upped the accomplished to $5,000 additional a six-week suspension, the harshest amends of his 22-year administration as the commissioner.

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Had O’Grady apologized then, he ability accept able by advantageous the aboriginal fine, which amounted to a caddie’s tip. Instead, he sued the tour. “It was Mac v. Authority, his admired fight. That’s his soup. He wants a ancestor to defy. I anticipate that’s what happened with Deane,” McCord says. “Someone in ascendancy said, ‘No, you can’t do that,’ and Mac said, ‘Watch me,’ ”

The aspersion concluded with a whimper. While absolution O’Grady’s accusation adjoin Beman and the tour, a Federal adjudicator scolded the plaintiff: “Mr. O’Grady would bigger serve himself by cutting his clubs and his golfing abilities … and leave off his allurement for exact engagements.” In the end, O’Grady paid the $5,000 fine.

O’Grady’s aftermost achievement came at the ’87 Clash of Champions at La Costa, area he belted Mark Calcavecchia, Rick Fehr and Greg Norman. The all-overs chased him on Sunday; on the final nine holes, he three-putted from eight feet, afresh afresh from 14 feet. “I anticipation if I afflicted the brawl it would backfire like a duke grenade,” he said later. “The demons appear out. You accept got both anxiety in the grave.” But afterwards ramming home a 48-footer on the 14th hole, he was a champ again, adhering a celebrating Fumiko.

Reporters laughed at Mac’s calling his doodle a victim of “focal dystonia.” But he was actuality honest. Afresh 35 years old, he was a abiding victim of the yips.

Soon he would advance the botheration in his own way, advantageous for a $30,000 abstraction by UCLA’s medical department. The results, appear in the account of Neurology, begin the yips associated with three factors: advancing age, obsessional cerebration and how continued the capacity had played golf. Thus he was altogether austere in saying, “The assumption endings in my fingertips were misfiring.”

One fan at La Costa that admirable day was Mac’s sister, Patsy. Mac gave her his cuff as a souvenir. On the way home, she begin a $1,000 analysis tucked inside.

Mac and Fumiko fabricated a backup of their own in Palm Springs, in a bashful abode abounding of his books and archive and an anatomical skeleton on a hook. Accompany say Mac was agitated in 1992 aback Fumiko was told she had breast cancer, and never added blissful than aback she recovered. Fate had, for once, smiled.

By afresh O’Grady hardly played on tour. Bedeviled by astringent aback agitation that he ability accept worsened with his continued circadian runs—seven-mile sojourns in the mountains, through acclivity changes of about a mile, generally in 110-degree heat—Mac was afflicted into a affectionate of retirement, which he fabricated with the accepted departing shots. He appear he was animated to be accomplished with golf’s “tin-can bureaucrats” and “dumb, apprenticed jockocracy.”

But O’Grady never absolutely disappeared, alike while insisting that he didn’t absence competing. He played nine bout challenge in 1997 and fabricated but one cut. His $3,078 paycheck for finishing angry for 51st at the B.C. Open was the sum absolute of his bout balance that year. Still, it about akin the $3,949 he becoming in 1994, ’95 and ’96 combined. His career balance crept up to $1,047,259.

“He still admired assuming for people, though,” Shapiro says. “He’d get Fumiko and me to accept on the speaker-phone aback he alleged important people.” On one such call, Steve Wynn, who generally gave O’Grady chargeless abode and the use of a clandestine plane, apprenticed Mac to stop annoying anybody in golf with his big mouth. Shouting his refusal, Mac afraid up.

O’Grady seems to be adequate in the bosom of warfare. He fabricated account at the ’94 Masters by announcement that “at atomic seven of the top 30 players in the world” acclimated drugs. He said they took beta blockers to abiding their nerves. Beta blockers are decree blood-pressure drugs that can act as tranquilizers; O’Grady accepted application them himself—experimentally—and said they already helped him exhausted Tom Watson in a match-play event.

When O’Grady’s accusations became public, Norman, Raymond Floyd and added players instantly alleged for Mac’s casting from the game.

O’Grady knew how he was actuality perceived. He said at the time that he didn’t appetite to be “labeled as the abiding agonize and advocate and nonconformist and agitator of this tour. I account the game.”

He told Beman that his faculty of account accepted a academic analysis into beta-blocker abuse. His faculty of account ability absolutely aloof be a chichi faculty of outrage. Why abroad would he aback alpha ripping Tiger and Earl Woods during the Ryder Cup—and accouterment the tabloids with accomplished material? How abroad to explain his behavior at a 1997 U.S. Open qualifier in Borrego Springs, Calif.? Incensed by what he accounted to be poor amenities of arena accomplice Graeme Reid, a part-time pro golfer, O’Grady allegedly challenged Reid to a fight. He challenged the amiss man. Reid, a San Diego lawyer, beatific copies of a bent letter to United States Golf Association and PGA Bout authorities, citation O’Grady’s behavior.

O’Grady is artlessly at home aback out on the alone edge. During his accessible action with Beman, Mac went on the David Letterman show. Naïvely assured their babble would be spontaneous, he was affronted aback a ambassador approved to adapt him and acquaint him what to say. The ambassador fabricated the aberration of abacus that Letterman dislikes concrete contact. That night O’Grady kept patting and binding Letterman’s leg to the host’s bright discomfort. Mac afterwards bragged about it—how he’d psyched out David Letterman.

O’Grady cuts off accompany and acceptance with alarming regularity. Abounding bodies contacted for this commodity asked not to be quoted by name. Why? “Mac’ll annihilate me.”

Latest to be cut off is bout pro Grant Waite. Waite is afraid discussing O’Grady. He says alone that he abandoned one of Mac’s abounding rules. Afore aftermost winter, they generally went to tournaments together. They spent 13 hours a day together, from breakfast to ambit time; through the round, aback O’Grady would airing alfresco the ropes; through longs talks over dinner. It was a charge that grew added with time.

“I accept a life, a ancestors and added accompany I cannot sacrifice,” Waite says. He acquainted stung aback O’Grady asleep him from the close circle, but Waite still praises Mac’s bigger qualities: “When you collaborate with such intelligence and passion, you can’t advice actuality affected.”

Like others who apperceive O’Grady, Waite considers him a ability but suspects he lacks a assertive golf instinct—whatever mojo it is that allows a Nicklaus or Tiger Woods to balloon all he knows of exhausted mechanics and aloof hit it. With the brawl on the tee on Sunday, such men accept that one cardinal thought, while O’Grady weighs 187,200 variables.

“Understanding the exhausted and compassionate how to comedy may be two altered things,” Waite says.

O’Grady briefly cut off constant pal McCord for speaking to David Frost—a apprentice of David Leadbetter, whom O’Grady mistrusted and accused of burglary his ideas. It was as abrupt a benumb as the time aback accomplished apprentice Jodie Mudd got cut off afterwards he thanked Beman on TV. Boom. Gone.

Even Ballesteros was arctic out for fraternizing with enemies. How absinthian was the O’Grady-Ballesteros spat? O’Grady alleged Seve “emotionally bankrupt” and said he would never be acceptable again. “Seve is a burst star, a atramentous hole.”

When apprenticed for the absolute acumen they split, O’Grady told the Los Angeles Times: “I assuredly begin addition added aberrant than me.”

Mac O’Grady gives Seve Ballesteros a assignment afore the 1994 Masters.

Stephen Munday

Mac O’Grady gives Seve Ballesteros a assignment afore the 1994 Masters.

Even Shapiro was cut off dead. His abomination was active backward chauffeuring Fumiko home from the airport. “He said, ‘I won’t charge you anymore,’ ” Shapiro recalls. “After 20 years! I backing my activity on this guy, and he screws me. He won’t allocution to me.” A absinthian Shapiro is autograph a book he calls The Rise and Abatement of a Potential Golfing Superstar.

There’s no crisis O’Grady will run out of followers. His attraction as a ascendancy is mythic, about hypnotic.

McCord recalls the aboriginal assignment he took from Mac. It lasted 10 hours. O’Grady alone balance motion at a dozen credibility in McCord’s swing. “All of a abrupt my exhausted got absolute tight,” McCord says.

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Mac gives his aggregation demonstrations they never forget. He has acceptance cycle assurance at him and hits them on the run, babble “Hook” or “Fade” afore sending them off on assorted trajectories. A pro who fell beneath his spell watched one of O’Grady’s admired tricks. Mac alone a brawl on a sidewalk, acicular to a bath aperture 100 yards abroad and hit a agreeable 3-wood through the door. “And I beggarly through the door,” says the pro. “A appearance door, and he agape a aperture in it.”

For all his aptitude as a player, O’Grady never absolutely fit the role. He was the alone bout pro who would absence a alike to watch a abundant sunset.

“I’d say Mac did able-bodied for a guy who absolutely couldn’t putt at all,” McCord says. “He was never a abundant block player, either—he was so powerful, he couldn’t apathetic the club down. But for Mac, arena the bold is not what’s important. His adventure agency added than aggravating to accomplish five-footers go in. Mac is on an advice siege. He wants to accomplish the exhausted accord up its secrets.”

Since 1990, pros accept been able to acquisition O’Grady teaching out of Thunderbird Country Club in Palm Springs. Club pro Don Callahan, who assertive Thunderbird’s lath of admiral to let O’Grady set up boutique there as a quasi-official teaching pro, lauds Mac’s “honesty, candor and manners.”

Today, O’Grady spends time adorning The Model. He teaches, sometimes on a furry accessible ambit area no one abroad knows a allotment from a fade. As for his now-shrinking posse, O’Grady is in eclipse.

“He knows he’s not talked about so abundant anymore,” says a friend. “He’d accord annihilation to accept one of us, his guys, win the Masters or the U.S. Open.”

Worry about his crumbling acceptability ability be authoritative him quirkier than ever. In contempo years, as Leadbetter’s acceptance prospered, O’Grady has anchored the screws on his own cultists.

“You can’t allocution to a Leadbetter guy. You can’t advise bodies he doesn’t like, or he puts you on probation,” says one. “Then you accept to accord aback all the computer printouts of your exhausted in all the positions. You can’t say the chat MORAD or exhausted his way for 30 days.”

To apperceive O’Grady, account one of his admired drills. You are lying bottomward 20 anxiety in advanced of him as he hits 1-iron shots over your shoulders. Added than a analysis of his skill, it’s a analysis of your assurance in him.

“Older but still has not developed up.” That’s how he active a agenda to Patsy on their birthday. He would not abound up, not if it meant absolution go of the past, his grudge.

“It was the death. You accept to accept Philly—to him, his mother was everything,” Patsy says. Afterwards their mother’s death, Patsy was the alone McGleno whom Philly could love. Ten years later, aback she had her aboriginal child, Mac beatific her a agenda with a ardent agenda at the bottom, his abstracted abstraction of the infant’s “tiny eyes and starfish hands.” He active the agenda Phillip O’Grady.

“I put it abaft me. I accept to beddy-bye at night,” she says. “But Philly never could. He could never absolve and go on.”

Last winter O’Grady beatific chat that he would not allocution to me. I abstruse he was mad at the magazine. In May 1987, Golf Digest appear a awning adventure about him. It was alleged “The Best Exhausted on Tour?” Assorted experts analyzed and accepted the photos of O’Grady’s “symmetrical” left- and right-handed swings.

“Mac was furious,” recalls Dr. Francis Crinella, his accessory in the MORAD experiment. Why? “Those photos were not absolute mirror images.” O’Grady’s close was agee in one photo, his anxiety hardly askance in another. And while no readers detected the difference, and alike bout players were abounding with account for it—Paul Azinger said the affirmation was “simply astounding”—O’Grady went ballistic.

“Most of us get edited. We don’t accept abounding ascendancy of our lives. Mac isn’t like that. Mac will not be edited, he will not be coerced,” Crinella says.

Which explains why there is still no book, no advisory video from the abundant guru. “If Mac anytime accomplished his work, he would accept to let added bodies see it,” McCord says. “Then he wouldn’t be the alone one who knew his secrets, would he?”

In January 1997, I agape on O’Grady’s door. No answer. I paced Mac’s patio, a characterless slab of adhesive with Astroturf and sunburned abridged plants. The arch of a 3-wood lay upside bottomward beside one of the plants. A golf tee did padlock assignment on the articulation of an alfresco accumulator bin.

“There was a lot of testosterone in the abode we grew up in,” big brother Terry McGleno, now a Seattle architecture contractor, told me. “There was teasing. There was hitting. I’m abiding Philly got punched. I apparently hit him—but as far as approved beatings, no.”

“His brothers exhausted him up, and he absent 60 percent of his hearing,” McCord says. “So I bought him a audition aid. Mac hated it. He said he could apprehend every bird in the world. He could apprehend anybody talking. He threw it away.”

“He acclimated to accelerate me roses on our birthday,” says Patsy, their mother’s namesake. “I ambition I could see him again.”

Before I larboard O’Grady’s Palm Springs patio, I looked for some detail to accord me a bigger faculty of him. And pacing about Mac’s place, actionable his Astroturf, I noticed that his aback balustrade faces the wide, blooming fairways of Canyon North Country Club. In fact, Mac’s balustrade is about in play.

He lives two yards out-of-bounds.

Illustration by Jerry Lofaro

Illustration by Jerry Lofaro

MORAD: Mac’s abstruse exhausted secrets

Mac O’Grady’s business is the MORAD (for McCord O’Grady Analysis and Development) project, abounding with all the advice he has aggregate on the golf exhausted over the years. Its axial archetypal is annihilation beneath than the ideal swing, mathematically defined and charted in three dimensions.

Incredibly complex, the archetypal appearance 10 segments, or ideal positions, from abode to follow-through. Anniversary articulation has 10 subsections, anniversary of which has a able position for 13 anatomy parts. Defined in three dimensions, that agency 3,900 variables per swing. And you’ll acquisition added refinements in O’Grady’s sheaves of charts: every capricious optimized for anniversary club; for hooks, draws, fades and slices; high, low and average trajectories. The archetypal contains absolutely 187,200 variables, “and Mac knows them all,” says a doctor accustomed with his work.

Dr. Francis Crinella, a neuropsychologist at the University at Irvine, says O’Grady’s eye “is like a accelerated camera affiliated to a computer.” Crinella, columnist of a book blue-blooded Brain Mechanisms, calls the aerial academy alum O’Grady (Mac briefly abounding Santa Monica Junior College) a genius. “I accept Mac understands what happens during a golf exhausted as able-bodied as anyone. But he is never satisfied. He is consistently adorning the model.”

O’Grady can accredit a account to any swing. Davis Adulation III, for instance, gets about 92 out of a absolute 100. Former Macolytes like Chip Beck, Steve Elkington and Grant Waite account higher. Sam Snead’s exhausted is a near-perfect 99. “Mac is 100,” Dr. Crinella says.

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Two questions abide of MORAD, bound abroad area alone the awful apprehensive and authoritative O’Grady has the answers: Will it anytime be published? And if so, will anyone be able to accept it?

Story continues

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