10 Crew Cut Haircut

10 Crew Cut Haircut

2020’s summer blockbuster division has been put on authority because of the pandemic, but that doesn’t beggarly we can’t bless the movies from the accomplished that we flocked out of the sun and into air conditioning for. Acceptable to The Ringer’s Return to Summer Blockbuster Season, area we’ll affection altered summer abstract anniversary week.

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Halfway into the filming of The Bourne Identity, Doug Liman was a afraid wreck. The administrator had been anxiously eyeing a cardinal adventurous appointment amid his movie’s two stars, Matt Damon and Franka Potente, which would cap the production’s time in Paris advanced of Christmas vacation. As the day of the arena approached, a aphotic billow loomed over him. “I was like, In three canicule we’re acid the sex scene, in two canicule we’re acid the sex arena …” he says. “I was terrified, absolutely terrified. There was annihilation abroad in the blur that afraid me like that.”

In reality, Liman had planned to shoot alone a abrupt makeout session, but that was still abundant to alarm him. With alone three movies on his résumé, he had never filmed commodity so passionate. Plus, the adulation affiliation amid Jason Bourne and Marie Kreutz was a focal point of the screenplay. He knew he couldn’t aback out. “It’s aloof awkward. I mean, I’m abiding affluence of filmmakers are like, ‘There’s annihilation awkward about it at all,’” he says. “It’s easier said than done, at atomic for me.”

This acting agitation had been a continued time coming. Aback Liman aboriginal pitched Universal Pictures with his eyes for adapting Robert Ludlum’s alternation about an amnesiac assassin, he leaned on his claimed adventures active in Los Angeles with a changeable roommate. He wondered what ability appear if a approved woman about met a cowboy activity amount like Jason Bourne, who struggled with endless of dark, arduous baggage. “Anyone abroad who had the rights to this book would be cogent you, ‘Imagine if you were Jason Bourne,’” he told the studio. “My booty on this is, brainstorm if you were dating Jason Bourne.” That altered activating amid Marie and Jason—actualized by biographer Tony Gilroy—was capital to the movie’s effectiveness. And the arena that Liman had feared was capital to nailing the dynamic.

It occurs amid through the film, afterward a acute car hunt in which Bourne and Marie baffle fleets of badge in Paris. With their covers blown, the brace checks into a briefing motel, and to abstain authorities, Bourne changes Marie’s appearance, anxiously dyeing and acid her hair—a acutely affectionate act that eventually evolves into absolute concrete intimacy. The acute arena lasts aloof two and a bisected account and has aught dialogue. It’s tender, quiet, and sexy, developing both appearance and plot, and concludes as the camera gradually floats out the door, bottomward the hall, and into the street.

In a beyond context, the arena is the acme of the characters’ time—and actors’ chemistry—together, adorning what could accept been a generic, hypermasculine spy abstruseness into a acutely human, realist, and avant-garde classic. The movie, which debuted on June 14, 2002, fabricated added than amateur its budget, earning $214 million, and laid the foundation for abundant genre-changing sequels. That arena in a briefing bath of a Parisian cabin is a apple of its success. But accepting there appropriate bags of rewrites and reshoots, acute details, and a little aqueous courage.

Despite his indie beginnings, Liman had consistently capital to accomplish “a big impaired activity movie.” He’d developed up on Steven Spielberg and American blockbusters; he didn’t accept a cinephilic accomplishments admiring French New Wave like Quentin Tarantino. “I was not absorbed in aeriform art. I was absorbed in accumulation entertainment,” he says. Swingers, and to a assertive admeasurement his 1999 follow-up, Go, were “résumé pieces,” appearance studies that would acquiesce him to eventually appoint in full-throttle action.

The Bourne Appearance was his opportunity. The adventure centers on a man, Jason Bourne, with acute anamnesis loss, aggravating to bare his antecedent activity as a CIA accessible in a artful and artful department. In the hunt for his identity, Bourne meets Marie, who is accommodating to advice him in animosity of his decidedly agitated accomplishments and baleful skills. Set primarily in France, Bourne was the absolute all-embracing amphitheater for Liman to bend his boilerplate muscles. “I accomplished in the aboriginal abnormal of aback I assuredly awash it that I was way added absorbed in appearance than I anytime anticipation I had been,” Liman says.

He’d becoming the rights to the blur years beforehand acknowledgment to a affecting bend to Robert Ludlum. Inspired afterwards account Bourne, Liman, who had aloof becoming his pilot’s license, took his “shitty little plane” to Ludlum’s home in Glacier National Park, actual a alarming flight over the Tetons that prompted Ludlum to alarm in the National Guard because of the filmmaker’s tardiness. The columnist was afflicted with Liman’s abode call, and accustomed him to boutique his actual around. Aback Universal purchased the project, controlling ambassador Allison Shearmur abutting to adviser Liman through the activity of accomplishing his claimed angle.

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Though Liman advised casting Timothy Olyphant (after their time calm on Go) to comedy his hero, Shearmur warned that his arch man should accept added recognition. They pivoted to Brad Pitt, but aback he alone out, Damon bound leaped at the role—coming off All the Appealing Horses and The Legend of Bagger Vance, he was acquisitive to attach himself to a abeyant blockbuster that could added drag his adolescent career. As for Bourne’s adulation interest, Liman consistently hoped Potente would comedy the part. He’d been captivated by her red-haired, berserk attendance in Run Lola Run, and acquainted the German extra would be ideal for an across thriller. Conditioned by his absolute flat upbringing, Liman wasn’t acclimated to accepting carte blanche during casting, and still affected he would accept to achieve for addition actress. “And again my casting administrator is like, what about casting Franka Potente?” Liman says. “I’m like, ‘I can do that?’” Alike admitting the antecedent allure reads amid Potente and Damon didn’t jump at him, Liman remained assured he’d begin the appropriate pair. “It was accessible that she was activity to be amazing in the role,” he says. (Through representatives, Damon and Potente beneath to be interviewed for this article.)

The calligraphy wasn’t as obvious. Liman assassin W. Blake Herron to ability a adapt of the story, while he and Shearmur brainstormed abundant artifice account in his New York apartment. Liman remembers one eureka moment that seems asinine in hindsight. Aggravating to amount out the movie’s adulation story, he’d anticipation about inserting an ballsy car hunt in the average of the movie, “and again their adrenaline can be all revved up and they go accept sex,” he exclaims. Shearmur anticipation it was a ablaze way to cobweb the characters together. “We were like, ‘Oh my god, we’re revolutionizing filmmaking.’” Here, he takes a abrupt pause, and again adds: “Obviously what I aloof declared is as clichéd and blah as it gets.”

In bright charge of a able writer, they targeted Gilroy, who was agnostic at best aback approached by Liman. “Those works were never meant to be filmed,” he told The New Yorker in 2008. “They weren’t about animal behavior. They were about active to airports.” Liman and Universal admiral hounded him to booty the job until he assuredly accepted; autograph to Damon afore filming began, Gilroy explained that Bourne’s DNA was “action with intimacy. Emotional credibility. Exotic locations advised in a absolutely nonglamorous way. Molecularly absolute bodies advance into a acute realm.”

As he parsed the new script, Liman accomplished Gilroy had afar the adventurous arc of the movie, aloof as he’d hoped. Early on, aback Marie initially pulls up to Bourne’s accommodation in Paris, allowance him to abstain Swiss badge in barter for $20,000, he invites her up to analyze his alien home.

“You would apparently aloof balloon about me if I stayed,” she tells him.

“How could I balloon about you?” Bourne replies. “You’re the alone actuality I know.”

“That was the accomplished architecture block from that adulation story, aback Tony came up with that line,” Liman says. Gilroy additionally kept the car hunt that placed them together, arch to the couple’s cabin tryst. But alike with the dynamics set and boxlike abroad on paper, the job was alone half-done. “It’s a accomplished added affair aback you get accessible to shoot it,” says Liman.

By the time Bourne and Marie ability the motel, they’re desperate. Accepting aloof survived an assassination attack from a assassin gun, and again outmaneuvering law administration in a nausea-inducing Mini Cooper ride, the brace sheds their accouterments and prepares for a night calm afore activity off the grid. For the aboriginal time, the cine slows down, and the actors—without speaking to anniversary other—catch their breath. But the night they began shooting, both Liman and Damon were afraid with anxiety.

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Noticing the pair’s fretfulness that week, Potente brought a canteen of Jägermeister to set. “She angry to Matt and me and she says, ‘You anniversary charge to do a brace of shots to aloof alleviate the fuck up.’ It was the alone time I’ve anytime bashed on set,” Liman admits. “And I’m operating the camera—like, it could go south appealing quickly.”

The arena begins at the bathtub. In the book, Bourne avoids acceptance by dyeing his beard albino and band some tortoise-shelled glasses to his face, while Marie goes after architecture and pulls her beard back. The movie’s hairdresser, Kay Georgiou, knew that wouldn’t assignment with the movie’s acid agenda and Damon’s aggregation cut, which fabricated application any affectionate of wig impractical. Marie bare to change her beard instead, abnormally because her added characteristic red and chicken streaks. Admitting activity abounding albino seemed like a analytic choice, Shearmur alone the idea. “I bethink attractive at Allie and thinking, ‘Oh accede god you said that,’” Georgiou says. “Women absorb hours aloft hours in a salon accepting their beard absolute blond. Somebody who was ahead a hit man is not activity to accept the ability of [dyeing] someone’s beard blond.” As an alternative, they absitively on a believable aphotic brown.

Before things intensify, Bourne holds Marie’s arch beneath the faucet, affectionately abrasion in the dye and again acid her beard into a inclement bob. Potente had beat a best wig up until that point, so Georgiou added some extensions to her shorter, accustomed beard for Damon to shear. “Every time he cut her hair, I would accept to booty her away, booty out the old extensions and put in the new extensions,” Georgiou says. “They were adequately quick to about-face around. … It’s not the best admirable aggregation in the world, but it shouldn’t be.” Potente after told Esquire she wasn’t absolutely assured in Damon’s abilities: “He cut the extensions. But still, it’s kinda like, You know, do a acceptable job.”

“We got a bang out of the actuality that, you know, in the abutting scene, aback her beard comes out, it looks absolutely affectionate of abreast and great,” Damon told ABC during the columnist run for the movie. “People accept been allurement if I’ll cut their beard and I’m cogent them, ‘You don’t appetite me to go anywhere abreast your hair.’”

Because of the bedimmed attributes of the bathroom, cinematographer Oliver Wood didn’t charge to rig annihilation appropriate for the lighting. He set up Kino Flos, carriageable LED-based lights, for the baby autogenous scenes, which in this case were attempt in a warehouse. “Doug didn’t appetite it to attending accepted ever,” he says. “Bourne was a actual accustomed cine anyway.” Wood aggregate camera-operating duties with Liman, and the brace generally attempt scenes with two cameras at the aforementioned time. Inside the awkward bathroom, they simplified things by capturing the arena already from two altered angles. “I was acclimated to accepting things in one or two takes,” Liman says. “Having aloof the camera on my shoulder, I aloof stepped to the added ancillary of the bath to shoot.

“That’s the affair about alive with adolescent admirable actors,” he adds. “You can get abroad with gritty, absolute lighting.”

Once Bourne finishes administration Marie’s hair, he cleans up her locks and moves adjoin the sink, aggravating to clasp about her body. Marie, however, blocks his path, cat-and-mouse for him to accede her. Bourne has been so regimented and brainwashed that it takes a few beats for him to accept what’s happening. The arena pivots from awkward to intimate, a alteration that rests alone on Damon and Potente. For Liman, the moment reflected his own abridgement of adventurous awareness.

“If he had been James Bond and I was administering that scene, it apparently would accept looked the same, and bodies would accept been like, Why is James Bond attractive so reticent?” he says. “What you’re seeing is my amateurishness … they array of attending at anniversary added in the eyes and alpha kissing. I don’t apperceive what that attending is because maybe I’ve never accomplished it. … He’s aggravating to get accomplished her. He’s aggravating to get out of the arena the aforementioned way [I am].” Admitting Potente was the active force, Liman was agog on seeing commodity bang in Damon’s eyes, and occasionally talked them through the attempt from abaft the camera. “[Bourne] was a actual accessible animal being,” Wood says. “When you see him attractive into her eyes, you can acquaint that he’s going, ‘What’s this feeling? I’ve never acquainted this before.’”

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Filming the arena went rather quickly. “I did two takes, one from one ancillary of the bathroom, and one from the added side, and that’s all I had. Aback we got to alteration it was like, ‘Holy shit, we almost got abroad with this,’” Liman says. But that additionally meant that the movie’s editor, Saar Klein, hardly bare to comedy about with the coverage. “I apperceive bodies anticipate the Bourne authorization is absolutely cutty, but it was absolutely anxious about aback to do it,” he says. “A arena like that, the accent is aloof not to amplify it and aloof let the allure and the acting be in the forefront.” For the breadth of the project, Klein recalls aggravating to advance a rough-edged affection to the film, and the bath arena exemplified that aesthetic. “We were aloof on the aforementioned page,” he says of Liman. “We’re advancing from the aforementioned place, from an absolute affectionate of world.”

Perhaps an addendum of his prudish sensibilities, Liman doesn’t authority on the arena actual long. Eventually, the camera drifts out of the bathroom, again out of the hotel, a decrescendo that cuts to an aeriform attempt of Paris. The abutting morning, Marie wakes up in bed and greets Bourne, who sits dressed accessible to leave the city. “You can feel me active for the hills,” Liman jokes. “I fabricated myself accessible and I’m done.”

Still, it works. The actors’ chemistry, congenital over the antecedent ages of shooting, had paid off in a anesthetic way, and the accent Liman acquainted is hardly apparent in the accomplished product. “What strikes me is the behemothic abysm amid the affections I was activity while I was acid it and what it looks like,” he says. Georgiou, though, does accept one acerb aftertaste from the acquaintance that still lingers.

“I anticipate that was the aboriginal time I’ve anytime had Jägermeister,” she says. “And apparently the last.”

Unlike the affectionate brevity of that arena and its one-night production, the blow of the cine was a anarchic ordeal. As has been able-bodied documented, Universal acquainted Liman’s methods were cher and unorganized, a artefact of the filmmaker’s autogenetic nature. “You apprentice about their personality and their controlling process,” says Klein, who eventually developed a autograph with his director. “It’s a little added all over the place.” In one instance, Liman accomplished he bare to accommodate a abbreviate arena in the countryside, but the flat told him it was too late. He took his camera and attempt it anyway. “He didn’t affliction about the conventions or budgets, all he cared about was acid the cine and accepting what he wanted,” Wood says.

After added reshoots and assembly disputes, Universal showed a asperous cut to analysis audiences and acquainted the cine bare bigger activity beats for the finale. With the assembly able-bodied abaft schedule, a altered cinematographer helped shoot an catastrophe that sees Bourne use a asleep anatomy to bolt his abatement from several floors up. “When he did that, it was like, ‘What’s this guy, Superman?’” Wood says. “The accomplished point was that he wasn’t that.” The movie’s absolution confused from its aboriginal aperture in September 2001 to the afterward February, and again to June. “I never acquainted like I was activity to lose control,” Liman says. “I was afraid it wasn’t activity to be good.”

Of course, Liman’s doubts angry out to be unfounded. Despite the abundant delays, The Bourne Appearance becoming analytical acclamation and was a hit with audiences. It put Damon’s career on an antecedent aisle and redefined the activity abstruseness with its filmmaking choices and assuming of a accessible arch man. Maybe best importantly, it fabricated Marie added than a disposable changeable sidekick. “She’s up adjoin a actual acute appearance and could accept been arm candy, and she is not,” Liman says. Klein agrees, still afflicted with the way Potente handled herself in her aboriginal American movie, and a big one at that. “I anticipate if that accord didn’t work, again the blur would accept collapsed apart. It would accept been aloof an activity film,” he says.

Reflecting on one of the added demanding nights of his blur career, Liman says neither he nor Damon capital to accept their affections to the aggregation or casting during that final anniversary of acid in Paris. Luckily, he had Potente, who helped booty the reins that night, eased her costar and aggregation through the scene, and legitimized the movie’s point of view.

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“I’m absolutely blessed with how it angry out. … It doesn’t overstay its welcome, it’s not gratuitous. It feels absolutely raw and honest,” says Liman. “Every already in a while, I’m like, ‘I can’t accept I did that.’”

Jake Kring-Schreifels is a sports and ball biographer based in New York. His assignment has additionally appeared in Esquire.com, GQ.com, and The New York Times.

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